Brunswick Deer Park Lanes, Lake Zurich, IL, Apr 18-22, 1995

Aulby Completes PBA's "Triple Crown"

Mike Aulby's 15-year quest to complete pro bowling's "Triple Crown" ended when he captured the inaugural $300,000 Brunswick World Tournament of Champions, before 3,030 fans at Harper College Fieldhouse in Palatine, Ill. This professional triumph also ended an emotionally difficult year for second-seeded Aulby, Indianapolis, who defeated leading qualifier Bob Spaulding, 237-232, for the $60,000 first-place check and accompanying 20-foot Bayliner boat, motor and trailer package from Brunswick, valued at $16,000.

Spaulding, Greenville, S.C., was in control for much of the title game and could have clinched his second title of the year and first "major," but opened the door for Aulby when he left the 7-10 split in his ninth frame and then struck out in the 10th. Needing a double and four pins for his 23rd title, Aulby got the double and eight pins beforejumping into the arms of wife Tami and son Christopher. Spaulding fell to the floor in frustration, but $33,000 richer as runnerup.

The Aulby's were a family of tears in the winner's circle as Mike accepted his PBA "Triple Crown" diamond ring from Brunswick Corporation Chairman and tournament honoree Jack Reichert. Aulby acknowledged his late father, Jim, who died last July 4, and Mike's voice choked with the emotion of Jim's memory while talking to ABC-TV's Chris Schenkel.

Aulby said, "I gladly kissed 1994 goodbye at one minute past midnight on January 1, and that day couldn't have come quickly enough. I've been relaxed all week since the tournament's move from Akron. I had less pressure on me coming into Chicago, but this title's been in the back of my mind after all the disappointments at RivieraLanes. It feels like I won twice today-the T of C and the 'Triple Crown."'The climactic day to PBA's 15-week winter schedule started with Dennis Horan defeating fellow lefthander Parker Bohn III of Jackson, N.J., 265-243. Next up was Pat Healey of Niagara Falls, N.Y., who showed the nervousness of being the first amateur T of C finalist when his first shot sailed into the right channel, but then displayed the skills of his extensive Team USA experience in coming back against Horan, 231-225. Aulby came on and easily defeatedHealey, 265-177, to earn his opportunity for entry in PBA's record books. Healey collected $24,000 for third place, Horan, San Diego, earned $18,000 for fourth place and Bohn $12,000 for fifth.

Aulby completed a Grand Slam of professional bowling "majors," including his 1989 ABC Bud Light Masters victory, and joins Billy Hardwick, Johnny Petraglia and Pete Weber as the only other "Triple Crown" bowlers.

Aulby immediately jumped to the top of PBA's yearly earnings list with $125,610 (including the $16,000 boat). As is tradition with Brunswick-sponsored tournaments, local charity also benefited. The YMCA of metropolitan Chicago was the recipient of Brunswick's $15 per pin pledge from the pinfall total of the championship finalists,resulting in a contribution of $28,125. Additionally, the Brunswick Foundation donated $10,000 toward the Oklahoma City bombing victims' relief.

Tournament week began with an elimination tournament for the 24 invited international bowlers, representing 18 different countries, from which five advanced into the 64-man tournament proper. Immediately following that, the inaugural Reichert Cup was contested, and the U.S. team of eight PBA stars came from behind to defeat theinternational contingent, 14 1/2 to 6 1/2 points (11 points needed to win), in an exciting afternoon of activity. That evening, players were honored at the traditional Dinner of Champions, which included PBA's Hall of Fame installation ceremonies for new inductees David Ozio, Walter Ray Williams Jr. and Columbia 300 founder RogerZeller.


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
1Mike Aulby, Indianapolis502 (2 games)$60,000
2Bob Spaulding, Greenville, SC232 (1 game)33,000
t3Pat Healey, Niagara Falls, NY408 (2 games)24,000
4Dennis Horan, San Diego490 (2-games18,000
5Parker Bohn III, Jackson, NJ243 (1 game)12,000

PLAYOFF RESULTS-Horan defeated Bohn, 265-243; Healey defeated Horan, 231-225; Aulby defeated Healey, 265-177; and in the championship game, Aulby defeated Spaulding, 237-232. *-In addition to prize money, Aulby wins Bayliner boat, motor and trailer package.


