Follow this link to either log in with your PBA number or sign up for a new account. You may then shop for a tournament to enter. This does not guarantee you a spot in the tournament.
Located in the upper left corner of the homepage, you will find the menu icon. Click on the menu icon, then schedules. In the drop down window, the following links will appear:

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PBA50 Tour
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Teen Masters
Regional Tour - $220
Regional Tour - $285 (non-members)
Senior Tour - $450
Senior Tour - $500 (non-members)
PBA Tour - $500
PBA Tour - $600 (non-members).
PBA Tour
Non-members may enter PBA Tour tournaments through the PBA on-line system which can be accessed on You can also download an entry form by going to the PBA Tour Schedule, tournament details page for the tournament in which you are interested in competing. Download the form, complete it and email ( or fax (850-564-1717) to the PBA Tour Entries Coordinator. On site entries will be taken but there is no guarantee that a spot will be available.

PBA Regional Tour
Non-members may enter PBA Regional Tour tournaments through the PBA on-line system which you can access on You can also download an entry form by going to the PBA Regional Schedule, tournament details page for the tournament in which you are interested in competing. Download the form, complete it and email/mail or fax it to the Regional Manager running the event. On site entries will be taken but there is no guarantee that a spot will be available.

PBA50 Tour
Non-members may enter PBA50 Tour tournaments through the PBA on-line system which can be accessed on You can also download an entry form by going to the PBA50 Schedule, tournament details page for the tournament in which you are interested in competing. Download the form, complete it and email ( or fax (850-564-1717) to the PBA50 Tour Entries Coordinator. On site entries will be taken but there is no guarantee that a spot will be available.
PBA Tour Non-members may cash once per calendar year without being required to become a PBA Member. The U.S. Open and USBC Masters do not count as cashes on tour.

PBA Regional Tour Non-members may cash twice during the calendar year without being required to become a PBA member. Non-members who cash twice and choose to bowl again during the season must join or waive their right to prize money. The Member/Non-member Doubles event in each region does not count toward the two cash rule. PBA50 Tour Non-members may cash in one (1) PBA50 Tour tournament during the season (excluding the Senior U.S. Open and USBC Senior Masters) without being required to become a PBA member. PBA50 Tour non-members who cash once and choose to bowl again during the season must join or waive their right to prize money
To bowl in a PBA event as a non-member you must meet the average requirement to become a PBA member. You must average at least 200 in an USBC sanctioned league or 190 in a sanctioned Sport or PBA Experience league.
All non-members competing in PBA events must fill out a non-member voluntary acknowledgement form prior to bowling, which you will receive at the tournament site. You will need your Social Security number and your USBC Certification card to fill out the form. All tournaments are USBC Certified.
Click here to access the online PBA Rulebook. Please refer to PBA Rulebook Rule 13 – Appearance Guidelines and Rule 14 Logo Guidelines.
A mandatory non-member meeting is scheduled prior to all tournaments to go over rules and procedures. The time and place will be noted on the schedule available at An alphabetical squad assignment sheet will be available on and will post in the player locker room. You are not required to register your bowling equipment for use in PBA competition. However, you are responsible for ensuring that your equipment meets PBA specifications. You may be subject to random spot checks at any time during the tournament and mandatory weigh-in prior to cashers or match play rounds. PBA staff will be available to assist you with checking your equipment if needed. Roll call will be conducted thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of the first qualifying round or fifteen (15) minutes prior to scheduled pro-squads. Your presence is required in roll call to confirm tournament entries, and obtain any information that may be touched on by the Tournament Director.
The PBA employs a one (1) pair lane courtesy at all times and is referred to as the “Double Jump” rule. A “Double Jump” occurs when, following another player’s delivery on your pair, you step onto the approach before one (1) competitor on the pair to your left and one (1) competitor on the pair to the right have thrown a shot. When you master this rule, you will find that the pace of play is much smoother and faster than when using the ordinary two (2) lane courtesy rule.
Your score is the most direct way for you to measure your success in a PBA event. It is extremely important for you to ensure the accuracy of your scores, as well as attesting the scores of one other player on your pair. As a courtesy, the player finishing the game first should record the game scores and complete the plus/minus totals for everyone on the pair during all phases of the tournament. During match play, verify and initial your opponents score sheet directly following the match. The PBA scoring system (plus/minus) is derived by adding or subtracting the amount of pins from a 200 score for each game, on a cumulative basis. Record all equipment used during competition by the end of the first game it was put into play. The documentation of each ball on the score sheet should include:

