KingPins, High Rollers among four tied atop standings at 3-1

The New Jersey KingPins, following a thrilling roll-off victory last Saturday, parlayed that energy into a 2-0 evening during Rounds 3-4 of the PBA Elite League presented by Snickers.

All eight teams competed twice on Monday night at Bowlero Mt. Prospect in Illinois.

Since Kyle Sherman and BJ Moore returned to New Jersey's lineup — both players missed the team’s opening match in Wichita — the KingPins haven’t lost.

“We’ve had the whole team and I think we’ve gotten better communicating as a team throughout,” Packy Hanrahan said. “We make a point of showing up to the practice session (for the week’s PBA Tour stop) and practicing together for the first half-hour.”

The Las Vegas High Rollers, also sitting tied atop the standings at 3-1, have made a similar habit of practicing together.

“We want to know what our bowling balls are doing,” said newcomer Sean Rash. “So when we come into the matches, we're not asking questions. It's just a huge relief to have everyone know what's going on (in terms of ball motion).”

Rash credited Andrew Anderson, AJ Johnson and Matt Russo — all three-plus-season veterans with Amleto Monacelli's High Rollers — for building the foundation for the team’s strong chemistry.

With the top six teams advancing to the PBA Elite League Playoffs Finals in September at Bayside Bowl, Rash said the High Rollers are focused on getting to Portland.

“The easiest way to do that is by winning matches,” Rash said. “I think we're going to get there. We’d have to literally lose seven or eight matches in a row and I just don't see that happening. Matt Russo bowled unbelievable tonight in the 10th frame to force the roll-off in the first match in Waco, and then he struck to win. We’re a team of proven champions. Everyone knows how to throw it out here.”

The 3-1 KingPins are tied with three other teams and rank second in the standings, trailing only the team they defeated last Saturday in the Portland Lumberjacks.

The three-time Elias Cup champion Lumberjacks sit atop the standings by virtue of having the highest total pinfall (1,810) through four rounds of competition.

The Akron Atom Splitters are the fourth 3-1 team despite having the lowest total pinfall in the Elite League.

Conversely, the GoBowling Dallas Strikers have the third-highest pinfall and have yet to win a single game. The Strikers’ opponents are averaging a whopping 238.

Players competed on the 39-foot Don Carter oil pattern, which will be using during this week's PBA Illinois Classic. Qualifying for that tournament, the third title event of the 2024 PBA Tour, begins Tuesday morning.

PBA Elite League action resumes next week in Springfield, Mo. Rounds 5-6 will be held Feb. 13 at 7 p.m. Eastern at Enterprise Park Lanes.

All rounds of the PBA Elite League will be livestreamed on BowlTV.

More information on the PBA Elite League is available here.

Round 3 Results

Portland def. Akron, 2-0 (216-211, 193-181)
Motown def. L.A. X, 2-0 (223-201, 234-214)
New Jersey def. Dallas, 2-0 (232-225, 215-213)
Las Vegas def. Waco, 2-1 (173-217, 226-224, 29-28)

Round 4 Results

New Jersey def. Motown, 2-1 (202-204, 226-219, 29-29 (9-6))
L.A. X def. Las Vegas, 2-0 (210-207, 217-192)
Portland def. Dallas 2-0 (243-223, 235-209)
Akron def. Waco, 2-1 (198-173, 150-230, 30-27)


Team, Record, Pinfall

  1. Portland Lumberjacks, 3-1, 1,810
  2. Las Vegas High Rollers, 3-1, 1,740
  3. New Jersey KingPins, 3-1, 1,653
  4. Akron Atom Splitters, 3-1, 1,599
  5. Lucky Strike L.A. X, 2-2, 1,737
  6. Waco Wonders, 1-3, 1,668
  7. Motown Muscle, 1-3, 1,605
  8. GoBowling Dallas Strikers, 0-4, 1,738