Anderson, Indiana – Parker Bohn III is on a winning streak.

In the span of five days, the lefty won his fifth PBA50 title, another regional title and now he leads at the PBA50 Dave Small’s Championship Lanes Open. During his seven-game qualifying block on Sunday, Bohn shot 223, 245, 247, 245, 225, 225 and 247 for 1,657, a 236.71 average.

“I don’t know what is going on right now,” he said, “but whatever the Bohns have looking over them, I hope it continues to stay that way.”

While watching the A squad attack the lanes and seeing some players struggle, Bohn decided to keep his target in front of him. He used his Purple Hammer, while keeping his speed down and tempo in a good rhythm, to cruise to the top of the standings.

Tom Adcock led the A squad with 1,627. He leaped over Walter Ray Williams Jr. for the squad lead after rolling a 300 in game seven.

He credits his strong finish of 278, 230 and 300 with making a change to his 900 Global Zen.

“I made 12 good shots that last game and thank goodness I actually struck on them all,” he said. “The lanes came to me after I made the ball change and then I was off to the races.”

Adcock, who is 30-pins behind Bohn, took advice from Storm rep and fellow PBA50 bowler Mitch Beasley on where to play, plus watched what Norm Duke and Tim Mack were doing to manage the “tricky and definitely demanding” conditions. They are bowling on the Mike Aulby 38-foot oil pattern.

Qualifying rounds continue with seven more games Monday starting with the B squad at 8 a.m. Eastern. After the A squad finishes, the top 32 will advance to match play on Tuesday.

You can watch every game live exclusively on FloBowling.

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  1. Parker Bohn III                1,657
  2. Tom Adcock                     1,627
  3. Walter Ray Williams Jr.    1,563
  4. Amleto Monacelli             1,536
  5. Mitch Beasley                  1,497
  6. Lennie Boresch Jr.           1,491
  7. Keith Lesko                      1,480
  8. Steve Gagnon                  1,479
  9. Sammy Ventura               1,479
  10. Dale Csuhta                     1,478

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