East Providence Lanes, East Providence, RI, Oct 26-30, 1996

Forkel And Stus Lay Claim To Doubles Title

Eric Forkel and Gene Stus, both winless since 1994, broke out of their respective slumps together by winning the Touring Pro-Senior Doubles Championship at East Providence Lanes, E. Providence. R.I.

Forkel and Stus defeated tournament leaders Jason Couch and Larry Laub, 231-201. The title was the fourth of Forkel's career and Stus's seventh senior crown.

"This year's been a struggle;' Forkel said. "But I think I've got it figured out now, I only win in even numberedyears. First 1992, then '94 And now '96."

Stus said, "I've been struggling, too. Eric helped me with my timing and it really helped me."

Forkel led off the title match by sparing, then the team put together four consecutive strikes. Laub struck to open the match, then his team converted two spares before Couch made the first mistake. He left the 2-4-6-7-8-10 split for an open frame in the fourth.

Couch said, "That was the match. After that, we weren't able to catch up."

After the split by Couch, Forkel spared in the seventh and then they reeled off three consecutive strikes to put the match away.

The opening match of the live ESPN telecast saw Rick Steelsmith and John Hricsina defeat Bob Belmont and Gary Dickinson, 257-234, before falling to Parker Bohn III and Pete Couture in match two, 245-204. Bohn and Couture lost to Forkel and Stus in the semifinal, 235-179.


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
1Eric Forkel, Tucson, AZ
Gene Stus, Allen Park, MI
466 (2 games)$22,000
2Jason Couch, Clermont, FL
Larry Laub, Tucson, AZ
201 (1 game)12,000
3Parker Bohn III, Jackson, NJ
Pete Couture, Titusville, FL
424 (2 games)8,000
4Rick Steelsmith, Wichita, KS
John Hricsina Sr., Franklin, PA
461 (2 games)6,000
5Bob Belmont, Dunedin, FL
Gary Dickinson, Edmond, OK
234 (1 game)5,000

PLAYOFF RESULTS-Hricsina/Steelsmith defeated Dickinson/Belmont, 257-234; Couture/Bohn defeated Hricsina/Steelsmith, 245-204; Stus/Forkel defeated Couture/Bohn, 235-179; and in the championship game, Stus/Forkel defeated Laub/Couch, 231-201.


 Name, CityPinsAvg  WLT+TotAmt
1Jason Couch, Clermont, FL
Larry Laub ,Tucson, AZ
 16557 459.9 12-6-0 580 17137 
#2Eric Forkel, Tucson, AZ
Gene Stus, Allen Park, MI
 16541 459.5 12-5-1 595 17136 
#3Parker Bohn III, Jackson, NJ
# Pete Couture, Titusville, FL
 16498 458.3 10-8-0 495 16993 
4Rick Steelsmith, Wichita, KS
John Hricsina Sr., Franklin, PA
 16358 454.4 12-6-0 600 16958 
#5Bob Belmont, Dunedin, FL
Gary Dickinson, Edmond, OK
 16398 455.5 8-10-0 420 16818 
6Danny Wiseman, Baltimore
Don Helling, St. Charles, MO
 16287 452.4 10-7-1 500 16787 $4,300
7Pete Weber, St. Ann, MO
Bob Shaffer, Barberton, OH
 16214 450.4 11-7-0 535 16749 3,700
8Jim Johnson Jr., Tampa, FL
John Handegard, Las Vegas
 16282 452.3 7-10-1 395 16677 3,300
9Len Blakey, Tacoma, WA
Rich Holden, Chinchilla, PA
 16108 447.4 10-8-0 500 16608 3,000
10Brian Voss, Atlanta
Earl Chase, Havelock, NC
 16067 446.3 9-9-0 460 16527 2,900
11Justin Hromek, Andover, KS
Sam Flanagan, Columbus, OH
 16001 444.5 10-8-0 490 16491 2,800
#12Tommy Delutz Jr., Jamaica, NY
Dave Soutar, Bradenton, FL
 15980 443.9 8-10-0 420 16400 2,700
#13Jeff Hickenbottom, Tustin Ranch, CA
Patsy DellaPenna, Palm Harbor, FL
 15826 439.6 11-7-0 515 16341 2,600
14Jess Stayrook, Tempe, AZ
Chuck Pierce, Dallas
 15904 441.8 7-11-0 390 16294 2,500
15Mark Williams, Beaumont, TX
Teats Semiz, Wanaque, NJ
 15795 438.7 7-11-0 400 16195 2,400
16Dennis Horan, San Diego,
Mike Kilgannon, Valley Stream, NY
 15874 440.9 4-13-1 240 16114 2,300
17Curtis Odom, Coldwater, MI
t Mike Lubera, Central Falls, RI
 15513 430.9 6-12-0 320 15833 2,200
18Steve Jaros, Bolin IL
Paul Busch. Dover, DE
 15420 428.3 6-12-0 255 15675 2,100


Pos.Name, City/StateAmount
*19Tim Criss, Bel Air, MD$1,040
20Jeff Lizzi, Sandusky, OH890
21George Branham, Indianapolis880
22Brian LeClair, Hudson, NY870
#23Richard Wolfe, Falls Church, VA860
24David Traber, Woodstock, IL850
25Norman Titus, Flemington, NJ840
26Don Best Jr., Canonment, FL830
27Del Ballard Jr., N. Richland Hills, TX815
 Amleto Monacelli, Venezuela815
29Jimmy Davis, Houston800


Pos.Name, City/StateAmount
*19Dale Eagle, Lewisville, TX$950
20Ernie Schlegel, Vancouver, WA790
21Mike Williams, Winthrop, MA760
22Jim Russell, Palm Coast, FL740
23Phil Ware, Knoxville, TN720
24Sonny Dorstek, Schenectady, NV700
25Skip Hintz, Titusville, FL685
 Darrell Storkson, Everett, WA685
27Roger Workman, Kenova, WV670
28Derek Smith, Hicksville, OH660
29Dan Roche, Downey, CA650
30Frankie May, West Reading, PA640
31Barry Gurney, West Hills, CA630
32Robert McDonald, Addison, IL620
33Paul Koeppel, Maumee, OH610
34Avery LeBlanc, Houma, LA600
35Bob Hart, Atlanta585
 Lee Taylor, San Marcos, CA585
37Bob Man Syosset, NV575

*-Match play alternate. 18-Game qualifying leader (National)-Bob Belmont, 4256; (Senior) Gary Dickinson, 4221. 18th place-(National) Curtis Odom, 4056; (Senior) Sam Flanagan, Mike Lubera and Teata Semiz, 3866. 37th place-Bob Valentino (Senior), 3793. 29th place (National)-Jimmy Davis, 4007. #-Jeff Hickenbottom, Rich Wolfe, Eric Forkel, Bob Belmont (2), Aix Arizala, Tommy Delutz Jr., Parker Bohn III (2), Bob Learn Jr., Ray Szjako, Paul Joerres and Pete Couture rolled 300 games ($100 each). PRO-AM CASHERS--Ron Williams, George Branham III, Parker Bohn III, Pete Couture, Bryan Goebel and Gus Lampe ($50 each). SUPER SENIOR CASHERS-Dick Weber, Bob Mulligan, Darrel Curtis, Don Boone, Larry Cassera and Buddy Seguin ($500 each). t-Non-PBA member.