PBA/PBA50 Bowling Dynamix Houston Doubles Southwest Open, presented by Hammer

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Competition Dates

Friday, December 20, 2013 - Sunday, December 22, 2013


Emerald Bowl
9307 Boone Rd.
Houston, Texas

Oil Pattern

PBA Tour Carmen Salvino

USBC Sport Certified


Tournament Results


This will be a doubles tournament. Each team must have at least one player age 50 or over. Teams may be 2 members, 2 nonmembers, or one member, one nonmember.
Friday: Practice Session 2-4 p.m.
Sweeper: 4 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m.
Both members of all teams bowl 8 games qualifying.
Pro-am: 4 p.m.

Sunday: 9 a.m.
Top 12 teams will bowl 12 games round robin match play, (based on 36 teams). 50 bonus pins per game, (10 bonus pins each individual game, 30 bonus pins team game).

Estimated Prize Fund:
1st- $4000
1/3 teams cash


  # Name                       Squad
1 Anthony, David A Squad
2 Archer, D.J. A Squad
3 Atkinson, Corey A Squad
4 Austin, Michael A Squad
5 Bailey, Mike A Squad
6 Blackmer, Kevin A Squad
7 Blankenship, Don A Squad
8 Boroff, Ron A Squad
9 Boroff, Ryan A Squad
10 Copeland, Cole A Squad
11 Dedmon, Dennis A Squad
12 Dyer, William A Squad
13 Eagle, Dale A Squad
14 Findling, Joe A Squad
15 Fisher, Donnie A Squad
16 Gengelbach, Kurt A Squad
17 Gessner, Phil A Squad
18 Glover, Mark A Squad
19 Handegard, John A Squad
20 Haney, Bubba A Squad
21 Hibbitts, Chris A Squad
22 Inocencio, Daniel A Squad
23 Klann, Robert A Squad
24 Land, Clint A Squad
25 Lawrence, Rick A Squad
26 Lawrence, Robert A Squad
27 London, Mark A Squad
28 Maldonado, Shawn A Squad
29 Malott, Wes A Squad
30 Manthei, Eric A Squad
31 McCordic, Paul A Squad
32 McQueen, Clarence A Squad
33 Minier, Rick A Squad
34 Moore, C.K. A Squad
35 Norton, Ken A Squad
36 Patterson, Andy A Squad
37 Powell, Casey A Squad
38 Robinson, Donald R. A Squad
39 Rose, Frank A Squad
40 Scardaville, David A Squad
41 Thomas, C.J. A Squad
42 Traylor, Eric A Squad
43 Tynan, Kenny A Squad
44 Van Ostenbridge, Ron A Squad
45 VanPutten, Nathan A Squad
46 Watson, Chris A Squad
47 White, Lee A Squad
48 Williams, Derek D. A Squad
49 Williams, Mark A Squad
50 Wong, Philip A Squad
51 Woods, Derrick A Squad
52 Young, Thomas W. A Squad