PBA New Liberty Lanes Pensacola South Open

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Competition Dates

Friday, March 07, 2014 - Sunday, March 09, 2014


New Liberty Lanes
3200 N. Palafox St.
(850) 434-6441
Host:Scott Oertel

Oil Pattern

PBA Tour Badger

USBC Sport Certified


Tournament Results


Participant must be a USBC Member in good standing.
Payout Ratio
Entry Fee
Members: $220
Non-Members: $285 (money order, cashiers check or credit card only)
Entry Deadline
Online entries for members and non-members close at midnight on Monday, March 3.
After the deadline, entries must be made directly with the PBA South Region Manager.
Prize Fund
1st Place is projected to pay $4,000
16th Place is projected to pay $675
32nd Place is projected to pay $550
Final cash spot is guaranteed to pay a minimum of $400.

Friday, March 7
Practice Session: 3:30-5:30 p.m.(NEW TIME)
Pro-am: 6 and 8 p.m.(NEW TIMES)
Saturday, March 8
Roll call is 30 minutes prior to all squads.
A Squad: 9 a.m. – (eight games)
B Squad: 2:30 p.m. – (eight games)
Top 32 players advance (based on 120 entries or more).
Sunday, March 9
Bracket Match Play With Bye Rounds (based on 32 finalists)
Round 1 – Qualifiers 17-32 bowl (best-of-three games): 8 a.m.
Round 2 – Winners and Qualifiers 9-16 bowl (best-of-three games):10 a.m.
Round 3 – Winners and Qualifiers 1-8 bowl (best-of-three games): 12 p.m.(Noon)
Round 4 – Winners bowl (best-of-three games): 2 p.m.
Round 5 – Winners bowl (single-game): Immediately following
Round 6 – Winners bowl (single-game): Immediately following
Finals format will be adjusted accordingly with less than 120 entries.

Hotel Reservations

PBA Experience Win-A-Spot Vouchers will not be accepted for this event.


# Name Squad
1 Ashcraft, John B Squad
2 Baker, Stoney A Squad
3 Baskett, John P. B Squad
4 Bembaron, John A Squad
5 Billie, Dwayne B Squad
6 Bivens, Brandon B Squad
7 Bobbitt, Mike A Squad
8 Bohlman, Jerry B Squad
9 Bollhalter, Matt B Squad
10 Book, Todd A Squad
11 Bourgeois, Temple A Squad
12 Bradberry, Justin A Squad
13 Brown, Zack B Squad
14 Cantrell, Sam A Squad
15 Childree, Aaron A Squad
16 Christenson, Michael W. B Squad
17 Churchey, Tony A Squad
18 Clifford Jr., Charles E. B Squad
19 Coleman, Dale A Squad
20 Collins, Mo B Squad
21 Colosimo, Anthony A Squad
22 Contreras, Nick A Squad
23 Cooper, David A Squad
24 Cooper, Wayne A Squad
25 Creed, Chris (Scott) A Squad
26 D'Angiolillo, Jay A Squad
27 DeVore II, Michael A Squad
28 Dougherty, John III A Squad
29 Doyle, Kamron B Squad
30 Dwyer, Dwayne A Squad
31 Dwyer, Zachary B Squad
32 Eckroth, Adrian B Squad
33 Eiker, James B Squad
34 Fuselier, Dustin B Squad
35 Futral, Dale B Squad
36 Gannon Jr., Frank A Squad
37 Geary, Ryan A Squad
38 Gouveia, David B Squad
39 Han, Dave A Squad
40 Heck, Greg B Squad
41 Holley, Billy B Squad
42 Horsley, Richard B Squad
43 House, Stephen A Squad
44 Houser, Daniel A Squad
45 Howell, Russ B Squad
46 Krishnamoorthy, Vijay B Squad
47 Leo, Nick B Squad
48 Martin, Alex B Squad
49 Masden, Bill B Squad
50 McCleland, James A Squad
51 McCowin, Cody A Squad
52 McHaley, Michael A Squad
53 McLean, Chad A Squad
54 Meyers Jr., Alan B Squad
55 Milam, Jason A Squad
56 Milo II, Steve A Squad
57 Monks, Adam B Squad
58 Morris, Deric B Squad
59 Myers, Tony B Squad
60 Naumann, Shawn B Squad
61 Nesbitt, T.J B Squad
62 Newell, Scott A Squad
63 Newman, Wes B Squad
64 Nostrand, Glenn A Squad
65 O'Brien Carden, Seth B Squad
66 O'Bryant, Doug A Squad
67 O'Sullivan, David B Squad
68 Owen, Michael W. B Squad
69 Page, Rhino A Squad
70 Peavy, Charles A Squad
71 Pittman, Travis B Squad
72 Poe, Darrin B Squad
73 Polizzi, Chris A Squad
74 Prather, Kristopher B Squad
75 Rosengarten, David A Squad
76 Russell, Jonathan B Squad
77 Scheetz, Michael B Squad
78 Seals, Zachary B Squad
79 Sedman, Tim B Squad
80 Shinn, David A Squad
81 Solan, Ralph B Squad
82 Sorce, Tom B Squad
83 Sprouse Jr., Barry B Squad
84 Stone, Robert A Squad
85 Tarkington, Mark W. A Squad
86 Taylor, Matt A Squad
87 Thomas, Dennis A Squad
88 Troup, Kyle B Squad
89 Vanderhoef, Lee B Squad
90 Veitch, Justin A Squad
91 Washington, Christopher A Squad
92 Williams II, Mike B Squad
93 Williams Jr., Walter Ray A Squad
94 Williams, Ron A Squad
95 Woolard, Lindell A Squad