1. The last four digits of the serial number
2. Grips used (if any)
3. Extra holes or any holes have been drilled deeper
4. Slugs or plugs used

The Tournament Director has the right to spot check any ball for compliance with specification guidelines. Additionally, your opponent must verify and record all re-racks that you take. You are permitted only two re-racks per game during competition and must verify each re-rack with an opposing player before taking it.
Sanding or polishing equipment is not permitted after throwing the first ball for score during each round of competition. If the ball is not subsequently used then a Minor Penalty ($100) will be imposed. If the equipment is used during that round, the player will be disqualified.
After qualifying rounds, players who finish in certain positions may be required to weigh in all equipment listed on their score sheet at the official spot check thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of the next round (weigh-in positions are dependent on the number of cash spots). If you fail to comply with the above mentioned rules, you may be subject to an improper weigh-in fine or disqualification.
The PBA owns the exclusive right to regulate the use of its name, trademarks and logos. The PBA will provide opportunities, in the form of licensing and sponsorships, for companies to promote and display their products, product names, trademarks and logos to consumers. Companies that desire to take advantage of these opportunities must first register their products with the PBA, so that these products might be cleared for use in PBA competition. A current list of product registered companies can be found here: Product Registered Companies. This list is also posted at every PBA tournament. Basic rules:

1. Competitors may not use any non-registered bowling products in PBA competition.
2. Competitors may not use a non-registered bowling ball in PBA competition. Failure to comply will result in immediate disqualification.
3. Competitors may not display non-registered company names and/or product logos in PBA competition.
4. Competitors may not darken or in any way obstruct any product registered logo

Locate approved equipment list here
The Tournament Director must be notified whenever someone has bowled on the wrong lane, out of turn, or when a pin must be removed from the lane or gutter. It is always best to ask rather than continue without being sure of the rule.
Coaching is allowed in all levels of PBA competition. During non-televised portions of an event, coaches and manufacturer representatives (Ball Reps) are not permitted in the bowlers’ area at any time during tournament competition. During televised portions of an event, coaches and/or manufacturer representatives may communicate with a competitor during official television warm-up time or commercial breaks only. Coaches and Ball Reps must vacate the bowler’s area immediately upon request of the presiding Tournament Director or television Coordinating Producer.
A maximum of nine (9) bowling balls per competitor will be allowed in the locker room during qualifying. During match play all finalists will be allowed an unlimited number of bowling balls in the locker room. Loose bowling balls will not be permitted in the locker room.
Competitors may not consume alcohol products on the tournament host center premises until their competition is completed for the day. Competitors may not consume tobacco products on the tournament host center premises during competition. Competitors may only consume alcohol and use tobacco products in a designated area to be determined by the Tournament Director. Competitors may not consume alcohol or use tobacco products while wearing their name shirt.
There is a mandatory non-member meeting prior to each event. It will be held one half hour (30 minutes) before roll-call at each tournament unless otherwise indicated on the PBA website or your tournament confirmation.
Visa, MasterCard and Discover.
Non-members participating in PBA events are not eligible to earn a PBA 300 ring.
If you have entered and paid and attended the mandatory non-member meeting you may go directly to the locker room for roll-call. If you are entering on site or owe an entry fee or other obligations, please see the Tournament Director.
All non-member’s entry fees are due upon entry.
If you withdraw from a tournament, confirm your withdrawal in writing to the Regional Manager or PBA Tour Entries Coordinator. If it is after the deadline date, contact the PBA Tour tournament director or regional manager, as appropriate. There is a $25 fee for withdrawing from a tournament.
You have three different options to qualify for membership in the PBA:
1. Average 200 or better with 36 games.
2. Average 190 or better with 36 games in an USBC certified Sports League
3. Cash in one of the PBA's more than 180 Regional Tournaments; or open PBA Tour and PBA50 Tour tournaments.
Follow this link: Go to, click on “Join”. At the bottom of the page, click on the reinstatement form pdf. Print out and complete the form then email or fax (312-341-1469) the completed form to the PBA Office.
Visit your Member Home page here, visit the Account section and click on My Profile to access your account information. From there, click on the Edit Profile button on the top left side of the page. This will allow you to update your profile information. Please make sure you click Save Info when your changes are complete. If you are unable to access this section, please call Membership Services at 206-332-9688 for assistance.
To update the credit card information on your account, visit your Account Dashboard and select My Stored Payments in the Manage Payments section of your dashboard. From here, click the link that says Enter New Payment Information to Store. Next you will be prompted to select a new payment type and enter your information. Click Save once complete. If you require further assistance, you can contact PBA Member Services at 206-332-9688.
The PBA logo is trademarked and may not be used.
Patches and Bag Tags are $3.00 each. They are available for purchase through your Regional Manager or the PBA Tour/PBA50 Tournament Directors.
Please submit an email to requesting a new card. Please include your full name, PBA Member number, phone number and mailing address within the body of the email.
To sign up for a tournament, you can access the list of upcoming tournaments in your Account. Select "Current" from the Tournaments & Events section of your Account Home to display the full list of upcoming events. Find the event you're interested in registering for and select the three green bars in the first column to expand the event details. If Registration is open, you will see a link that says "Click Here to Enter This Event". Click this link to start the registration process. Please note that you can only join a PBA National Tour stop if you are a full member. If you have any questions you can contact your PBA Regional Manager or Membership Services at
Per calendar year, a Standard Member may bowl in three (3) Regional Tournaments, one (1) PBA Tour or PBA50 Tour event, one (1) Regional Players Championship Series event, and the U.S. Open and USBC Masters.
You can order your ring and diamonds by clicking the member login/Resources/Membership Jewelry – Order Form (pdf) on the website. Fill out the information and it will be sent directly to the jeweler. If you do not use the website, you will receive a letter from the PBA after you bowl your 300 game with complete instructions and order form.

