Forum Bowling Lanes, Grand Prairie, TX, Feb 1-5, 1994

Hoskins Strikes Oil Back-To-Back

Steve Hoskins became the first PBA player since 1992 to successfully defend a tournament when he claimed his second PBA title and $200,000 Quaker State Open at Forum Bowling Lanes. Hoskins, 25, of Tarpon Springs, Fla., advanced from the fifth-seeded position to topple leading qualifier Pete Weber, 253-219, for the $41,000 first prize.

Weber gained the distinction of becoming PBA's career money leader, overtaking PBA Hall of Famer Marshall Holman, but was frustrated for a second consecutive week as the top seed. Nonetheless, the 31-yearold Weber, St. Ann, Mo., pledged $1,500 of his $21,000 second-place check toward the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, and Hoskins followed with $1,000 from his payday.

Hoskins never really was challenged on the afternoon and after sparing to start the title match, he reeled off a six-bagger. He then opened in the eighth frame and closed with a triple, while Weber never was able to muster more than a turkey in his game.

Also for the second consecutive week the eventual tournament champ came from the first game, in which Hoskins overwhelmed first-time finalist Mark Mosayebi, 277-226. In fact Mosayebi had qualified for his first match play (top 24) appearance and his extended play was against a local doctor's advice. The Charlotte, N.C., pro had been diagnosed with a potentially cancerous kidney growth earlier in the week and was told to go directly home for medical attention.

Next up for Hoskins was non-champion Bob Spaulding of Harrisburg, Pa., who fell easily, 246-166, and then second seeded Justin Hromek of Andover, Kan., who was making his second top five appearance of the year, but he again came up short, 223-155.

Quaker State Chairman and CEO Herb Baum excited the Forum Bowl crowd prior to the start of the ABC Sports' telecast by announcing next year's 19th annual sponsored event would be known as the "Quaker State 250" (as in $250,000), which links Quaker State's 250,000 mile guarantee with its stance as the only motor oil company to guarantee its product for 10 years or $250,000 miles.


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
1Steve Hoskins, Tarpon Springs, FL999 (4 games)$41,000
2Pete Weber, St. Ann, MO219 (1 game)21,000
3Justin Hromek, Andover, KS155 (1 game)12,500
4Bob Spaulding, Harrisburg, PA188 (1 game)10,000
5Mark Mosayebi, Charlotte, NC226 (1 game)8,000

PLAYOFF RESULTS-Hoskins defeated Mosayebi, 277-226; Hoskins defeated Spaulding, 246-188; Hoskins defeated Hromek, 223-155; and in the championship game, Hoskins defeated Weber, 253-219.


 Name, CityPinsAvg  WLT+TotAmt
1Pete Weber, St. Ann, MO 9616 229.0 16-e-0 480 10096 
#2Justin Hromek, Andover, KS 9475 225.6 16-8-0 480 9955 
 Bob Spaulding, Harrisburg, PA 9475 225.6 16-8-0 480 9955 
4Mark Mosayebi, Chi NC 9450 225.0 16-8-0 480 9930 
5Steve Hoskins, Tarpon Springs, FL 9440 224.8 15-9-0 450 9890 
6Hugh Miller, Seattle 9385 223.5 13-11-0 390 9775 $7,000
7Ron Palombi Jr., Erie, PA 9384 223.4 11-11-2 360 9744 6,000
8Steve Jaros, Bolingbrook, IL 9308 221.6 14-9-1 435 9743 5,500
9George Bran ham III, Indianapolis 9259 220.5 16-8-0 480 9739 5,000
10Walter Ray Williams Jr., Stockton, CA 9333 222.2 13-11-0 390 9723 4,600
11John Mazza, Shelby Township, MI 9270 220.7 14-9-1 435 9705 4,300
12Joe Firpo, Lake Worth, FL 9239 220.0 15-9-0 450 9689 4,000
13David Ozio, Vidor, TX 9322 222.0 11-13-0 330 9652 3,700
14Brian Voss, Atlanta 9287 221.1 10-13-1 315 9602 3,400
15Dave Husted, Milwaukie, OR 9172 218.4 11-13-0 330 9502 3,200
16Don Moser, San Jose, CA 9244 220.1 8-15-1 255 9499 3,000
17Bob Vespi, Coral Springs, FL 9045 215.4 13-11-0 390 9435 2,800
18Norm Duke, Oklahoma City 9121 217.2 9-14-1 285 9406 2,600
19Ed Richardson, Corpus Christi, TX 9041 215.3 11-13-0 330 9371 2,500
20Mike Shady, Ripon, WI 9115 217.0 8-16-0 240 9355 2,400
21Dennis Jacques, Monmouth Junction, NJ 9157 218.0 6-17-1 195 9352 2,300
22Billy Orlikowski, Grand Rapids, MI 9033 215.0 9-15-0 270 9303 2,200
23Jimmy Johnson, Columbus, OH 8950 213.1 6-18-0 180 9130 2,150
t24Jon Juneau, Baton Rouge, LA 8747 208.3 7-17-0 210 8957 2,100


Pos.Name, City/StateAmount
*25Roger Bowker, Ocala, FL$1,930
26Mike Aulby, lndianapolis1,760
27Dave Ferraro, Kingston, NV1,720
28Robert Lawrence, Austin, TX1,690
#29Bryan Goebel, Merriam, KS1,660
30Paul Koehler, Stuart, FL1,630
31Mike Edwards, Okla. City, OK1,600
32Len Blakey, Tacoma, WA1,570
33Bryan Bailey, Grove City, PA1,540
34Mike Scroggins, Amarillo, TX1,510
35Jason Couch, Clermont, FL1,490
36Randy Pedersen, Hollywood, FL1,470
37Bruce Hamilton, Seattle1,450
38Marty Deh, San Jose, CA1,430
39Greg Kemp, Bryan, TX1,420
40Marc McDowell, Madison, WI1,410
41Del Ballard Jr, Richardson, TX1,400
42Mark McCullough, Columbus, OH1,390
43Steve Wilson, Ft. Lauderdale, FL1,380
44Chris Warren, Dallas1,370
45Ryan Shafer, Elmira, NY1,360
46Joe Barket, Morro Bay, CA1,350
47Ron Williams, Fort Worth, TX1,340
48Wayne Webb, Canandaigua, NY1,330
49Amleto Monacelli, Venezuela1,320
t50Paul Flaming, Euless, TX1,305
 Ernie Schlegel, Vancouver, WA1,305
52Jeff Lizzi, Sandusky, OH1,290
53Tim Criss, Bel Air, MD1,280
54Guppy Troup, Taylorsville, NC1,270
55Harry Sullins, Ann Arbor, MI1,260
56Bob Learn Jr., Erie, PA1,250
57Dennis Horan, San Diego1,240
58Kelly Coffman, Topeka, KS1,230

*-Match play alternate. 18-game qualifying leader-Steve Jaros, 4143. 24th place-Dennis Jacques, 3958. 58th place-Kelly Coffman, 3830. #-Dave Arnold, Justin Hromek and Bryan Goebel rolled 300 games ($100 each). PRO-AM CASHERS-Dave D'Entremont, Gary Schluchter, Doug Kent, Robert Gibbs, Tony Lanning, Hugh Miller, Dave Ferraro, Philip Ringner, Del Ballard Jr., Mark Roth, Steve Wilson, Mike Aulby, Dave Traber ($50 each) and Dave Husted and Bryan Goebel ($25 each). t-Non-PBA member.