Belton, MO –Jos Weems of Chicago, IL continues to impress, as this 11 year old defeats all challengers in winning the U15 Mixed division. Paige Wagner averages 216 in the stepladder finals to win the U18 Girls division. Keegen Gebhardt climbs the ladder to win the U18 Boys division. This first ever PBA JR regional event was held at Aarons Family Fun Center in Belton, MO.

U15 Mixed: Weems went six wins and only two loses in his match play round, increasing his sizable lead accumulated during qualifying. Weems had only three games under 170 going into the stepladder final match, where his 168 was enough to claim the victory over Preston Nicholson, earning Weems the title and 200 points in his SMART account. Nicholson had a five win-three loss match play record that earned him his fourth spot in the finals. Nicholson won the first match over third seed Jet Cosby and advanced to meet second seed Rhett Ryman in an exciting match that went down to the last frame. Nicholson earned 80 point for his SMART account.

U18 Girls: Wagner was steady both days. In the six qualifying games, Wagner had a low game of 167 and a high game of 194 to display very solid, consistent bowling. In the match play round, Wagner had identical stats of a low and high game, until the position round game of 224. The U18 Girls stepladder began with fourth seed Tallie Scott winning the match 189 to 170 over battle scarred Matlyn Warner that bowled amazing dealing with hand issues. Scott advanced to take on second seed Wagner. Scott bowled a strong, clean 193 game, but it was not enough to win against a Wagner 222. The final match found Wagner against PBA JR National Champion and number one seed Jillian Martin. Martin bowled amazing both days, averaging 201 on a very difficult 41-foot PBA Bear oil pattern. Martin averaged higher than any competitor in any division, but could not overcome the sizzling pace that Wagner was bowling. Martin finished with three strikes in the tenth frame for a 203 against a 210 for Wagner.

U18 Boys: Gebhardt outlasted the large field of competitors, despite some thumb issues. In match one Gebhardt found victory over Stanback 186 to 154. He advanced to face number two seed Andrus and was victorious with a 193 to 157. In the final match against number one seed Cook, Gebhardt found himself behind by three pins going into the ninth and tenth frames. A ninth frame six-seven-ten split for Cook opened the door for Gebhardt. He stayed clean the final two frames and that was enough to bring the championship to Gebhardt in a close 167 to 159 match.

The next PBA JR MW Region event is the PBA JR Bowlero Lakeville Regional in Lakeville, MN July 31 – August 1, 2021.

PBA JR Belton Midwest Regional
Aarons Family Fun Center, Belton, MO

U15 Mixed Final Standings:

  1. Jos Weems, Chicago, IL, 173.87 average, 200 SMART points.
  2. Preston Nicholson, Lees Summit, MO, 148.76 average, 80 SMART points.
  3. Rhett Ryman, Kansas City, KS, 155.60 average.
  4. Jett Cosby, Chanute, KS, 153.07 average.

U15 Mixed Stepladder Results:
Match One – Nicholson defeated Cosby, 164-146.
Semi-final Match – Nicholson defeated Ryman, 161-153.
Championship Match – Weems defeated Nicholson, 168-133.

U15 Mixed Final Match Play Standings (match play record and total pins after all games, including match play bonus pins)

  1. Weems, 6-2-0, 2,620
  2. Ryman, 4-4-0, 2301
  3. Cosby, 5-3-0, 2300
  4. Nicholson, 5-3-0, 2,221
  5. John-Michael Farthings, Austin, AR, 4-4-0, 2,208
  6. Anthony Dokolas, Olathe, KS, 2-6-0, 2,089
  7. Alexandria Beals, Gladstone, MO, 6-2-0, 2,058
  8. Jonas Tucker, Liberty, MO, 0-8-0, 732. Did not bowl match play.

U18 Girls Final Standings:

  1. Paige Wagner, Great Bend, KS, 190.75 average, 200 SMART points.
  2. Jillian Martin, Stow, OH, 201.00 average, 100 SMART points.
  3. Tallie Scott, Raymore, MO, 174.69 average.
  4. Matlyn Warner, Jones, OK, 184.40 average.

U18 Girls Stepladder Results:
Match One – Scott defeated Warner, 189-170.
Semi-final Match – Wagner defeated Scott, 222-193.
Championship Match – Wagner defeated Martin, 210-203.

U18 Girls Final Match Play Standings (match play record and total pins after all games, including match play bonus pins)

  1. Martin, 7-1-0, 3022
  2. Wagner, 6-2-0, 2800
  3. Warner, 5-3-0, 2746
  4. Scott, 5-3-0, 2,563Rachel Moore, 2-6-0, Keokuk, IA, 2,535
  5. Holly Bridges, Garden City, KS, 3-5-0, 2,521
  6. Michaela Beckmann, Cedar Rapids, IA, 2-6-0, 2,413
  7. Emily Merten, Omaha, NE, 2-6-0, 2,281

U18 Boys Final Standings:

  1. Keegen Gebhardt, Bennington, KS, 187.53 average, 250 SMART points.
  2. Caden Cook, St. Joseph, MO, 196.93 average, 140 SMART points.
  3. Garrett Andrus, Austin, TX, 198.40 average, 75 SMART points.
  4. Brody Stanback, Independence, MO, 183.67 average, 60 SMART points.

U18 Boys Stepladder Results:
Match One – Gebhardt defeated Stanback, 186-154.
Semi-final Match – Gebhardt defeated Andrus, 193-157.
Championship Match – Gebhardt defeated Cook, 167-159.

U18 Boys Final Match Play Standings (match play record and total pins after all games, including match play bonus pins)

  1. Gebhardt, 6-5-0, 3,278.
  2. n- Cook, 7-2-0, 3,164.
  3. Andrus, 6-3-0, 3,156.
  4. n-Stanback, 4-5-0, 2,875.
  5. William Renfro, Fayetteville, AR, 4-4-0, 2,630, 30 SMART points.
  6. Brayden Lee, Grand Island, NE, 4-4-0, 2,589, 26 SMART points.
  7. Eric Jones, Edmond, OK, 1-7-0, 2,576.
  8. Jakob Robertson, Oxford, MS, 3-5-0, 2,549.

n-designates non-PBA member

Note: A photo of the winner has been posted in PBA's Media Gallery