Fitchburg, Wis. – A.J. Johnson of Oswego, Ill., defeated Timothy Gruendler of St. Louis, Mo. in the championship match, 232-212, to win the PBA Ten Pin Alley Midwest Open at Ten Pin Alley on Saturday.

Johnson compiled a 4-2 match play record and a 12-game 2849 total pinfall, including bonus pins, to lead the tournament heading into the championship match. Gruendler had an opportunity to win his first PBA tournament with a strike in the 10th, but threw an errant shot which eliminated his chance of winning and secured the victory for Johnson.

Johnson earned $2,000 for the win, while adding a seventh overall PBA Regional Tour title to his career total. Gruendler, who had his best finish, earned $1,200 as the runner-up.

The PBA Midwest Region travels to Valley Park, Missouri for the PBA Bowlersmart Midwest Open on September 12.

Ten Pin Alley, Fitchburg, Wis., Saturday

Stepladder Results:
Match One – Heinzelman def. Staninger, 211-158
Semifinal Match – Gruendler, def. Heinzelman, 222-184
Championship Match – Johnson def. Gruendler, 232-212

Final Match Play Standings (after 12 games, including match play bonus pins)

  1. A J Johnson, Oswego, Ill., 4-2, 2,849, $2,000
  2. n-Timothy Gruendler, St. Louis, Mo., 4-2, 2,783, $1,200
  3. Matthew Staninger, Charlotte, N.C., 4-2, 2725, $1,000
  4. Jay Heinzelman, Evansville, Wis., 3-3, 2,695, $850
  5. Michael Schlabach, Goshen, Ind., 3-2-1, 2,691, $750
  6. Tom, Hess, Granger, Iowa., 3-3, 2,677, $650
  7. Brady Stearns, Saint Augusta, Minn., 3-2-1, 2,667, $600
  8. n-Chris Pounders, Sun Prairie, Wis., 2-3-1, 2,662, $590
  9. Victor Cortez, Waukegan, Ill., 2-4, 2,623, $580
  10. Liz Johnson, Palatine, Ill., 2-3-1, 2,615, $570
  11. Christopher Hill, Franklin, Wis., 2-4, 2,601, $560
  12. n-Corey Schmidt, Madison, Wis., 2-4, 2,597, $550.

n-designates non-PBA member

Note: A photo of the winner has been posted in PBA's Media Gallery.

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