During Rounds 5-6 of the 2024 PBA Elite League presented by Snickers, all eight teams completed two matches. Players competed on the 45-foot Dragon oil pattern that will be used this week during the PBA Pete Weber Missouri Classic. 

The New Jersey KingPins extended their winning streak to five matches, while the GoBowling Dallas Strikers notched their first two wins of the season.

The KingPins first bested the Jason Belmonte-less Lucky Strike L.A. X, 2-0. Then, in a battle of 4-1 teams, the KingPins dethroned the Las Vegas High Rollers, 2-1.

New Jersey’s five-match winning streak has them atop the PBA Elite League standings through Round 6.

The Las Vegas High Rollers and Akron Atom Splitters are tied for second place at 4-2, followed by the Portland Lumberjacks and Lucky Strike L.A. X in a fourth-place tie at 3-3.

The GoBowling Dallas Strikers climb into sixth place and the final postseason position as the inaugural PBA Elite League season nears its halfway point.

While Dallas had yet to win a single game — let alone a match — entering the night, their total pinfall ranked third overall. Variance finally swung in the Strikers’ favor as they swept Waco and Akron to move into sixth place.

The Motown Muscle and Waco Wonders sit outside the playoff picture through six of 14 matches.

The Wonders, who competed tonight without 2023 Mark Roth PBA League MVP Ryan Ciminelli, dropped both matches to fall to a league-worst 1-5 record. While their total pinfall of 2,433 ranks sixth, it is only 39 pins better than Akron’s league-worst 2,394.

More information on the PBA Elite League is available here.

Round 5 Results

Las Vegas def. Portland, 2-1 (265-178, 157-193, 26-25)
New Jersey def. L.A. X, 2-0 (225-202, 205-204)
Akron def. Motown, 2-1 (213-180. 225-239, 27-26)
Dallas def. Waco, 2-0 (231-201, 214-185)

Round 6 Results

New Jersey def. Las Vegas, 2-1 (195-167, 195-204, 28-26)
L.A. X def. Waco, 2-1 (182-207, 193-172, 27-27 (10-9))
Motown def. Portland, 2-1 (231-203, 169-221, 30-28)
Dallas def. Akron, 2-0 (237-193, 205-164)


Team, Record, Pinfall

New Jersey KingPins, 5-1, 2,473
Las Vegas High Rollers, 4-2, 2,533
Akron Atom Splitters, 4-2, 2,394
Portland Lumberjacks, 3-3, 2,605
Lucky Strike L.A. X, 3-3, 2,518
GoBowling Dallas Strikers, 2-4, 2,625
Motown Muscle, 2-4, 2,424
Waco Wonders, 1-5, 2,433