Las Vegas, Nevada – Day four at the 2021 USBC Senior Masters featured head-to-head double-elimination three-game matches and it’s no surprise that Tom Hess is still the man to beat.

In his first match on Friday, No. 1 seed Hess defeated No. 64 Jay Hess, 681-544. In his second match, David Rosenburg gave it a run, but Hess earned the win, 648-605. That sets up a showdown between two bowlers on hot streaks right now, Hess against No. 16 Ron Mohr. They are one of eight winners bracket matches to keep your eyes on Saturday at Sam’s Town Bowling Center.

No. 2 seed Walt Blackston is on the right side of the winners bracket. He had no problem picking up his two wins to advance another step closer to the stepladder finals. Chris Warren, who earned the No. 3 seed, will now face No. 46 Tim Mack, who defeated 2019 USBC Senior Masters Amleto Monacelli, 700-670. With the loss, Monacelli’s Friday required even more bowling.

No. 4 Parker Bohn III shot 746 and 649 to go undefeated in his matches, as did No. 8 Chris Barnes and No. 9 Dino Castillo who will face-off. Norm Duke, who is the No. 10 seed, will take on No. 39 Mitch Beasley.

A few other big names that experienced early losses and joined Monacelli in the elimination bracket were No. 5 seed Jason Couch, No. 7 Pete Weber, No. 11 Brad Angelo, No. 13 Lennie Boresch, and No. 38 Walter Ray Williams Jr. All of these top players came up big to win their matches to keep their tournament hopes alive.

Weber will take on Boresch. Monacelli draws a match-up against Angelo. Two lefties will battle to keep bowling between Couch and John Marsala. And Dan Knowlton and Williams Jr. will see who will get to advance.

The day began with 64 players and 32 were eliminated. There are 16 players left in the winners bracket and 16 in the elimination bracket. You can watch these three-game matches starting at noon Eastern Saturday live on

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