National Bowling Stadium, Reno, NV, Jan 21-25, 1997

Gant Wins Brunswick World T Of C

John Gant, who returned to the PBA Tour in the fall of 1994 after a seven-year layoff, captured his first "major" when he defeated Mike Aulby to win the prestigious Brunswick World Tournament of Champions at the National Bowling Stadium, Reno, Nev.

Gant, a 39-year-old from Winston-Salem, N.C., won the title match, 208-187, over tournament leader Aulby in the ESPN telecast. The title was the fourth of Gant's career and earned the former PBA Rookie of the Year (1984) $60,000, a Bayliner boat, motor and trailer package and a five-year exemption into this event.

The start of the final match was delayed for 25 minutes when the fire alarm at the Stadium went off after a delivery truck destroyed several sprinkler heads in the parking garage. The match was further complicated when a computer glitch kept the pinsetters on a "first ball" setting, sweeping off spare attempts and setting a full rack of pins after every shot. All spares in the final match had to be re-set before the attempt at conversion could be made.

"I think all the distractions actually helped me," said Gant. "They took my mind off the fact that I was bowling for our biggest title. I was more relaxed for the title match than I was for the semifinal against Parker Bohn."

Gant gained the lead in the final match after Aulby opened in the fourth frame following a 7-10 split. Gant highlighted the title match with three consecutive strikes in frames four through six. He had his only open frame in the seventh after a 2-10 split, but Aulby also opened in the seventh after a 4-6-8-10 split. Gant converted two single-pin spares in frames eight and nine, then struck on his first two shots in the 10th to secure the win.


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
1John Gant, Winston-Salem, NC446 (2 games)$60,000
2Mike Aulby, Indianapolis187 (1 game)33,000
3Parker Bohn III, Jackson, NJ393 (2 games)24,000
4Jason Couch, Clermont, FL395 (2 games)18,000
5Ricky Ward, North Fort Myers, FL175 (1 game)12,000

PLAYOFF RESULTS-Couch defeated Ward, 233-175; Bohn defeated Couch, 169-162; Gant defeated Bohn, 238-224; and in the championship game, Gant defeated Aulby, 208-187. Gant also won a Bayliner boat.


 Name, CityPinsAvg  WLT+TotAmt
1Mike Aulby, Indianapolis 11070 230.6 15-9-0 450 11520 
2John Gant, Winston-Salem, NC 10983 228.8 15-8-1 465 11448 
3Parker Bohn III, Jackson, NJ 10944 228.0 14-9-1 435 11379 
4Ricky Ward, North Fort Myers, FL 10097 228.0 12-10-2 390 11377 
5Jason Couch, Clermont, FL 10863 226.3 16-8-0 480 11343 
6Dave Ferraro, Kingston, NY 10874 226.5 15-9-0 450 11324 $10,000
#7John Mazza, Shelby Township, MI 10946 228.0 11-13-0 330 11276 9,000
8Amleto Monacelli, Venezuela 10842 225.9 12-12-0 360 11202 8,000
9Steve Jaros, Bolingbrook, IL 10749 223.9 14-10-0 420 11169 7,000
10Mark Williams, Beaumont, TX 10716 223.2 13-10-1 405 11121 6,000
11Eric Forkel, Tucson, AZ 10707 223.1 12-12-0 360 11067 5,000
12Johnny Petraglia, Manalapan, NJ 10684 222.6 12-12-0 360 11044 4,300
13Bryan Goebel, Shawnee, KS 10634 221.5 13-11-0 390 11024 3,800
14Norm Duke, Clermont, FL 10602 220.9 11-13-0 330 10932 3,500
15Ted Hannahs, Zanesville, OH 10443 217.6 13-11-0 390 10833 3,300
16Doug Kent, Canandaigua, NY 10462 217.9 10-14-0 300 10762 3,200
17Hugh Miller, Seattle 10365 215.9 13-11-0 390 10755 3,100
18Steve Wilson, Tamarac, FL 10418 217.0 11-13-0 330 10748 3,000
19David Ozio, Vidor, TX 10288 214.3 14-10-0 420 10708 2,900
20Brian Voss, Atlanta 10389 216.4 9-14-1 285 10674 2,800
21Pete Weber, St. Ann, MO 10462 217.9 7-17-0 210 10672 2,700
22George Branham III, Indianapolis 10299 214.0 10-14-0 300 10599 2,600
23Harry Sullins, Roseville, MI 10284 214.2 9-15-0 270 10554 2,500
24W.R. Williams Jr., Stockton, CA 10292 214.4 4-20-0 120 10412 2,420


Pos.Name, City/StateAmount
25Dennis Horan, San Diego$2,200
*26Del Ballard Jr., N. Richland Hills, TX2,220
27Wayne Webb, Las Vegas2,050
28Tom Baker, Buffalo, NY2,000
29Bob Spaulding, Greenville, SC1,950
30Mike Edwards, Oklahoma City1,900
31Ron Williams, Fort Worth, TX1,850
32Danny Wiseman, Baltimore1,800
33C.K. Moore, Chehalis, WA1,750
34Jess Stayrook, Tempe, AZ1,700
35Chris Warren, Dallas1,650
36Mike Miller, Albuquerque, NM1,600
37Bob Vespi, Coral Springs, FL1,550
38Dale Eagle, Lewisville, TX1,500
39Scott Alexander, Seattle1,450
40Dave Husted, Milwaukee, OR1,400
41Bob Learn Jr., Erie, PA1,350
t42Hiroshi Nagatani, Japan1,330
t43Achim Grabowski, Germany1,320
44Dave Arnold, Gilbert, AZ1,310
45Butch Soper, Lake Havasu City, AZ1,300
t46Ton Plummen, Netherlands1,290
47Ernie Schlegel, Vancouver, WA1,280
48Marshall Holman, Medford, OR1,270
t49Frank Ryan, Australia1,260
50Steve Hoskins, Tarpon Springs, FL1,250
51Ron Palombi Jr., Erie, PA1,240
t52Alfonso Rodriquez, Mexico1,230
53Andy Neuer, Milton, PA1,220
54David Traber, Woodstock, IL1,210
55Robert Lawrence, Austin, TX1,200
56Marc McDowell, Madison, WI1,190
57Randy Pedersen, Hollywood, FL1,180
58Bob Benoit, Topeka, KS1,170
59Justin Hromek, Andover, KS1,160
60Philip Ringener, Big Spring, TX1,150
61Dennis Jacques, Brooklyn, NY1,140
62John Handegard, Las Vegas1,130
63Dave D'Entremont, Middleburg Heights, OH1,120
64Roger Bowker, Ocala, FL1,110
65Jeff Lizzi, Sandusky, OH1,100

*-Match play alternate. 24-game qualifying leader--John Mazza, 5610. 24th place--Eric Forkel, 5248. 65th place-Jeff Lizzi, 4684. #--John Mazza rolled a 300 game ($100). PRO-AM CASHERS-David Ozio, Dave Traber, Ted Hannahs, Eric Forkel, Hugh Miller and Jason Couch ($50 each). t-Non-PBA member.