Sterling, Virginia – Pete Weber’s arm swing is loose, and he is confident after posting a 10-2 match-play record Wednesday to take over the lead at the 2023 Bud Moore PBA50 Players Championship.

He saved his best game of the tournament and day for the end, shooting 300 against Troy Lint to move past Bill Rowe for the top spot. During the first six games of the day, Weber shot 1,386 with a 4-2 record then he came back with a different ball and posted 1,468 as he went undefeated in those six head-to-head matches. He picked up 300 valuable bonus pins on the day, as did Rowe, who was went 10-2 and sits in second.

After feeling like he was struggling toward the end of the first block, Weber mentioned to ball rep Kelly Kulick that he had a Roto Grip Clone. She encouraged him to bring it in and he felt it matched up perfect with the 42-foot Mark Roth oil pattern. He is also trusting the adjustments he is making a lot more than he has before.

“Tonight, it was on the lines of I got breaks, I’ve got it, I’m winning,” the 60-year-old said. “I have been trying to stroke the ball through the shot. If I can remember to do that tomorrow, there is no telling how much I am going to lead by.”

It took until Game 24 of this tournament for Jeff Johnson to get the first 300. That was followed by one from Tom Hess, Chris Barnes and finally Weber.

“Guys adjusted enough and so they are making the right moves at the right times,” Weber said. “That was a good pair. There was a 300 on that pair earlier. There was a 270 game and a 250. It was a really good pair to bowl on.”

Weber, who last won in May 2021, is looking forward to bowling in the stepladder finals on two lanes inside Bill Moore's home in back-to-back years. Last year, he finished in fifth. The winner will receive $20,000 and a major title.

All pins carry over to Thursday’s final day for the top 24. They will bowl 12 final games of head-to-head match play starting at 9 a.m. ET and again at 2 p.m. The winners of each match will receive 30 bonus pins to add to their totals.

After 40 total games this week, the top five will advance to the finals that will take place at 7 p.m. ET Thursday.

You can watch all of the action on BowlTV.

Bud Moore PBA50 Players Championship Leaders (with bonus pins)

  1. Pete Weber, 6,805 10-2 (+1,205)
  2. Bill Rowe, 6,746 10-2 (+1,146)
  3. Tom Hess, 6,707 8-4 (+1,107)
  4. Troy Lint, 6,653 8-4 (+1,053)
  5. Brad Angelo, 6,600 8-4 (+1,000)
  6. Ryan Shafer, 6,571 5-7 (+971)
  7. Jeff Johnson, 6,503 6-6 (+903)
  8. Parker Bohn III, 6,465 6-5-1 (+865)
  9. Chris Barnes, 6,452 5-7 (+852)
  10. Andres Gomez, 6,378 5-7 (+778)

Full standings – PBA50 Players Championship

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