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As of May 31, 2016, Lane Masters and Legends by Lane Masters will no longer be Product Registered and, therefore, their equipment will not be allowed in PBA competition.

Dexter, Storm, 3G, Hammer and Brunswick shoes are the only legal footwear on the PBA Tour and in PBA League competition. PBA Regional and PBA50 tours have no shoe restrictions, any footwear may be worn.

Note: Any USBC approved ball manufactured before 1982, and whose manufacturer is currently Product Registered in the appropriate category, is legal regardless of whether the ball appears on the Approved Equipment listing.

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Master Industries

Master Industries

Full Registration: Accessories

For over 40 Years, Master Industries has been recognized worldwide as the leading manufacturer of over 100 premium high-performance bowling accessories for serious amateur and professional enthusiasts. Master bowling gloves and wrist supports are worn by more touring professionals than any other brand!

Master Industries Approved Equipment