Defeats Anthony Simonsen in the championship match


Portland, Maine—Andrew Anderson out-struck 11 other PBA players to win the 2021 PBA Strike Derby presented by Pabst Blue Ribbon at Bayside Bowl, defeating Anthony Simonsen in the championship match. Anderson, the 2018 PBA Player of the Year, won in his PBA Strike Derby debut as Simonsen was the runner-up for the second straight year.

“I knew, against Simo, I would need to throw as many as I could,” said Anderson. “I knew he was going to get more shots off than me, so I had to make better shots. That’s all I could think about.”

Simonsen, the higher seed, chose to have Anderson bowl first. In two minutes, Anderson struck 11 times. Simonsen was unable to catch the total, striking nine times to finish second.

“My goal was to get 18 shots off every round,” said Anderson. “I did a couple practices and I could get to 20 shots, but they weren’t quality. Eighteen was the most I could get and still have enough good shots. I got some breaks along the way, but the energy from the crowd kept me going.”

In each round of the PBA Strike Derby, players were given two minutes to strike as many times as possible. After all 12 players had a turn in the qualifying round, the top six advanced to the match play bracket.

Anderson qualified as the No. 5 seed. He, along with four others, rolled nine strikes in the qualifying round, tying for fourth. Ties were broken first by longest string of strikes, then by fastest ball speed, leaving Kyle Troup, Anderson and Wes Malott inside the cut to the top six for match play. EJ Tackett and Sean Rash fell outside.

“I feel like this is my environment,” said Anderson. “When I grew up, I just rapid-fired shots. I tend to thrive in these types of situations. I love it.”

In head-to-head match play, Anderson put up 12 strikes to eliminate Troup, who managed five strikes. In the semifinals, Anderson defeated top seed Norm Duke, 8-4, to advance to the championship match with Simonsen.

“I just feel comfortable here,” said Anderson. “I bowl well in this building, my ball strikes quite a bit here and I threw a lot of messengers. I’m not really known for throwing a lot of pins around, but I felt like Troup and Simo a little bit today. It was awesome. What a fun time.”

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PBA Strike Derby Presented by Pabst Blue Ribbon Results

Bayside Bowl – Portland, Maine


  1. Norm Duke, 11
  2. Packy Hanrahan, 10 (5)
  3. Anthony Simonsen, 10 (4)
  4. Kyle Troup, 9 (4, 19.7 MPH)
  5. Andrew Anderson, 9 (4, 19.0 MPH)
  6. Wes Malott, 9 (4, 18.6 MPH)
  7. EJ Tackett, 9 (3)
  8. Sean Rash, 9 (2)
  9. Jesper Svensson, 8
  10. Tom Smallwood, 7
  11. Kris Prather, 7
  12. Marshall Kent, 6


Ties were broken first by longest string of strikes, then fastest single ball thrown during the round (in parentheses where applicable).

Match Play
No. 5 Andrew Anderson def. No. 4 Kyle Troup, 12-5
No. 3 Anthony Simonsen def. No. 6 Wes Malott, 10-6

No. 5 Andrew Anderson def. No. 1 Norm Duke, 8-4
No. 3 Anthony Simonsen def. No. 2 Packy Hanrahan, 10-6

Championship Match
No. 5 Andrew Anderson def. No. 3 Anthony Simonsen, 11-9

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