In his eight previous U.S. Open appearances, Anthony Simonsen has made five championship rounds. He has won the event as many times as he’s finished lower than eighth: once.

Simonsen finds himself on a similar track as he leads the 2024 U.S. Open presented by GoBowling through three rounds. Through 24 games of qualifying, Simonsen leads the field with a total pinfall of 5,217 (+417).

Simonsen fired a field-high 1,778 during Wednesday’s final round of qualifying at Indianapolis’ Royal Pin Woodland, which helped him build a 147-pin lead over second-placed Matt Sanders.

Only two players scored better than 1,700, a 212.50 average, on Wednesday.

“I knew this week was going to be a grind,” Simonsen told BowlTV. “One thing I’ve learned from bowling this tournament is that it’s a marathon not a split. Staying patient is the key to the rest of the week.”

The 27-year-old looks to add a sixth career major championship victory to his already-impeccable résumé.

Matt Sanders, Landin Jordan, Sam Cooley and Andrew Anderson round out the top five after Wednesday’s third round of qualifying.

Sanders, an Indiana native, sits in second place at +270. The Indiana native said he feels comfortable competing close to home with family and friends in attendance.

Jordan, a 17-year-old high school junior, was the top qualifier on A-squad, besting major champions Jason Belmonte, Dom Barrett, Kris Prather.

“I've had a blast this week,” Jordan said. “I'm always watching the pros on BowlTV, so to be out here and not only to compete, but also to watch, it's super cool. It’s what I've always wanted to do.”

But the former PBA Jr. national champion isn’t just happy to be here — he’s here to win.

“I'm not going to be timid,” Jordan said. “I'm going to go in there like I know I can compete and I know I can win. I'm going to show everybody who Landin Jordan is.”

Low scores caused the top-36 cut score to drop throughout the day.

In the morning squad, Nick Pate fired 258 to get to +41 overall. At the time, that score left him on the outside looking in. Midway through the final squad on Wednesday evening, Pate didn’t even have to sweat about whether or not he would advance.

Bobby Habetler spared a 10-pin in the final frame of B-squad to secure the 36th and final position inside the cut at +13.

Tom Smallwood and Bill O’Neill, the finalists from the season-opening major in Wichita, advanced in 34th and 35th place, respectively.

Belmonte, seeking to win his second U.S. Open title and complete a second Super Slam, sits in sixth place.

Defending champion EJ Tackett, who led the tournament in 2022 and 2023 at Royal Pin Woodland, is in 30th place.

The fourth round, featuring the 36 advancing players, will begin at 10 a.m. Eastern Thursday. After that eight-game round, the top 24 players will advance to match play, which begins Thursday at 5 p.m.

Eric Jones and David Krol are currently tied for 24th place at +89.

All rounds will be livestreamed on BowlTV.

More information on the 2024 U.S. Open is available here.

Round 3 Leaders

  1. Anthony Simonsen, 5,217 (+417)
  2. Matt Sanders, 5,070 (+270)
  3. Landin Jordan, 5,058 (+258)
  4. Sam Cooley, 5,042 (+242)
  5. Andrew Anderson, 5,005 (+205)
  6. Jason Belmonte, 4,993 (+193)
  7. Graham Fach, 4,986 (+186)
  8. Matt Russo, 4,983 (+183)
  9. Jake Peters, 4,973 (+173)
  10. Zach Wilkins, 4,965 (+165)

Full standings are available here.

U.S. Open Schedule

Royal Pin Woodland | Indianapolis, IN

All times Eastern

Thursday, Feb. 1 | Qualifying and Match Play (eight games)
8 a.m. — practice session
10 a.m. — Qualifying Round 4

Top 24 players advance

5 p.m. — Match Play Round 1

Friday, Feb. 2 | Match Play
10 a.m. — Match Play Round 2
5 p.m. — Match Play Round 3

Top five players advance to stepladder finals

Saturday, Feb. 3
4 p.m. — PBA Elite League Round 2 Matches — Tickets

Waco Wonders vs. Motown Muscle; Portland Lumberjacks vs. New Jersey KingPins

Sunday, Feb. 4
4 p.m. — U.S. Open Finals — Sold out