Grants Pass, Ore. – Joe Goldstein Sr. of S. San Francisco, Calif., defeated Wayne Garber of Modesto, Calif., 255-237, to win the PBA50 Caveman Bowl Northwest/West Open at Caveman Bowl on Sunday.

Goldstein climbed the stepladder defeating John Gould of Yuba City, Calif., 225-217, in the opening match and moved on to defeat Henry Dawson of Elma, Wash., 256-194, in the semifinal match.

Goldstein earned $1,300 for the win, which is his third title in PBA Northwest and West regional competition.

Garber earned $800 for second place, Dawson $700 for third, and Gould $600 for fourth.

PBA50 Caveman Bowl Northwest/West Region Open
Caveman Bowl, Grants Pass, Ore., Sunday

Final Standings:

  1. Joe Goldstein Sr., S. San Francisco, Calif., $1,300.
  2. Wayne Garber, Modesto, Calif., $800.
  3. Henry Dawson, Elma, Wash., $700.
  4. John Gould, Yuba City, Calif., $600.

Stepladder Results:
Match one – Goldstein def. Gould, 225-217
Semifinal Match – Goldstein def., Dawson, 256-194
Championship – Goldstein def. Garber, 255-237

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