Jackson, Michigan – Terry Metzner is off to a hot start at the PBA60 Dick Weber Classic.

The Kentwood, Michigan native averaged 249.71 over his seven-game qualifying block on Tuesday to take a 4-pin lead over Robert P. Brown.

Metzner has bowled several state tournaments at JAX60 before but that was prior to the bowling center getting new lanes.

“I just stayed right up the back of my hand and let the ball work,” the 62-year-old said. “Tom Carter from Brunswick laid me out a Melee ball that worked fantastic.”

He used the Melee almost the entire day, including in his final game a 269, where he had a string of seven straight strikes. He credits the group of Super Seniors he was paired with for keeping him calm and focused.

“I was bowling with a great group of guys that relaxed me,” he said. “Dick Gran, Tom Carter, Walter Ray Williams Jr. and Jim Storts. They pushed me and I liked that.”

The 110-player field will bowl seven-games of qualifying starting at 8 a.m. Eastern on Wednesday. The top 32 will then advance and bowl six-games of match play round one starting at 3 p.m., exclusively on FloBowling.com.

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Top 10PBA60 Dick Weber Classic

  1. Terry Metzner                            1,748
  2. Robert P. Brown                        1,744
  3. Mark Williams                            1,684
  4. Dave Sill                                    1,674
  5. John Kirker Jr.                           1,668
  6. Bill Essman                               1,662
  7. Tom Baker                                 1,648
  8. Ron Mohr                                  1,644
  9. Gary Kammes                           1,643
  10. Tom Carter & Rick Woloszyn    1,642

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