Imperial Lanes, Toledo, Ohio, Mar 22-28, 1992

Forkel Becomes First Double Winner Of 1992; Wins Bud Light PBA National Championship

Eric Forkel became the PBA Tour's first double victor of the '92 season with his win at the $300,000 Bud Light PBA National Championship at Ducat's Imperial Lanes. Forkel, Chatsworth, Calif., won four games en route to the $55,000 first prize, including a 217-133 championship game triumph against hard-luck leading qualifier Bob Vespi.

Explaining his lopsided margin of victory against Vespi, Plantation, Fla., Forkel Said, "Bob lives and dies by the big gun. Sometimes a singles and doubles hitter overcomes the player who swings for the fences. In my opinion, that's what happened here. I think a low-scoring pace favors me. The 10th frame was the loosest my arm swing had ever been," he joked, referring to the outcome having already been determined when he tossed his final shots.

Vespi opened with a strike, then suffered back-to-back open frames and would not strike again until the seventh frame, when Forkel held a 38-pin lead. Vespi came back with a spare and then another pair of open frames, while Forkel closed with a four-bagger.

Vespi was frustrated in being denied his first PBA title for a third time this year as leading qualifier, and said, "It seemed as though I bowled 56 games in another center. I'm not satisfied with the way I bowled or the shot I bowled on. All I know is I averaged 224 all week and then shoot 130 on TV. Maybe the best answer for me is to finish sixth and avoid all this frustration. I don't want to take anything away from Eric, who bowled great all week and is a tough clutch bowler," Vespi said.

Forkel continued, "I was super-nervous today and a couple of my ugly shots proved it. Earlier in the year I argued with a reporter who'd written about fans not wanting to see 'no-name' players win, which new champions don't appreciate reading either. I know we're not household names, but there are a lot of very talented young players out here capable of winning on any given week. Bowling balls have changed and the game is constantly changing. I think winning was meant to be for me this week," he said.

Forkel also collected a three-year exemption into the Firestone Tournament of Champions for his "major" win in the first of professional bowling's "Triple Crown" tournaments. His afternoon began by defeating fifth-seeded Adam Colton, N. Lauderdale, Fla., 201-155.

Next up was 1987 PBA Rookie of the Year Ryan Shafer of Elmira, N.Y., who allowed Forkel an opportunity to advance when he tallied only a six count on his last shot. Forkel then struck out in his 10th frame and squeaked past, 202-100. In the semifinal game, Forkel fought past Bryan Goebel, Merriam, Kan., 213-208. Goebel was hoping to bring home a third PBA title and first "major," which would've been dedicated to his late father, who died of a heart attack just three weeks earlier and had never witnessed his son's earlier titles.


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
1Eric Forkel, Chatsworth, Calif.833 (4 games)$55,000
2Bob Vespi, Plantation, Fla.133 (1 game)28,000
3Bryan Goebel, Merriam, Kan.208 (1 game)15,000
4Ryan Shafer, Elmira, N.Y.200 (1 game)10,000
5Adam Colton, N. Lauderdale, Fla.155 (1 game)8,000

PLAYOFF RESULTS-Forkel defeated Colton, 201-155; Forkel defeated Shafer, 202-200; Forkel defeated Goebel,213-208; and in the championship game, Forkel defeated Vespi, 217-133.


 Name, CityPinsAvg  WLT+TotAmt
1Bob Vespi, Plantation, Fla. 12539 223.9 18-6-0 540 13079 
2Bryan Goebel, Merriam, Kan. 12360 220.7 16-8-0 480 12840 
#3Ryan Shafer, Elmira, N.Y. 12435 222.1 12-12-0 360 12795 
4Eric Forkel, Chatsworth, Calif. 12315 219.9 13-10-1 405 12720 
5Adam Colton, N. Lauderdale, Fla. 12212 218.1 16-8-0 480 12692 
6Danny Wiseman, Baltimore, Md. 12282 219.3 11-12-10 345 12627 $7,000
7Parker Bohn III, Freehold, N.J. 12131 216.6 15-8-1 465 12596 6,000
8Marshall Holman, Medford, Ore. 12202 217.9 13-11-0 390 12592 5,500
#9Dave Arnold, Mesa, Ariz. 12207 218.0 12-12-0 360 12567 5,000
10Chris Warren, Dallas 12094 216.0 15-9-0 450 12544 4,600
11Philip Ringener, Big Spring, Texas 12174 217.4 12-12-0 360 12534 4,300
12Mark Williams, Beaumont, Texas 12181 217.5 10-13-1 315 12496 4,000
13Del Ballard Jr., Richardson, Texas 12128 216.6 11-13-0 330 12458 3,700
14Steve Wunderlich, St. Charles, Mo. 12031 214.8 13-10-1 405 12436 3,400
15Tommy Delutz Jr., Jamaica, N.Y. 12032 214.9 12-12-0 360 12392 3,200
16Jeff Lizzi, Sandusky, Ohio 12005 214.4 10-14-0 300 12305 3,100
17Jeff Germann, Warren, Ohio 11916 212.8 11-12-1 345 12261 3,000
18Mark Thayer, Lafayette, Ind. 11969 213.7 8-14-2 270 12239 2,900
19Robert Lawrence, Austin, Texas 11942 213.3 9-14-1 285 12227 2,800
20Doug Kent, Canandaigua, N.Y. 11832 211.3 11-12-1 345 12177 2,700
21George Branham III, Indianapolis 11825 211.2 9-14-1 285 12110 2,600
22Billy Hall, Marion, Ohio 11846 211.5 6-17-1 195 12041 2,500
23Andrew Neuer, Milton, Pa. 11778 210.3 8-15-1 255 12033 2,400
24Pat Brannen, Elizabeth, N.J. 11689 208.7 10-13-1 315 12004 2,300


