Event Dates

From: Saturday, April 28, 2007
To: Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Host Center

Bowl America Manassas
9000 Mathis Avenue
Manassas, VA 20110
(703) 368-2161

Tournament Schedule

Tournament Notes

Don Armel, Regional Manager for Bowl America, has invited all PBA senior players to Bowl America Manassas for a fun evening, Friday, April 27 to meet tournament sponsors, the Bowl America staff and many of the pro-am bowlers who will be rooting the PBA players on during the PBA Senior Manassas Open. Food will be served between 6-7 p.m. for 250 people "free of charge". Come out and enjoy the festivities!

Saturday, April 28
A squad practice from 8-9 a.m.
B squad practice from 11 a.m.-Noon
Pro-Am squads: 1, 4, 7 p.m.

Sunday, April 29
A squad bowls eight games beginning at 8 a.m.
B squad bowls eight games beginning at 3 p.m.

Monday, April 30
B squad bowls eight games beginning at 8 a.m.
A squad bowls eight games beginning at 3 p.m.
Cut to top 32 players

Tuesday, May 1
Players qualifying 17-32 bowl (best of five) at 9 a.m.
Winners and players qualifying 9-16 bowl (best of five) at 11 a.m.
Winners and players qualifying 1-8 bowl (best of five) at 2 p.m.
Round of 8 (best of three) at 7 p.m.
Round of 4 (one game) immediately following
Round of 2 (one game) immediately following

Standard Prize Fund

1st Place: $8,000
2nd Place: $4,500
3rd-4th Place: $3,000 each
5th-8th Place: $1,700 each
9th-16th Place: $1,300 each
17th-24th Place: $1,100 each
25th-32nd Place : $1,000 each
Remaining cashers: $800 each
(10) “Super Senior” cashers (Age 60+): $600 each
Cash ratio is 1:3. If entries exceed 160 the ratio is 1:4 with a minimum of 53 cash spots.


Bowl America Manassas will also be running the traditional Over/Under or Over/Over tournament, a great event to play during your stay. Register early to reserve your preferred squad time!

Teams can consist of:
One bowler under 50 and one bowler over 50
Both bowlers over 50
(Age is as of April 28, 2007)
One National PBA champion per team - maximum

1st Place is $3,000 based on 120 entries ($1500 guaranteed).

Payout is 1:6.

Side events will also be available to particpants.

Squad Times: Friday at 8 p.m., Saturday at 1,4,7 p.m.

Entry Fee: $180 per team. Re-entry is $160 per team.

Format: 4 games plus 1 Baker game. Bowlers change pairs each game.

PBA Senior Tour Pattern will be used.

Pre-register at Bowl America (703) 368-2161
Questions: Ask for Linda Miller, GM at Bowl America

Tournament News