PBA Bowl-A-Vard Lanes Midwest Open (Reduced Entry Fees) Presented By Roto Grip

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Competition Dates

Saturday, May 03, 2014 - Sunday, May 04, 2014


Bowl-A-Vard Lanes
2121 E. Springs Dr.
Madison, WI 53704
(608) 244-7246
Host: Don Bussan

Oil Pattern

PBA Regional Tour Carmen Salvino

Regional Tour Carmen Salvino measures 40'. USBC Standard Certified.


Tournament Results


Participant must be a USBC Member in good standing.
Payout Ratio
Entry Fee
Members: $150
Non-Members: $200 (money order, cashiers check or credit card only)
Entry Deadline
Online entries for members and non-members close at midnight on Monday, April 28.
After the deadline, entries must be made directly with the PBA Midwest Region Manager.
Prize Fund
1st Place is projected to pay $2,000
16th Place is projected to pay $500
Final cash spot is guaranteed to pay a minimum of $300.

Saturday, May 3
Practice Session: 5-6:30 p.m.
Pro-am: 7 p.m.
Sunday, May 4
Roll call is 30 minutes prior to all squads.
A Squad: 9 a.m. – (seven games)
Top 16 players advance (based on 68 entries or more).
Sunday, May 4
Bracket Match Play (based on 16 finalists)
Round 1 – Qualifiers 1-16 bowl (best-of-three games): 1 p.m.
Round 2 – Winners bowl (best-of-three games): Immediately following
Round 3 – Winners bowl (single-game): Immediately following
Round 4 – Winners bowl (single-game): Immediately following
Finals format will be adjusted accordingly with less than 68 entries.

Hotel Reservations

A maximum of three (3) PBA Experience Win-A-Spot Vouchers will be accepted for this event. Confirmation will come from the regional manager. Unconfirmed entrants will be placed on standby.


# Name                       Squad
1 Anglin, Christian A Squad
2 Bannach, Bryan A Squad
3 Becher, Jason A Squad
4 Beres, David A Squad
5 Buss, Jesse A Squad
6 Cruikshank, Paul A Squad
7 Eggleston, Terrence A Squad
8 Erckfritz, Dennis A Squad
9 George, Eric A Squad
10 Gibson, Marcus A Squad
11 Gifford, Dan A Squad
12 Glaz, Christopher A Squad
13 Green, Zachary A Squad
14 Gutierrez, Christopher A Squad
15 Heilman, Nicholas J A Squad
16 Hill, Christopher A Squad
17 Holzbauer, Robert A. A Squad
18 Kabara, Ryan A Squad
19 Kammes, Gary A Squad
20 Kempf, Kenneth A Squad
21 Kessinger, Jon A Squad
22 Kick, Joey D. A Squad
23 Kjell, Todd A Squad
24 Kullman, Kevin M. A Squad
25 Marrs, Gerald A Squad
26 Michalowski, Nathan D A Squad
27 Miller, Anthony A Squad
28 Mills, Andy A Squad
29 Myers, Gail A Squad
30 Oliva, Tony A Squad
31 Potter, Rylie A Squad
32 Rogers, Thomas A Squad
33 Schalow, Jonathan A Squad
34 Schmal, Scott C. A Squad
35 Schmidt, Tim A Squad
36 Schultz, Dave A Squad
37 Scott, Zach A Squad
38 Seppa, Daniel J. A Squad
39 Shaw, Dave A Squad
40 Slavich, John A Squad
41 Soukup, Andrew A Squad
42 Stenger, Mark A Squad
43 Traber, Dale A Squad
44 Turner, Anthony A Squad
45 Valenta, Brian A Squad
46 Weber, Scott A Squad
47 Whitcomb, Jon A Squad
48 Yonan, Trevor A Squad