Caroller Lanes, North Brunswick, NJ, Mar 7-11, 1995

Gant Goes The Distance For Win

John Gant has officially returned from a six-year absence from the PBA Tour, having won the $170,000 Brunswick Johnny Petraglia Open at Caroller Lanes in North Brunswick, N.J. Gant, Winston-Salem, N.C., became the first player of 1995 to advance from the fourth-seeded position, and defeated first-time finalist and top-seeded Ken McNeely, 234-216, for the $34,000 first prize and his third PBA title.

McNeely, Morgantown, N.C., opened impressively with a turkey, while Gant bettered him with a four-bagger, spare, double, to lead by 19 pins after seven frames. McNeely's unorthodox "jack sprung-out-of-the box" style was critically wounded when he missed a single 8-pin leave in his fifth frame, and he never got closer than 18 pins of Gant. McNeely's animated performance was salved with the $18,000 runnerup check.

Gant said, "I'm used to losing to Ken, because he usually beats me in our matches back home. I picked the right ball today and that's critical."

Gant began the day against the only non-lefthander, Randy Pedersen of Hollywood, Fla., and the burly former baseball pitcher came through in the closing innings, finishing with five strikes to advance, 224-219. He next posted clutch 101h-frame strikes against Bob Belmont, Dunedin, Fla., 236-227, and bettered another first-time finalist, Billy Myers Jr., with late frame heroics, 236-217. Myers, Temple City, Calif., earned $10,000 for third place, Belmont took home $8,000 for fourth and Pedersen's bid for an 11th PBA title was consoled with the $6,500 fifth-place check.


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
1John Gant, Winston-Salem, NC930 (4 games)$34,000
2Ken McNeely, Morganton, NC216 (1 game)18,000
3Billy Myers Jr., Temple City, CA217 (1 game)10,000
4Bob Belmont, Dunedin, FL227 (1 game)8,000
5Randy Pedersen, Hollywood, FL219 (1 game)6,500

PLAYOFF RESULTS-Gant defeated Pedersen, 224-219; Gant defeated Belmont, 236-227; Gant defeated Myers, 236-217; and in the championship game. Gant defeated McNeely, 234-216.


 Name, CityPinsAvg  WLT+TotAmt
1Ken McNeely, Morganton, NC 9868 234.9 12-11-1 375 10243 
2Billy Myers Jr., Temple City, CA 9766 232.5 14-10-0 420 10186 
3Bob Belmont, Dunedin, FL 9776 232.7 13-11-0 390 10166 
4John Gant, Winston-Salem, NC 9785 232.9 12-11-1 375 10160 
5Randy Pedersen, Hollywood, FL 9736 231.8 13-11-0 390 10126 
6Joe Firpo, Lake Worth, FL 9667 230.2 14-10-0 420 10087 $5,250
 Tony Rosamilia, Ledgewood, NJ 9697 230.9 13-11-0 390 10087 5,250
8Mike Scroggins, Amarillo, TX 9616 228.9 15-9-0 450 10066 4,500
9Jess Stayrook, Tempe, AZ 9681 230.5 11-13-0 330 10011 4,000
#10Eric Walker, Hollywood, FL 9586 228.2 12-10-2 390 9976 3,600
11Parker Bohn III, Jackson, NJ 9583 228.8 13-11-0 390 9973 3,300
12Mike Aulby, Indianapolis 9632 229.3 11-13-0 330 9962 3,000
13John Mazza, Shelby Township, MI 9552 227.4 13-11-0 390 9942 2,800
14Adam Apo, Florissant, MO 9485 225.8 14-9-1 435 9920 2,700
15Richard Wolfe, Arlington, VA 9540 227.1 12-12-0 360 9900 2,600
#16Hugh Miller, Seattle 9535 227.0 11-12-1 345 9880 2,500
17David Carter, Glen Mills. PA 9565 227.7 10-14-0 300 9865 2,400
18Rick Berry, Lake Forest, CA 9489 225.9 11-13-0 330 9819 2,300
19Dennis Horan, San Diego 9452 225.1 12-12-0 360 9812 2,200
20Johnny Petraglia, Manalapan, NJ 9452 225.1 10-14-0 300 9752 2,100
21Dave Arnold, Gilbert, AZ 9406 223.9 10-14-0 300 9706 2,000
22David Leverage, Poughkeepsie, NY 9373 223.2 11-13-0 330 9703 1,900
23Eric Forkel, Chatsworth, CA 9416 224.2 9-15-0 270 9686 1,850
24Bob Spaulding, Greenville, SC 9213 219.4 9-15-0 270 9483 1,800


