Hall of Famer announces retirement from PBA Tour

One of bowling’s greatest icons has officially signaled the end of his career.

Pete Weber, who owns 37 PBA Tour titles (fourth all-time) and 10 major championships (tied for second all-time), said he has thrown his final shots on the PBA Tour.

“It’s been an honor and privilege for 44 years to be a part of the Professional Bowlers Association,” Weber said. “I will continue to bowl on the senior tour, but you will never see me throw another ball on this kid’s tour. At the Tournament of Champions, the U.S. Open or the Masters — you will never see me throw another ball."

"I appreciate all the support that you guys have given me throughout my years," the PBA Hall of Famer said. "I love you all so much.”

Weber, 61, grew up in a bowling alley, following in the footsteps of his Hall-of-Fame father, Dick Weber. Pete joined the PBA Tour in 1979 at the age of 17 and won Rookie of the Year honors in 1980.

When Pete won his first title at the 1982 Greater Hartford Open, the Webers became the first father-son duo to each win PBA Tour titles. 

Pete quickly established himself as a force on the Tour, racking up 10 titles by the age of 24. He remains the youngest player to reach that threshold.

Within two years, he became the third player to win the PBA’s Triple Crown. Six players have since joined the Triple Crown club, but Weber remains the only player to win the the Triple Crown twice.

Weber owns a record-five U.S. Open titles, plus two PBA Tournament of Champions and PBA World Championship titles.

Since Weber’s retirement from full-time PBA Tour competition in 2021, he has bowled in an occasional event each season, particularly the PBA Tournament of Champions. He has been a fixture on the PBA50 Tour and earned PBA60 Player of the Year honors last season.

During this year’s U.S. Open, Weber came to the realization that he simply cannot compete with the world’s best any longer. He said this week’s PBA Pete Weber Missouri Classic — which PBA Commissioner Tom Clark renamed in Pete’s honor last November — would be the final national tour event of his career.

The PBA Pete Weber Missouri Classic finals will air Sunday, Feb. 18 at noon Central (1 p.m. Eastern) on FS1.

"I can't wait to give the best bowler the trophy on Sunday," Weber said.