On Sunday afternoon, David “Boog” Krol won the PBA Delaware Classic to become the newest first-time champion on the PBA Tour.

Krol defeated Bill O’Neill in the semifinal and Tomas Käyhkö, who also sought his first career title, in the championship match at Mid County Lanes and Entertainment in Middletown, Del.

“I dreamt of this as a kid growing up, watching these guys bowl on TV every Sunday,” Krol said. “I wanted to be them, and now that I actually am, it's surreal.” 

Krol drove 16 hours from his home near Springfield, Mo. to Middletown. To make the main field, he had to finish top 10 in the 79-player, pre-tournament qualifier.

“I drove 16 hours to be here. I didn't want to bowl seven games in the PTQ and go home,” Krol said.

Through five events, in which Krol advanced out of four PTQs, Krol sat 17th in points. He said he wanted to be the “PTQ player” to make the PBA Playoffs, which includes the top 16 players in competition points at the end of the regular season.

Krol will rise into the top 16 following this first-place performance — but he will not have to bowl another PTQ this season. With the title, he earned priority entry for all remaining 2024 PBA Tour events, including the World Series of Bowling XV and Tournament of Champions.

“Never in my wildest dreams would I think I would have a year like this, and hopefully this won't be the last,” Krol said. “I'm going to soak it in and enjoy the moment. It hasn't hit me yet but on the car ride home, it's going to.”


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In the opening match, Delaware native Tim Foy Jr. defeated EJ Tackett, who became the first player to make five consecutive championship round appearances since 2001.

A combination of lane transition and nerves got the best of Foy in the next match against O’Neill. Foy’s split in the fifth frame cost him as O’Neill advanced with a clean 209.

The left lane hooked about an arrow more than the right lane on the 44-foot Billy Hardwick oil pattern, which became abundantly clear in the semifinal between O’Neill and Krol.

Krol threw three Brooklyn strikes, plus a strike where the 3-pin fell forward, on the left lane alone.

Despite Krol’s good fortune and a mistake of O'Neill's own in the sixth frame, leaving the 1-2-8 and then missing the headpin on the spare attempt, O’Neill could have won the match with a double in the 10th frame. Instead, he forced a tie with a strike and a nine-count spare.

Krol struck in the one-ball roll-off, while O’Neill left a 2-pin.


Keven Williams, Krol’s close friend and a fellow Springfield native, supported Krol every shot of match play and the show. He gave Krol a few words of encouragement after his unconventional win over O’Neill.

“You’ve got to be honest with your friends at that moment,” Williams said. “I just told him, ‘You don't deserve to be in this title match. You have one game to show up now. Go out there, be you and leave it all out there. Don't leave this match saying you didn't fully commit. Show everyone the heart that you have.’”

The title match was between two non-champions in Krol and Käyhkö, both of whom grew up idolizing Finnish two-hander Osku Palermaa.

Käyhkö sought to become the third player from Finland to win on the PBA Tour alongside Palermaa and Mika Koivuniemi; Krol said Palermaa was the first two-handed bowler he saw and that validated his own two-handed game.

As both players lofted the ball, much like Palermaa himself, they continued to struggle on the left lane. However, Krol managed to stay clean while Käyhkö opened twice.

By the 10th frame, Krol had secured his first career PBA Tour title, ultimately winning 198-170.

“The little guy has a big heart,” Williams said. “He doesn't care about anything besides just being respected, and I think he's earned that respect immediately. I'm excited to see the future and see all the Boog fans that come from this.”

Krol established himself as a rising talent last season. He threw 31 consecutive strikes during the 2023 PBA Wichita Classic and finished 16th. He also won three PBA Regional Tour titles, including one where he shot four 300 games.

“I felt I should give it a try and bowl full-time this year and just see what happens,” Krol said. “And now we’re here.”

Championship Round Scores

Match 1: No. 4 Tim Foy Jr. def. No. 5 EJ Tackett, 244-209
Match 2: No. 3 Bill O’Neill def. No. 4 Tim Foy Jr., 209-184 
Match 3: No. 2 David Krol def. No. 3 Bill O’Neill, 203-203 (10-9)
Championship round: No. 2 David Krol def. No. 1 Tomas Käyhkö, 198-170

Final Standings

  1. David Krol, $25,000
  2. Tomas Käyhkö, $15,000
  3. Bill O’Neill, $12,500
  4. Tim Foy Jr., $10,000
  5. EJ Tackett, $8,000

More information on the PBA Delaware Classic is available here.

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