"In The Bag," updated every Monday, takes a look at the equipment used by PBA Tour stars during the previous Sunday's ESPN televised championship round. For more information on the PBA's Product Registered companies, please visit the Approved Equipment section of PBA.com.

PBA World Championship

Jason BelmonteRyan CiminelliMatt SandersJesper Svensson
AccessoriesHigh 5 SleeveGenesis Tape
Turbo Grips
Vise GripsVise Grips
Storm Tape
ShoesDexter Brunswick Storm 3G Shoes
Bowling BallsStorm Pitch Black
Storm Spare Storm
MOTIV Sniper
MOTIV Venom Shock
Hammer Purple Hammer
Ebonite Maxim
Storm Pitch Black
Storm Spare Storm
Center ChestStorm BoltTrackStorm Bolt
Lower Center ChestMOTIV
Lower Left ChestBelmoTurbo
Lower Right ChestGoBowling.comGenesisVise
Upper Left ChestJason Belmonte Bowling GameBowl For Kids SakeHigh 5
Upper Right ChestStormGray's Pro ShopStorm
Lower BackStormMOTIVTrackStorm Bolt
Lower Left SleeveDexterBowlerX
Lower Right SleeveGoBowling.com PBA TourGoBowling.com PBA TourGoBowling.com PBA TourGoBowling.com PBA Tour
Middle Left SleeveVise
Middle Right SleeveXtra FrameXtra FrameXtra FrameXtra Frame
Upper Left SleeveViseGAPS
Upper Right SleeveGoBowling.com
Rear Collar#teamlefty
YokeHigh 5High 5High 5High 5
Kyle Troup
Shoes3G Shoes
Bowling BallsStorm Pitch Black
Storm Ice Storm
Center ChestStorm
Upper Left ChestHigh 5
Upper Right ChestStorm Bolt
Lower BackStorm Bolt
Lower Left SleeveVise
Lower Right SleeveGoBowling.com PBA Tour
Middle Right SleeveXtra Frame
Upper Left SleeveTeam Fish
Rear CollarStriking Against Breast Cancer
YokeHigh 5