Centreville, Va. – The Las Vegas High Rollers had luck on their side defeating the Dallas Strikers in a sudden-death roll-off on Tuesday’s PBA League divisional finals. Las Vegas will meet the defending champion Portland Lumberjacks in the Elias Cup finals on Wednesday at 7 p.m. ET on FS1.

Las Vegas, the No. 4 seeded expansion team in the Carter Division defeated the No. 2 seeded Dallas, 2-1. Las Vegas won the first game, 224-196, and lost the second, 217-225 to force the tie-breaker.

In the roll-off, Dallas’ Bill O’Neill and Las Vegas’ Francois Lavoie stepped up for their respective teams and both struck. Dallas’ player/manager Norm Duke selected rookie player Nick Pate next for his team who had the best ball reaction of the night. Despite throwing a good shot, Pate left a 7-pin, giving Las Vegas an opening. Andrew Anderson responded with a strike to advance his team to Elias Cup finals.

In the Anthony Division finals, the Portland Lumberjacks took down the other expansion team to advance, Brew City Ballers 2-0. Brew City had an early lead in game one, but Portland delivered in the second half, which led to a back and forth match up until the final frame. Brew City’s Sean Rash failed to strike in his second shot in the tenth frame which cost his team to lose by one pin, 247-246.

Portland easily won the second game, 233-192 and advances to the PBA League Elias Cup finals to defend their title on Wednesday at 7 p.m. ET on FS1.

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PBA League Elias Cup Quarterfinal Round Results

Anthony Division Quarterfinals Match 1

L.A. X def. NYC KingPins, 2-0 (246-224, 277-237)

L.A. X advances to semifinals against Portland Lumberjacks

Anthony Division Quarterfinals Match 2

Brew City Ballers def. Miami Waves, 2-1 (234-182, 219-234, 10-6)

Brew City Ballers advance to semifinals against Motown Muscle

Carter Division Quarterfinals Match 1

Phoenix Fury def. Silver Lake Atom Splitters, 2-1 (243-214, 212-216, 10-10, 10-9)

Phoenix Fury advances to semifinals against Dallas Strikers

Carter Division Quarterfinals Match 2

Las Vegas High Rollers def. Brooklyn Styles, 2-0 (243-214, 267-248)

Las Vegas advances to semifinals against Philadelphia Hitmen

PBA League Elias Cup Semifinal Round Results

Anthony Division Semifinals Match 1

Portland Lumberjacks def. L.A.X, 2-0 (227-174, 206-193)

Portland advances to Anthony Division finals

Anthony Division Semifinals Match 2

Brew City Ballers def. Motown Muscle, 2-1 (230-269, 235-227, 10-9)

Brew City advances to Anthony Division finals

Carter Division Semifinals Match 1

Dallas Strikers def. Phoenix Fury, 2-0 (267-188, 258-239)

Dallas advances to Carter Division finals

Carter Division Semifinals Match 2

Las Vegas High Rollers def. Philadelphia Hitmen, 2-0 (218-190, 248-182)

Las Vegas advances to Carter Division finals

PBA League Elias Cup Divisional Finals Results

Anthony Division Final

Portland Lumberjacks def. Brew City Ballers, 2-0 (247-246, 233-192)

Portland advances to Elias Cup finals

Carter Division Final

Las Vegas High Rollers def. Dallas Strikers, 2-1 (224-196, 217-225, 10-10, 10-9)

Las Vegas advances to Elias Cup finals

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