$250,000 QUAKER STATE 250
Forum Bowling Lanes, Grand Prairie, TX, Mar 17-23, 1996

Wilson' Motor Runs Smooth At Quaker State 250

For the past couple of years, Steve Wilson has been touted as one of the up-and-coming stars in the Professional Bowlers Association. Wilson proved everyone right by winning the 20th annual Quaker State 250 in an arena setting at Warrior Coliseum, Grand Prairie, Texas.

The 27-year-old from Tamarac, Fla. was impressive all week-long at Forum Bowling Lanes and panned the leading qualifier position for the ABC-TV telecast (the first time in his career). He then routed fellow Floridian Jimmy Keeth In the title match, 220-155, to earn the $48,000 first-place check and a spot in the Brunswick World Tournament of Champions.

"I have always been confident in my ability to win;" said Wilson. "The lanes broke down pretty quickly and they were a little tough by the time I bowled. I just tried to grind it out and make good shots and I was fortunate Jimmy didn't bowl that well."

Said Keeth, "Not to take anything away from Steve, but I had been fighting the flu. I started feeling nauseous about the middle of my second match and was feeling weak and clammy during the last match. l just wanted to get out of there and if I won, I won. Overall, I'm real pleased just getting as far as I did." Keeth earned $25.000 for second.

If anyone felt III after match one, it was probably Ed Richardson. Needing a mark in the 10th frame to defeat David Ozio, Richardson seemed to be distracted by someone in the crowd during his release and missed a single-pin conversion of the 10-pin that allowed Ozio to advance, 226-221. Ozio couldn't take advantage of his "second life" as Keeth edged the PBA Hall of Famer in match two, 214-213. Keeth then knocked off Dave D'Entremont in the semifinal match, 218-204, to set up the all Florida final.

Richardson, Corpus Christi, Texas, earned $8,500 for fifth. Ozio, Vidor, Texas, collected $10,000 for fourth and D'Entremont, Middleburg Heights, Ohio, received $15,000 for third.

When asked about what he would do with the money, Wilson replied, "My wife (Sherri) and I just bought a new motorhome, so this check will be put to good use right away."


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
1Steve Wilson, Tamarac, FL220 (1 game)$48,000
2Jimmy Keeth, West Palm Beach, FL587 (3 games)25,000
3Dave D'Entremont, Middleburg Heights, OH204 (1 game)15,000
4David Ozio, Vidor, TX439 (2 games)10,000
5Ed Richardson, Corpus Christi, TX221 (1 game)8,500

PLAYOFF RESULTS-Ozio defeated Richardson, 226-221; Keeth defeated Ozio, 214-213; Keeth defeatedD'Entremont, 218-204; and in the championship game, Wilson defeated Keeth, 220-155.


 Name, CityPinsAvg  WLT+TotAmt
1Steve Wilson, Tamarac, FL 10010 238.3 16-8-0 480 10490 
2Dave D'Entremont, Middleburg Hts., OH 9928 236.3 16-8-0 480 10408 
3Jimmy Keeth, West Palm Beach, FL 9868 234.9 17-7-0 510 10378 
4Ed Richardson, Corpus Christi, TX 9910 235.9 14-9-1 435 10345 
5David Ozio, Vidor, TX 9959 237.1 71-13-0 330 10289 
6Curtis Odom, Winston-Salem, NC 9846 234.4 13-10-1 405 10251 $7,000
7Roger Bowker, Ocala, FL 9784 232.9 13-11-0 390 10174 6,000
8Norm Duke, Edmond, OK 9738 231.8 11-73-0 330 10068 5,500
#9Doug Kempt, Temple City, CA 9755 232.3 10-14-0 300 10055 5,000
10Bryan Goebel, Shawnee, KS 9727 231.6 10-13-1 375 10042 4,600
#11Dave Husted, Milwaukie, OR 9651 229.8 13-11-0 390 10041 4,300
12Jeff Morin, Rockaway, NJ 9636 229.4 13-11-0 390 10026 4,000
13Doug Kent, Canandaigua, NY 9715 231.3 9-14-1 285 10000 3,800
14Danny Wiseman, Baltimore 9573 227.9 14-10-0 420 9993 3,600
15Bob Learn Jr., Erie, PA 9662 230.1 11-13-0 330 9992 3,500
16Robby Porter, Augusta, KS 9556 227.5 12-11-1 375 9931 3,400
#17Mike Miller, Albuquerque, NM 9527 226.8 13-11-0 390 9917 3,300
18Tim Criss, Bel Air, MD 9586 228.2 11-13-0 330 9916 3,200
19John Woessner, Euless, TX 9586 228.2 9-14-1 285 9871 3,100
20Philip Ringener, Big Spring, TX 9505 226.3 12-12-0 360 9865 2,950
 Butch Soper, Lake Havasu City, AZ 9595 228.4 9-15-0 270 9865 2,950
#22Bill Oakes, Lawton, OK 9469 225.4 8-15-1 255 9724 2,800
23David Traber, Woodstock, IL 9329 222.1 9-15-0 270 9599 2,700
#24Kelly Bennett, Auburn Hills, MI 9246 220.1 10-13-1 315 9561 2,650


Pos.Name, City/StateAmount
*25Bryon Smith, Sutherlin, OR$2,250
26Sal Turano, Arlington, TX2,080
27Ted Hannahs, Zanesville, OH2,060
28John Mazza, Shelby Township, MI2,040
#29Brad Snell, Itasca, IL2,020
30Jim Johnson, Wilmington, DE2,000
31Brian Voss, Atlanta1,980
32Bill Swanson, Grand Rapids, MI1,960
33Mark Turney, Corpus Christi, TX1,950
34Don Sylvia, Vero Beach, FL1,940
35Bob Belmont, Dunedin, FL1,930
36W.R. Williams Jr., Stockton, CA1,920
37Randy Bennett, McLoud, OK1,905
 Justin Hromek, Andover, KS1,905
t39Terry Taylor, Grand Prairie, TX1,890
40Jess Stayrook, Tempe, AZ1,880
41Parker Bohn III, Jackson, NJ1,870
42Tony Lanning, Lewisville, TX1,860
43Tony Rosamilia, Ledgewood, NJ1,850
44Brian LeClair, Hudson, NY1,840
45Mike DeVaney, Escondido, CA1,830
46Norman Titus, Flemington, NJ1,820
47Andy Neuer, Milton, PA1,870
48Larry Oxendine, Joplin, MO1,795
 Lonnie Truelove, Midland, TX1,795
50Tony LeVance, Fort Lauderdale, FL1,780
51Steve Jaros, Bolingbrook, IL1,770
52Kelly Coffman, Topeka, KS1,760
53Joe Firpo, Lake Worth, FL1,750

*-Match play alternate. 18-game qualifying leader-Doug Kempt, 4320. 24th place-Phil Ringener, 4100. 53rd place-Joe Firpo, 1750. #-Aix Arizala, Rick Benard, Kelly Bennett, Steve Jaros, Mike Miller, Michael Nape, Dale Patterson, Brad Snell, Chris Warren, David Husted, Bill Oakes and Doug Kempt rolled 300 games ($100 each). PRO-AM CASHERS-Rick Meneley, Chris Warren, Wayne Webb, Billy Orlikowski, Michael Nape and Tim Criss ($50 each), t-Non-PBA member.