After 24 games at Enterprise Park Lanes, the match play field of the PBA Springfield Classic has been set.

Springfield's own Keven Williams surged into the lead by firing 776 over his last three games. He had struggled near the end of blocks in previous rounds, but dug deep when he needed it most.

Williams has a total pinfall of 5,525 through 24 games of competition, narrowly besting two of the game’s best: Anthony Simonsen and Jason Belmonte.

After an opening block of 1,252, which placed him in 48th, Belmonte has averaged 236.5 over the past 18 games. He credited his ball reps and a new Pitch Black urethane ball for helping him solve the 34-foot Wolf pattern.

However, his scores have dipped during the final games of each block.

"I'm going to need to figure out what to do during Games 5-6 of each round," Belmonte said. "If I can figure that out and I keep bowling the way that I am, I've got a good chance of at least making the show.”

Anthony Neuer sat 29 pins outside of the cut with one game to go, but he left no room for debate. The left-hander shot 300 in the final game to solidify his spot in match play.

“I got a break with a trip-6,” Neuer said. “I knew I needed to make a move, and my ball went through the pins the way I wanted to see it.”

After that, he said he wanted to make quality shots and leave fate up to the pins.

“I gave myself 10 solid shots, I bowled 300 and we’re onto tomorrow,” he said.

It is truly anyone's game as round-robin match play begins on Saturday, Feb. 11 — just 80 pins separate Williams from the final qualifier.

The first round of round-robin match play begins at 11 a.m. ET on BowlTV. A second round of match play at 3 p.m. ET will determine the four finalists for the 7 p.m. ET stepladder finals.

Tournament Standings

  1. Keven Williams, 5,525 (+725)
  2. Anthony Simonsen, 5,517 (+717)
  3. Jason Belmonte, 5,509 (+709)
  4. Chris Via, 5,501 (+701)
  5. Sam Cooley, 5,494 (+694)
  6. François Lavoie, 5,492 (+692)
  7. Anthony Neuer, 5,488 (+688)
  8. Bill O’Neill, 5,458 (+658)
  9. Jakob Butturff, 5,455 (+655)
  10. Nick Pate, 5,453 (+653)
  11. Ildemaro Ruiz Jr., 5,452 (+652)
  12. Kevin McCune, 5,445 (+645)

Full standings are available here.

Tournament Schedule

Saturday, Feb. 11 | BowlTV
11 a.m. ET — Round-robin Match Play Round 1 (six games)
3 p.m. ET — Round-robin Match Play Round 2 (six games) —cut to top 4 players
7 p.m. ET — Stepladder finals



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