Pos.Name, City/StateAmount
*25Tony Ament, Hackensack, NJ$1,635
 Mark Bowers, Aberdeen, MD1,515
27Ricky Ward, North Fart Myers, FL1,470
28Jim Johnson, Wilmington, DE1,440
29Kirk von Krueger, Pensacola, FL1,410
30Jason Couch, Clermont, FL1,380
31Norman Titus, Flemington, NJ1,360
32Jeff Lizzi, Medford, NY1,340
33Gene Garter Jr., Boothwyn, PA1,320
34Vinny D'Ambrosio, Staten Island, NY1,300
35Len Blakey, Tacoma, WA1,285
 Marc McDowell, Madison, WI1,285
37Ron Papp, Bordentown, NJ1,270
38Gordy Coletti Jr., Westfield, NJ1,260
39Mike Edwards, Oklahoma City1,250
40Don Genalo, Perrysburg, OH1,240
41Ernie Schlegel, Vancouver, WA1,230
#42Kelly Coffman, Topeka, KS1,220
43Mark Erdmann, Bloomington, IL1,210
44Joe Biscardi, Wantagh, NV1,200
45Gary Schluchter, Fremont, OH1,190
#46Del Ballard Jr., Richardson. TX1,180
47Dave Wodka, Las Vegas1,170
48Billy Young, Tulsa, OK1,160
49Joe Hutchinson, Scranton, PA1,150
50Gary Shultis, Levittown, NY1,140
51Don Moser, San Jose1,130
52Philip Ringener. Big Spring, TX1,120
t53Rudy Kasimakis, Levittown,NY
54Brian Voss, Atlanta1,110
55Dennis Jacques, Grand Rapids, MI1,100
56John Donovan. Melbourne, FL1,090
57Billy Orlikowski, Grand Rapids, MI1,080
58Alan Frederick, Winfield Park, NJ1,070

*-Match play alternate. 18-game qualifying leader-Hugh Miller, 4124. 24th place-Bob Spaulding, 4059. 58th place-Alan Frederick, 3932. #-Kelly Coffman, Eric Walker, Hugh Miller, Ryan Shafer, Del Ballard Jr., Mike Taylor and Toby Dietz rolled 300 games ($142.86 each). PRO AM CASHERS-Hugh Miller, Daniel Carroll, Alan Frederick, Doug Kent, Eric Walker. Brian Himmler, Kelly Coffman, Dennis Horan, Tony Ament, John Mazza, Jason Couch, John Gant, Ron Papp, John Paris, John Tragert, Dave D'Entremont, Billy Myers Jr., Norman Titus, Andy Weeks, Danny Wiseman, Tony Lanning, Greg Newtson. Justin Hromek, Ricky Ward, Steve Wishner, Johnny Petraglia, Steve Jaros, Eric Forkel. Dennis Jacques, Marc McDowell, Bill Swanson, Billy Young. Pete Maybank, Adam Apo, Tommy Delutz Jr., Michael Luft Ray Szajko, Chris Warren, Joseph Cudia Jr_ Bill Oakes, Robert Lawrence, Guppy Troup, Bob Belmont and Len Blakey ($50 each). t-Non-member who chose not to accept his prize money.