The PBA heads to Copperfield Bowl in Houston to award the final national title of the 2022 season. This weekend, PBA and PWBA stars as well as top amateurs will team up in the 22nd Storm PBA/PWBA Striking Against Breast Cancer Mixed Doubles Tournament.

The tournament benefits the X Out Breast Cancer Foundation. It is often referred to as “The Luci,” after long-time PWBA player Luci Bonneau, whose life was cut short by breast cancer.

Tournament founder Donna Connors founded the tournament in honor of her late friend.


Last year’s champions, EJ Tackett and Danielle McEwan, will not be defending their title. 

Tackett, looking for his third SABC Mixed Doubles title with a third partner, will be competing with Diandra Asbaty. McEwan is competing in Australia.

Four-time champions Shannon Pluhowsky and Tommy Jones will look to extend their record with a fifth title. Shannon O'Keefe will look to claim her fifth title, and fourth with Bill O'Neill.

Amanda Greene and Kyle Sherman, who won in 2019, will aim for their second title.

Jason Sterner and Birgit Noreiks won in 2017, but have since switched partners. Sterner will bowl with Heather D’Errico, while Noreiks will team up with Stu Williams.

The entirety of the tournament will be livestreamed on BowlTV, beginning with a Beauties vs. Beasts match at 5 p.m. ET on Thursday, July 28. The match will feature Brandi Kordelewski, Hayley Veitch, Bryanna Coté, Cassandra Leuthold and Kerry Smith against Jakob Butturff, François Lavoie, AJ Chapman, Chris Via and Julian Salinas.

Each team will bowl seven games of qualifying; A- and B-squads will bowl Friday, while C- and D-squads will compete Saturday. The top 40 teams will advance to the semifinals on Sunday morning, before cutting to the top eight teams for round robin match play.

The team with the highest pinfall after match play will be crowned the 2022 champions.

The full roster is available on SABC’s website. Here are five pairings to watch in each squad:


  • Jordan Richard and Andrew Anderson
  • Diana Zavjalova and Dom Barrett
  • Bryanna Coté and Chris Via
  • Erin McCarthy and AJ Johnson
  • Shannon Pluhowsky and Tommy Jones


  • Birgit Noreiks and Stu Williams
  • Madison Janack and Packy Hanrahan
  • Breanna Clemmer and AJ Chapman
  • Stefanie Johnson and Jakob Butturff
  • Caitlyn Johnson and Ildemaro Ruiz Jr.


  • Stephanie Zavala and Sean Rash
  • Amanda Greene and Kyle Sherman
  • Hope Gramly and Kris Prather
  • Liz Johnson and Anthony Simonsen
  • Julia Bond and Wesley Low


  • Lara Kurt and Julian Salinas
  • Shannon O’Keefe and Bill O’Neill
  • Diandra Asbaty and EJ Tackett
  • Dasha Kovalova and Ryan Ciminelli
  • Josie Barnes and Chris Barnes

2022 SABC Mixed Doubles Tournament Schedule

Friday, July 29

9 a.m. ET | 8 a.m. local — A-squad qualifying (7 games)

3 p.m. ET | 2 p.m. local — B-squad qualifying (7 games)

Saturday, July 30

9 a.m. ET | 8 a.m. local — C-squad qualifying (7 games)

3 p.m. ET | 2 p.m. local — D-squad qualifying (7 games)

Sunday, July 31

9:30 a.m. ET | 8:30 a.m. local — Semifinals for advancers (5 games)

1:30 p.m. ET | 12:30 p.m. local — Finals (8 games, round robin match play)

Watch all rounds of the 2022 SABC Mixed Doubles Tournament on BowlTV.

Past Winners

2021 — Danielle McEwan and EJ Tackett

2019 — Amanda Greene and Kyle Sherman

2018 — Liz Johnson and EJ Tackett

2017 — Birgit Poppler and Jason Sterner

2016 — Shannon O'Keefe and Bill O'Neill

2015 — Shannon O'Keefe and Bill O'Neill

2014 — Missy Parkin and Scott Norton

2013 — Shannon O'Keefe and Bill O'Neill

2012 — Shannon O'Keefe and Bryan O'Keefe

2011 — Shannon Pluhowsky and Tommy Jones

2010 — Shannon Pluhowsky and Tommy Jones

2009 — Carolyn Dorin-Ballard and Parker Bohn III

2008 — Shannon Pluhowsky and Tommy Jones

2007 — Shannon Pluhowsky and Tommy Jones

2006 — Carolyn Dorin-Ballard and Marc Laracuente

2005 — Rachel Perez and Paul Fleming

2004 — Kristal Scott and Russell Wilson

2003 — Genie Franklin and Wes Malott

2002 — Diandra Hyman and Dino Castillo

2001 — Amy Dillon and Chris Barnes

2000 — Donna Conners and Mark Scroggins