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2018 PBA Tour Finals - Group 1

Dom BarrettJason BelmonteSean RashAnthony Simonsen
AccessoriesGenesis Tape
ShoesDexter Dexter Brunswick Brunswick
Bowling BallsHammer Rebel Yell
Hammer Rhodman Pearl
Hammer Diesel
Ebonite GB3
Storm Spare Storm
Storm Hy-Road Nano
Storm Pitch Blue
Brunswick True Motion
DV8 Turmoil Solid
Brunswick Edge Pearl
Roto Grip Hustle INK
Storm Ice Storm
Storm Pitch Black
Center ChestTrackStormBrunswickRoto Star
Lower Left ChestBelmo
Upper Center ChestBrunswick
Upper Left ChestTurboStormAOCRoto Grip
Upper Right ChestDexterBelmo Bowling
Lower BackTrackStormTeam BrunswickRoto Star
Upper BackTronc
Lower Left SleeveVise
Middle Left SleeveDexterReal Bowlers TapeVise
Middle Right SleevePower HouseViseGenesis
Upper Left SleevePower HouseViseGenesis
Rear CollarX out Cancer
Right CollarClassic
YokeHigh 5High 5High 5High 5