PBA Thunderbowl Over/Under 50 Midwest Doubles Classic

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Competition Dates

Friday, March 07, 2014 - Sunday, March 09, 2014


1900 Madison Avenue
Council Bluffs, IA 51503
(712) 328-2374
Host: Brenda Stevens


Tournament Results


Participant must be a USBC Member in good standing.
Payout Ratio
Entry Fee
Members: $155
Non-Members: $225 (money order, cashiers check or credit card only)
Entry Deadline
Online entries for members and non-members close at midnight on Monday, March 3.
After the deadline, entries must be made directly with the PBA Midwest Region Manager.
Prize Fund
1st Place Team is projected to pay $4,000
10th Place Team is projected to pay $1,200
Final cash spot is guaranteed to pay a minimum of $300 in each division.

Friday, March 7
Practice Session: 4-6 p.m.
Pro-am: 6:30 p.m.
Saturday, March 8
Roll call is 30 minutes prior to all squads.
A Squad: 1 p.m. – (eight games qualifying in the under 50 and over 50 divisions)
Pro-am: 6:30 p.m.
Top 10 players advance in each division (based on 40 entries in each division)
Players will be paired after qualifying.
Sunday, March 9
Round Robin Match Play: 9 a.m. – (10 games)
Top four teams advance to a stepladder roll-off.
Finals format will be adjusted accordingly with less than 40 entries.

Hotel Reservations
The hotel listed below is owned by our tournament hosts, Dean & Connie Ratliff. Please support our hosts by staying at this hotel.

Western Inn (located two blocks from the recently remodeled Thunderbowl Lanes)
1842 Madison Ave.
Council Bluffs, IA 51503
Rates: $69.00 flat rate
Bowlers must ask for the PBA rate when making reservations.

PBA Experience Win-A-Spot Vouchers will not be accepted for this event.


# Name                       Squad
1 Alumbaugh, Ian A Squad
2 Baxter, Timothy A Squad
3 Boresch, Jacob A Squad
4 Carter, Shawn A Squad
5 Carter, Tony A Squad
6 Claussen, Joshua A Squad
7 Cooley, Neil A Squad
8 Cornelius, Rick A Squad
9 Dentlinger, Dave T A Squad
10 Edwards, Wesley A Squad
11 Fitzgerel, Pete A Squad
12 Jasper, Jerry A Squad
13 LaCaze, Anthony A Squad
14 Mace, Corey A Squad
15 McCarthy, Erin A Squad
16 Miller, Rick A Squad
17 Perry, Dan A Squad
18 Points, Steve A Squad
19 Richards, Jason A Squad
20 Schmidt, Tim A Squad
21 Schwartz, Frank A Squad
22 Schwiesow, Cory A Squad
23 See, Carl D. A Squad
24 Shovan, Alan A Squad
25 Snell, Michael A Squad
26 Sullinger, Scott A Squad
27 Swanson, Sean A Squad
28 Tomsu, Matthew J. A Squad
29 Twomey, Chris A Squad
30 Weber, Scott A Squad
31 Williams, David A Squad
32 Wilson, Nate A Squad
# Name                       Squad
1 Addison, Tom A Squad
2 Axon, David A Squad
3 Baer, Ted A Squad
4 Birkentall, Don A Squad
5 Boresch, Lennie A Squad
6 Carlson, Joel W. A Squad
7 Cornelius, Mark A Squad
8 Da Moude, Dwyane A Squad
9 Duskin, Dan A Squad
10 Felberg, Dave A Squad
11 Fulford, Kerry A Squad
12 Goebel, Bryan A Squad
13 Hansen, Michael A Squad
14 Heath, Bob A Squad
15 Heim, Pete A Squad
16 Johnson, Jimmy J A Squad
17 Keas, Galen A Squad
18 Kelley, Thomas A Squad
19 King, Patrick A Squad
20 Koch, Ronald A Squad
21 Lampman, Keeno A Squad
22 Lindsey, Scott A Squad
23 Lineberry, Marc A Squad
24 Livingston, Gary A Squad
25 Mielens, Paul A Squad
26 Mineman, Mike A Squad
27 Moore, Jeff A Squad
28 Patton, Thomas A Squad
29 Peterson, Randy A Squad
30 Pirnie, Brian A Squad
31 Porter, Mark A Squad
32 Postel, Bruce A Squad
33 Richgels, Jeff A Squad
34 Rosen, Davey A Squad
35 Schmerbach, Dan A Squad
36 Shields, Greg A Squad
37 Smith, Sidney E. A Squad
38 Traber, Dale A Squad
39 Vostry, Kevin A Squad
40 Webb, Mike A Squad
41 Weber, Pete A Squad
42 Wilkinson, Rich A Squad