Greeley, Colorado – On Father’s Day, Pete Weber posted a picture of his legendary dad, Dick Weber, on social media along with the note: It was a privilege being your son. I miss you every day.

After his performance over the past couple of days at the 2024 PBA Senior U.S. Open, we can only imagine his dad and mom, Juanita, were smiling down on him.

During the first six games of round-robin match-play on Sunday, Weber shot a blistering 1,544 block on the way to a 6-0 record. His final game before a two-hour break resulted in a 299 after the 10-pin remained standing. He stayed in the same ball, remained calm, and ironically, he did it all without the white glove he usually wears on his right-hand.

“I am coming out of the ball cleaner and it’s smoother,” he said, about going gloveless. “I’m not grabbing it. I’m really thinking about not wearing a glove anymore.”

He estimates the last time he didn’t wear a glove was in the late ‘90s. Through his first six games, every time he felt like his delivery went too far right, he said the ball made a left turn.

“This is really satisfying,” he said. “I feel like I’m making up for the start of my season.”

In round two of match-play, Weber struggled at times as he went between a couple of different balls on the way to a 2-3-1 record. He is still in first place at +973. However, some Hall of Fame players have closed the gap. Chris Barnes had himself a nice Father’s Day at Highland Park Lanes. He shot 1,323 and 1,421 on the way to the best match-play record on the day at 10-2, earning him an extra 300 bonus pins. That helped move him into second place just 28 pins behind Weber. Tom Hess posted a 9-3 record sitting in third at +942. John Janawicz is at +830 in fourth place and in fifth place is Dino Castillo at +729.

Bryan Goebel made the biggest jump up the scoreboard as his 9-3 record moved him from 23rd to ninth. On Monday, the remaining 24 players will all bowl 12 more games of round-robin match-play with all pins carrying forward. The first six games will start at noon Eastern followed by the final six games at 4:30 p.m. ET to determine the top five. The stepladder finals will start at 9 p.m. ET. You can watch it all only on BowlTV.

The winner is seeking a major championship and the $15,000 first-place prize. Weber has won the U.S. Open on the PBA Tour five times, and he has won this prestigious tournament twice on the PBA50 Tour.

Top 10 PBA Senior U.S. Open standings:

  1. Pete Weber, 6,973 (+973) 
  2. Chris Barnes, 6,945 (+945) 
  3. Tom Hess, 6,942 (+942) 
  4. John Janawicz, 6,830 (+830)
  5. Dino Castillo, 6,729 (+729) 
  6. Jon Rakoski, 6,686 (+686) 
  7. John Verbich, 6,538 (+538) 
  8. Walter Ray Williams Jr., 6,514 (+514) 
  9. Bryan Goebel, 6,501 (+501) 
  10. Donald Hogue, 6,444 (+444) 

Full standings - 2024 Senior U.S. Open

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