"In The Bag," updated every Monday, takes a look at the equipment used by PBA Tour stars during the previous Sunday's ESPN televised championship round. For more information on the PBA's Product Registered companies, please visit the Approved Equipment section of PBA.com.

GEICO Mark Roth Plastic Ball Championship

Jason BelmonteWayne Garbern-Michael MachugaWalter Ray Williams Jr.
AccessoriesStorm Towel
Turbo Grips
Columbia 300 Glove
Track Towel
Vise Grips
Vise Grips
Storm Wrist Band
Vise Towel
Vise Grips
ShoesDexter Dexter Etonic Dexter
Bowling BallsPBA Mark Roth Plastic BallPBA Mark Roth Plastic BallPBA Mark Roth Plastic BallPBA Mark Roth Plastic Ball
Center ChestStormColumbia 300900 Global
Lower Left ChestBrunswickVise
Lower Right ChestEtonic
Upper Left ChestStormDexter
Upper Right Chestwww.UB.netViseViseBounty Hunter
Lower BackTurbo
Upper BackGeminiGeminiGeminiGemini
Center BackOne A DayGo RVing
Lower Left SleeveTurboViseEtonicVise
Middle Left SleeveDexter
Upper Left SleeveBowling FoundationViseDexter
Upper Right SleeveOne A DayGo RVingGo RVing
Right Collarwww.jasonbelmonte.comwww.walterray.com
n-Brian Ziesig
AccessoriesVise Grips
Bowling BallsPBA Mark Roth Plastic Ball
Upper Left ChestC-System
Upper Right ChestBrunswick
Lower Left SleeveBrunswick
Lower Right SleeveLLPBA