Pos.Name, City/StateAmount
*25Mike Aulby, Indianapolis$2,065
 Gary Schluchter, Fremont, Ohio1,945
27Bob Learn Jr., Erie, Pa.1,880
28Scott Devers, Richmond, Ind.1,850
29Brad Snell, Elk Grove, Ill.1,820
30Mark Fahy, Chicago1,800
31Tony Marrese, Seattle, Wash.1,780
32Bob Benoit, Topeka, Kan.1,760
33Ken Muscato, Canandaigua, N.Y.1,740
34Pete Weber, Florissant, Mo.1,720
35Wayne Webb, Beaumont, Texas1,700
36Steve Cook, Roseville, Calif.1,680
 Justin Hromek, Andover, Kan.1,680
 Bob Spaulding, Harrisburg, Pa.1,680
39Kirk Von Krueger, Pensacola, Fla.1,660
40Mike Edwards, Tulsa, Okla.1,650
41Jeffrey Dreyfus, Ft. Wayne, Ind.1,640
42Leroy Bornhop, St. Charles, Mo.1,630
43Tom Hinz, Joliet, Ill.1,620
44Mark Bowers, Aberdeen, Md.1,610
45Brian Voss, Boca Raton, Fla.1,600
46Brian Brazeau, Milwaukee, Wis.1,590
47Charlie Standish, Kalamazoo, Mich.1,575
 Barry Zimmerman, Grand Forks, N.D.1,575
49Dave D'Entremont, Parma, Ohio1,560
50Rick Steelsmith, Wichita, Kan.1,550
51Jim Pencak, Mayfield, Hts., Ohio1,540
52Tony Figuiera, Torrance, Calif.1,530
53Gene Stus, Allen Park, Mich.1,520
54Steve Jakubowski, Toledo, Ohio1,510
55Dave Husted, Milwaukie, Ore.1,500
56Tom Crites, Tampa, Fla.1,490
57Mike Shady, Ripon, Wis.1,480
58Dave Ferraro, Kingston, N.Y.1,470
59Jimmy Williams, Sayville, N.Y.1,460
60Hugh Miller, Seattle, Wash.1,450
61Kevin McGerr, Lincoln, Neb.1,440
62Dennis Jacques, Monmouth, N.J.1,430
63Bill Oakes, Lawton, Okla.1,420
64Ray Edwards, Centereach, N.Y.1,410
65Larry Verble, South Lyon, Mich.1,400
66Glen Shipe, Owings Mills. Md.1,390
67Bob Markiewicz, San Diego, Calif.1,380
68Bob Davidson, Seattle, Wash.1,370
69Tim Olive, Lancaster, Ohio1,360
70Alan Bishop, Louisville, Ky.1,350
71Joe Salvemini, Oklahoma City, Okla.1,340
72Richard Wolfe, Arlington, Va.1,330
73Scott Alexander, Gig Harbor, Wash.1,320
74Tony Franklin, Grapevine, Texas1,310
75David Guindon, West Sennca, N.Y.1,300

*-Match play alternate. 32-game qualifying leader-Ryan Shafer, 7186. 24th place-Doug Kent, 6850. 75th place-David Guindon, 6551. #-Justin Hromek, Dave Arnold and Ryan Shafer rolled 300 games ($100 each). PRO-AM CASHERS-Rick Steelsmith, Frank Ellenburg, Steve Jaros, Randy Pedersen, Robert Lawrence, Bill Oakes, Bob Handley, Curtis Odom, Rod Singer, Del Ballard Jr., Billy Young, John Forst, Leroy Bornhop and Richard Wolfe ($50 each).