Jackson, Michigan – After watching PBA Tour players compete over the years at the World Series of Bowling, Tom Adcock was hoping he would get the chance to face a similar challenge on the PBA50 Tour. His opportunity is here, and all he did on Monday was lead the field of more than 190 bowlers after qualifying at the 2023 PBA50 Monacelli Championship.

Adcock found success inside JAX 60 by standing farther left than the other players around him and throwing past the 3 pin, letting his ball fall back to the pocket and saw it match up really well for him.

He led the way with 211, 279, 216, 254, 209, 226, 245 and 235 for 1,875, an average of 234.38.

The tall right-hander is feeling pain free this week thanks to a cortisone shot he got last week in his shoulder. He hurt his shoulder back in Las Vegas during the Super Senior Classic, causing him to withdraw from the USBC Senior Masters. He led two rounds at the Senior U.S. Open and then learned he had no structural damage. As long as he can throw shots and not hurt, he is confident about his chances.

“The shorter pattern you had to throw it that much harder,” the 61-year-old said. “Tomorrow because of the length of the pattern, I don’t have to throw it as hard, so that is definitely a lot less stress on my shoulder, no doubt.”

The Forsyth, Illinois native is thrilled to be competing in this unique tournament format.

“I wouldn’t mind having this once or twice a year,” he said. “Having this kind of challenge and picking four completely different patterns each time and just letting us go after it. I like what we are doing; it’s fun.”

Rounding out the top five behind Adcock is Brad Angelo, Ron Mohr, Tom Hess and Chuck Richey Jr. The final player to advance in the PBA50 Monacelli Championship was Rick Graham at 1,749.

The top 16 advance to bracket match play at Noon on Thursday with best-of-five matches in the Round of 16 followed by best-of-three-game matches after that. The finals are scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. with a best-of-three match.

The field will now bowl eight games of qualifying for the PBA50 Petraglia Championship. A-squad takes the lanes starting at 9 a.m. ET Tuesday and then B-squad at 4 p.m.

You can watch all of the action on BowlTV.

PBA50 Monacelli Championship Match Play Advancers:

  1. Tom Adcock, 1,875 (+275)
  2. Brad Angelo, 1,845 (+245)
  3. Ron Mohr, 1,843 (+243)
  4. Tom Hess, 1,842 (+242)
  5. Chuck Richey Jr., 1,837 (+237)
  6. Jon Rakoski, 1,824 (+224)
  7. Chris Barnes, 1,823 (+223)
  8. Paul Fleming, 1,783 (+183)
  9. Carlos Denot, 1,778 (+178)
  10. Larry Achten Jr., 1,773 (+173)
  11. Dave Johnson, 1,766 (+166)
  12. John Burkett, 1,761 (+161)
  13. Bruce Falcon, 1,757 (+157)
  14. Pete Weber, 1,757 (+157)
  15. Vince Biondo III, 1,751 (+151)
  16. Rick Graham, 1,749 (+149)

PBA50 Monacelli Championship standings

PBA50 World Championship standings

More information on the PBA50 WSOB is available here.

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