Wyoming, Michigan - Winning on the PBA50 Tour is far from easy, just ask Parker Bohn III who is leading after two-days of qualifying at the PBA50 Spectrum Lanes Open.

The lefty posted an eight-game total of 1,900 on Tuesday with games of 289, 204, 205, 248, 260, 256, 227 and 211. Paired with his first block of 1,846, Bohn holds a 32-pin lead over last week’s PBA50 South Shore Open winner Eugene McCune. Bohn finished 4th at that tournament.

“A good finish last week, that breeds confidence,” Bohn said. “If I go out there and play my game everybody else, as far as I am concerned, will have a tough time catching me.”

Bohn, who last won a PBA50 title in 2017, was able to create some hold on the lanes and get the right reaction in the pocket using primarily his Brunswick Prism Hybrid and his Zenith Pearl when needed. The ball was coming off his hand clean resulting in flush strikes and even off hits that led to several five and six-baggers which propelled his scores.

When thinking about Wednesday’s 12-games of match play and the stepladder finals, Bohn wants to keep the good vision he has on the lanes and go one frame at a time.

“I want to go out there and give 12 quality shots,” the 58-year-old said. “Good luck to whoever is bowling me.”

After the B squad took to the lanes first and completed its second block of games on Tuesday, Pete Weber was atop the leaderboard, before landing in a tie for 6th with Mitch Beasley by the end of the day. Weber is seeking his 14th PBA50 title.

“I bowled a lot better than my score shows because I had seven or eight 9-pins and three 7-10’s in one game,” he said. “As long as I feel like I am throwing the ball good everything should go fine.”

With the field now cut to the top 32, they will bowl six-games of match play starting at 9 a.m. Eastern and six-more games beginning at 2 p.m. The top five bowlers will advance to the stepladder finals which will begin at 7 p.m. Watch every game exclusively on FloBowling.com.

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  1. Parker Bohn III       3,746
  2. Eugene McCune    3,714
  3. Bob Learn Jr.         3,706
  4. Dan Knowlton        3,696
  5. Kerry Painter         3,693
  6. Mitch Beasley        3,662
  7. Pete Weber           3,662
  8. Michael Calvin      3,627
  9. John Burkett          3,589
  10. Tom Hess              3,584

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