A look ahead to three star-studded shows from Phoenix Raceway

Whether you’re a bowling traditionalist or revolutionary, PBA All-Star Weekend has something for you:

  • Today’s top stars are put through the gauntlet in Friday’s PBA All-Star Skills Showdown as they attempt to out-strike, out-spare and out-trick-shot their rivals (6 p.m. ET on FS1).
  • Generations collide on Saturday as the four winningest players alive share the lanes with four fan-voted All-Stars and four future stars in the PBA Legacy Cup: Legends and Rising Stars (1 p.m. ET on FS1).
  • Finally, NASCAR drivers turn in their gas pedals for bowling balls to team up with PBA and PWBA champions for Sunday’s Go Bowling PBA NASCAR Invitational at Phoenix Raceway (1 p.m. ET on FOX).

From things you see seemingly every week, like Player of the Year candidates Kyle Troup, EJ Tackett and Bill O’Neill… to things you thought you’d never see again, like Norm Duke bowling on TV… to things you’ll have to see to believe... PBA All-Star Weekend promises to deliver three unforgettable shows from The Barn at Phoenix Raceway.


March 15 at 6 p.m. ET on FS1

Teams of three players, as selected by leading ball manufacturers, will compete in three special events to highlight different skill sets. Teams will earn 25 points for a first-place finish in any event, 20 for second and 10 for third. The team with the most points after all three events wins. In the event of a tie, a one-ball, sudden-death roll-off will decide the winner.

Strike Contest: In essentially a simplified Strike Derby, each player will throw five shots. The two players with the most total strikes will advance to the finals. A new sprint begins as the player with the most strikes after five more shots claims the victory.

Make That Spare: Each player will face five increasingly difficult spare conversions in an ode to a 1960s PBA TV special. Players earn points for each spare conversion and the player with the most points will earn the win for their team.

Trick Shot Contest: Each player will have five minutes to complete as many trick shots as his heart desires. Props are encouraged. Scores will be assessed by a panel of Hall of Fame judges: Mike Aulby, Parker Bohn III, Norm Duke, Pete Weber and Walter Ray Williams Jr.

Skills Showdown Teams

Team Brunswick: Packy Hanrahan, Bill O’Neill, Tommy Jones
Team Motiv: EJ Tackett, Tom Smallwood, Sam Cooley
Team Storm: Kyle Troup, Darren Tang, Sean Rash


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March 16 at 1 p.m. ET on FS1

The past, present and future of professional bowling converge as teams with one legend, one fan-voted All-Star and one rising star compete in a baker trios bracket. Each match will be a single game of baker trios.

To close the show, stars of yesteryear and modern day go head-to-head in a Battle of the Ages. Each team will attempt 10 shots, two by each player, and the team with the most strikes wins. With the Endless 10th Frame in effect, in which the 10th frame continues until a team does not strike, no deficit is too great to overcome.

PBA Legacy Cup Teams

Team WRW: Walter Ray Williams Jr., Kyle Troup, Cortez Schenck
Team Duke: Norm Duke, Bill O’Neill, Anthony Neuer
Team PDW: Pete Weber, EJ Tackett, Nate Purches
Team PB3: Parker Bohn III, Tom Daugherty, Deo Benard

Match 1: Team WRW vs. Team PDW
Match 2: Team Duke vs. Team PB3
Championship: winner of Match 1 vs. winner of Match 2

Battle of the Ages Lineups

Legends: Norm Duke, Mike Aulby, Parker Bohn III, Pete Weber, Walter Ray Williams Jr.
Current stars: Kyle Troup, Bill O’Neill, Sean Rash, EJ Tackett, Tommy Jones


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March 17 at 1 p.m. ET on FOX

The PBA and NASCAR join forces as Kyle Troup and Aric Almirola look to defend their title against three other bowler-driver doubles teams. Each match will be a single game of baker doubles with drivers bowling the odd frames and pro bowlers bowling the even frames.

Before the championship match, eight NASCAR drivers and broadcasting talent, plus PBA Hall of Famer Mike Aulby, compete in the Checkered Flag Clash. Each player will throw one shot with the lowest score eliminated each round until just one player remains.

Match 1: Kyle Troup and Aric Almirola vs. Darren Tang and Chase Briscoe
Match 2: Daria Pajak and Daniel Hemric vs. Lindsay Boomershine and AJ Allmendinger
Championship: winner of Match 1 vs. winner of Match 2

Checkered Flag Clash participants: Trevor Bayne, Sheldon Creed, Cole Custer, Leland Honeyman Jr., Jesse Iwuji, Jamie Little, Phil Parsons, Ryan Preece and PBA Hall of Famer Mike Aulby.

More information on PBA All-Star Weekend is available here.