 Name, CityPinsAvg  WLT+TotAmt
1Bob Spaulding, Greenville, SC 71111 231.5 17-7-0 510 11621 
2Mike Aulby, Indianapolis 10952 228.2 16-7-1 495 11447 
t#3Pat Healey, Niagara Falls, NY 10885 226.8 17-7-0 510 11395 
4Parker Bohn III, Jackson, NJ 11066 230.5 10-13-1 315 11381 
5Dennis Horan, San Diego 11049 230.2 11-13-0 330 11379 
#6Brian Voss, Atlanta 10991 228.9 12-11-1 375 11366 $10,500
7Dave Husted, Milwaukie, OR 10843 225.9 15-9-0 450 11293 9,000
8Bob Vespi, Coral Springs, FL 10868 226.4 12-11-1 375 11243 8,000
9Marshall Holman, Medford, OR 101187 222.6 17-7-0 510 11197 7,300
#10Eric Forkel, Chatsworth, CA 10832 225.7 11-13-0 330 11162 6,500
11Johnny Petraglia, Manalapan, NJ 10744 223.8 12-11-1 375 11119 6,000
12Chris Warren, Dallas 10770 224.4 10-11-3 345 11115 5,500
73Randy Pedersen, Hollywood, FL 10693 222.8 13-9-2 420 11113 5,000
#14Justin Hromek, Andover, KS 10667 222.2 13-10-1 405 11072 4,500
15Jason Couch, Clermont, FL 10754 224.0 9-13-2 300 11054 4,000
16Tam Baker, Buffalo, NY 10687 222.6 12-12-0 360 11047 3,600
17Mark Roth, Wall Township, NJ 10694 222.8 11-13-0 330 11024 3,400
78John Gant, Winston-Salem, NC 10712 223.2 9-13-2 300 11012 3,200
19David Traber, Woodstock, IL 10759 224.2 7-16-1 225 10984 3,100
20Hugh Miller, Seattle 10715 223.2 8-16-0 240 10955 3,000
#21Bryan Goebel, Merriam, KS 10578 220.4 12-11-7 375 10953 2,900
22Rich Abboud, Omaha, NE 10581 220.4 9-15-0 270 10851 2,800
23Jess Stayrook, Tempe, AZ 10576 220.3 9-15-0 270 10846 2,700
24John Mazza, Shelby Township, MI 10216 212.8 7-16-1 225 10441 2,600


Pos.Name, City/StateAmount
25Wayne Webb, Canandaigua, NY$2,400
26W. R. Williams Jr., Stockton, CA2,300
27Del Ballard Jr., Richardson, TX2,200
*28Harry Sullins, Ann Arbor, MI2,220
29Butch Soper, Lake Havasu City, AZ2,000
30Dennis Jacques, Grand Rapids, MI1,925
 Dale Traber, Cedarburg, WI1,925
32Jeff Lizzi, Medford, NY1,850
33Jimmy Johnson, Columbus, OH1,800
34Danny Wiseman, Baltimore, MD1,750
#35Jack Jurek, Lackawanna, NY1,700
36Dave D'Entremont, Middleburg Hts.,OH1,650
37Bob Benoit, Topeka, KS1,600
38Roger Bowker, Ocala, FL1,550
39Ron Williams, Fort Worth, TX1,500
#40Bob Learn Jr., Erie, PA1,450
41David Ozio, Vidor, TX1,375
 Pete Weber, St. Ann, MO1,375
43Mike Miller, Albuquerque, NM1,330
44Ernie Schlegel, Vancouver, WA1,300
45Brian Davis, Casselberry, FL1,290
46Andrew Neuer, Milton, PA1,280
t47Takeo Sakai, Japan1,270
48Robert Lawrence, Austin, TX1,260
49Mike Edwards, Oklahoma City1,250
50Amleto Monacelli, Venezuela1,240
51Mark Williams, Beaumont, TX1,230
52Dave Ferraro, Kingston, NY1,220
53Gary Dickinson, Edmond, OK1,270
54Steve Fields, Lockport, IL1,200
55Steve Hoskins, Tarpon Springs, FL1,190
56George Branham III, Indianapolis1,180
t57Bill Rowe Jr., Hamilton, Ontario1,170
58Norm Duke, Edmond, OK1,160
59Marc McDowell, Madison, WI1,145
 Ron Palombi Jr., Erie, PA1,145
t61Jouni Helminen, Finland1,130
t62Yoshimi Kitaoka, Japan1,120
63Scott Alexander, Seattle1,110
64Steve Jaros, Bolingbrook, IL1,100

*-Match play alternate. 24-game qualifying leader-Parker Bohn III, 5669. 24th place-Bryan Goebel, 5364. 64th place-Steve Jaros, 4871. #-Justin Hromek, Bryan Goebel, Bob Learn Jr., Jack Jurek, Pat Healey, Eric Forkel and Brian Voss rolled 300 games ($100 each). PRO-AM CASHERS-Bryan Goebel, Steve Hoskins, Bob Learn Jr., Amleto Monacelli, Justin Hromek, Ron Williams, Gary Dickinson, Randy Pedersen, Dave Traber, Mark Williams and Dave Husted ($50 each). t-International entry.