Tommy Jones outpaces players in all regions entering final day of qualifying


Tommy Jones averaged 243 over 14 games to lead the South Region halfway through qualifying in the 2022 PBA Players Championship, more than doubling the closest competitor in his region and posting the highest score among players in all regions. Sean Rash (Midwest), Dom Barrett (Southwest), Brandon Runk (East) and Jason Belmonte (West) lead their respective regions with the final two rounds of qualifying to play.

Four of the five regional leaders are multi-time PBA Tour major champions. Jones is already in the Hall of Fame and the others—Rash, Barrett and Belmonte—all have Hall of Fame credentials for eventual consideration.

Jones holds a 352-pin advantage over second-place Colin Champion in the South Region. Rash leads AJ Johnson by 133 pins in the Midwest Region and Belmonte has a 13-pin advantage over Jakob Butturff in the West Region.

Brandon Runk was recently named the 2021 PBA East Region Rookie of the Year and now finds himself on top of the East Region field through 14 games. Runk averaged 233.93 and sits nine pins ahead of second-place Graham Fach.

After 28 total games of qualifying, the top five players from each region advance to the televised regional finals that begin airing on Fox Sports’ FS1 Saturday, January 22. The winners of each region will then advance to the PBA Players Championship Finals airing Saturday, January 29, on FS1.

East Region Top 10 Through 14 Games
Bowlero West End – Richmond, Va.

  1. Brandon Runk +475
  2. Graham Fach +466
  3. Kyle Troup +406
  4. Paul Smith +397
  5. Bill O’Neill +396
  6. Parker Bohn III +327
  7. John Furey +325
  8. Zeke Bayt +311
  9. Michael Martell +305
  10. Nathan Ruest-Lajoie +302

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South Region Top 10
AMF University Lanes – Tampa, Fla.

  1. Tommy Jones +606
  2. Colin Champion +254
  3. David Stouffer +252
  4. DJ Archer +235
  5. Nate Garcia +230
  6. Dick Allen +219
  7. Tom Daugherty +215
  8. Norm Duke +209
  9. Toby Sambueno +209
  10. Carlos Granados +208

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Midwest Region Top 10
AMF West Lanes – Milwaukee, Wis.

  1. Sean Rash +540
  2. AJ Johnson +407
  3. Ronnie Russell +378
  4. Zach Weidman +360
  5. Bailey Mavrick +359
  6. Kris Prather +342
  7. Tom Hess +331
  8. Mitch Hupé +270
  9. Wes Malott +263
  10. Scott Matthies +250

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Southwest Region Top 10
AMF Garland Lanes – Garland, Texas

  1. Dom Barrett +525
  2. Richie Teece +422
  3. Kyle Sherman +390
  4. François Lavoie +339
  5. Shawn Maldonado +249
  6. Anthony Lavery-Spahr +246
  7. Arturo Quintero +243
  8. Packy Hanrahan +242
  9. Dimitri Cruz +239
  10. Raymond Lussier +237

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West Region Top 10
Bowlero Cerritos – Cerritos, Calif.

  1. Jason Belmonte +315
  2. Jakob Butturff +302
  3. Tyler Cortez Schenck +258
  4. Wesley Low Jr. +244
  5. Jake Peters +181
  6. Sam Cooley +168
  7. Deeronn Booker +122
  8. Anthony Simonsen +83
  9. Michael Fitzgerald +73
  10. Morgan Moore +52

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Action resumes Sunday at 10 a.m. ET on with the final 14 games of qualifying from all five regions.

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