Member Login
You can access a PDF copy of the official PBA Rulebook here.
You must be a Full member to list your pro shop. Email with your name and PBA number, the name of the Pro Shop, street address, city, state and zip code along with the phone number, e-mail address and/or website address.
If you are having trouble logging in, please call Membership Services at 206-332-9688 to retrieve your username and password.
If you wish to change your membership, please e-mail with your request.
At a PBA Tour Pro-Am event, you will have the opportunity to bowl with 3-6 PBA Tour Professionals. Pro-Am formats and rules vary from event to event; your Host Center will provide the details for your event. A Pro-Am entry means that you are paying to bowl with the professionals, not just to watch them.
The PBA and host center are always looking for volunteers. If you wish to volunteer for the tournament, please contact the center regarding availability.
Please visit and click on the tournament you wish you attend. If the $60 seats are an option for you at purchase, for instance, then there are $60 tickets available for that TV show. You may also contact the host bowling center for ticket availability.
Requirements for children can vary by tournament and will be listed on the ticketing website if any exceptions exist. Under age 6 are free for any non-televised portions. There is not an age requirement however, please keep in mind that during a TV show the environment is very quiet and still.
You must be a member in good standing with the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) in order to participate in PBA events. If your USBC membership is suspended, you will not be permitted to bowl in PBA events until your USBC membership has been reinstated.
Qualifying round tickets will be available at the door. The only tickets available for pre-sale are TV show and Pro-Am entries. TV Show tickets can be purchased at, please call or visit the bowling center for pro-am entries. All other tickets are only available at the door.
If for some reason you are unable to print or otherwise bring your tickets to the event, please email the link provided on the ticketing website and accommodations will be made for you to pick up your tickets at the front gate when you arrive at the venue. Electronic copies of your tickets on your phone or tablet are perfectly acceptable.
TV show tickets go on sale one month or more prior to the start of the tournament. Please check When tickets are available a link to purchase them will be provided.
TV show tickets can be purchased at by following the “Tickets” link. Daily passes are only available the ‘day-of’ at the door. Please call the bowling center for Pro-Am Entries.
PBA members do not have to pay to purchase spectator tickets for qualifying portions of the event. Entry is free when you show your PBA member card at the front gate. Free entry is for PBA members only, guests accompanying you must pay. PBA members must purchase a ticket for entry to any TV show.
Seating is first come-first served for each section. So, you are guaranteed a seat within that section, but not a specific seat in that section. Everyone must be seated 30 minutes prior to the start of the telecast. You will want to arrive 60 – 90 minutes early to line up for your seating.
At this time there are no PBA Videos available for sale. If they become available in the future, it will be announced on the website.
On, click Menu/LANE & EQUIPMENT/Approved Equipment & Lane Resources. You may also click here. Then select the appropriate registered ball manufacturer to see a list of all approved equipment.
If sponsor offers are available they will be listed in the PBA Newsletter for our members or by clicking the banner ads on