Morgantown, West Virginia – While the inaugural PBA50 World Series of Bowling was playing out in Michigan last month, Bill Rowe was sitting at home nursing an injury. He is feeling great now and that showed Tuesday after the first day of qualifying at the PBA50 Morgantown Classic.

Rowe started off a bit slow inside Suburban Lanes with 213, 193 and 214 before deciding it was time for some big changes.

“I moved about 10 boards left with my feet and started to really hook it a lot,” the right-handed Canadian said. “I also made a ball change and just followed my instincts.”

Those moves jumped him into the lead over lefty Troy Lint after shooting 278, 279, 254 and 264 for a seven-game total of 1,695, an average of 242.14.

“I’m just trying to keep pace with him (Lint),” Rowe said. “He has been bowling great all year. I can’t really do too much other than try to strike more. Trying to stay with him was hard.”

“Early on, I didn’t really feel any momentum,” Rowe said. “But then I said to one guy, ‘I just feel like I am going to break loose sooner or later, I just don’t know when.’ I knew something was coming and fortunately it did.”

Just behind Rowe is Lint with 1,685, who also bowled on A-squad. Amleto Monacelli shot a 300 in Game 5 as he led the way for B-squad with 1,651 to move into third place. He is followed by Parker Bohn III and Ron Hurt.

B-squad will be on the lanes first for seven more games of qualifying starting at 8:30 a.m. ET on Wednesday, followed by A-squad scheduled to begin at 1:30 p.m. ET. After those games are completed, the top 32 players will advance with all qualifying pins carrying over to Thursday.

You can watch all of the action on BowlTV.

PBA50 Morgantown Classic Leaders

  1. Bill Rowe, 1,695 (+295)
  2. Troy Lint, 1,685 (+285)
  3. Amleto Monacelli, 1,651 (+251)
  4. Parker Bohn III, 1,580 (+180)
  5. Ron Hurt, 1,577 (+177)
  6. Tom Hess, 1,575 (+175)
  7. Jon Rakoski, 1,569 (+169)
  8. Jeff Johnson, 1,562 (+162)
  9. Dan Knowlton, 1,555 (+155)
  10. Bobby Hall II, 1,551 (+151)

Full standings – PBA50 Morgantown Classic

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