After eight games of full-field qualifying in the PBA Lubbock Sports Shootout presented by South Plains Lanes and Storm, Nathan Bohr holds a one-pin advantage over David Krol entering tomorrow's cashers qualifying round in Lubbock, Texas.

Thirty-one players advanced to the four-game cashers round, after which the top 12 will advance to round-robin match play to determine the champion of the first PBA Super Regional of the summer. The championship will be decided live on the PBA YouTube channel with match play beginning at 1 p.m. ET.

Top 12 after eight games

  1. Nathan Bohr +264
  2. David Krol +263
  3. Anthony Simonsen +211
  4. Ildemaro Ruiz +206
  5. Johnathan Norman +204
  6. Joshua Imhoff +165
  7. Shawn Maldonado +153
  8. Jake Peters +151
  9. Dom Barrett +147
  10. Eric Jones +141
  11. Brent Boho +134
  12. Zach Wilkins +128

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