PBA Break Point Alley Challenge (Non Champions Event) presented by Ebonite

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Competition Dates

Friday, February 07, 2014 - Sunday, February 09, 2014


Break Point Alley
1950 Classique Lane
Tavares, FL 32778
Host; Rich Kosto

Oil Pattern

PBA Tour Cheetah

USBC Sport Certified


Tournament Results


PBA Challenge events are open to PBA members who do not hold a PBA title and non-members who have never won a PBA event.

Payout Ratio
Entry Fee
Members: $220
Non-Members: $285 (money order, cashiers check or credit card only)
Entry Deadline
Online entries for members and non-members close at midnight on Monday, February 3.
After the deadline, entries must be made directly with the PBA South Region Manager.
Prize Fund
1st Place is projected to pay $2,000
16th Place is projected to pay $500
Final cash spot is guaranteed to pay a minimum of $400.

Friday, February 7
Practice Session: 2:30-4:30 p.m.
Pro-am: 5 and 7 p.m.
Saturday, February 8
Roll call is 30 minutes prior to all squads.
A Squad: 8:30 a.m. – (eight games)
B Squad: 2:00 p.m.(if needed) – (eight games)
Top 16 players advance (based on 64 entries or more).
Sunday, February 9
Bracket Match Play (based on 16 finalists)
Round 1 – Qualifiers 1-16 bowl (best-of-five games): 9 a.m.
Round 2 – Winners bowl (best-of-three games): Immediately following
Round 3 – Winners bowl (single-game): Immediately following
Round 4 – Winners bowl (single-game): Immediately following
Finals format will be adjusted accordingly with less than 64 entries.
Hotel Reservations

A maximum of three (3) PBA Experience Win-A-Spot Vouchers will be accepted for this event. Confirmation will come from the regional manager. Unconfirmed entrants will be placed on standby.


# Name Squad
1 Ayers III, William A Squad
2 Baskett, John P. A Squad
3 Bivens, Brandon A Squad
4 Bohlman, Jerry A Squad
5 Bradberry, Justin B Squad
6 Bragg, Jordan B Squad
7 Brande, Larry B Squad
8 Brown, Ricky B Squad
9 Caso, Anthony A Squad
10 Clark, David A Squad
11 Coe, Christopher A Squad
12 Coleman, Dale B Squad
13 Collins, Ryon B Squad
14 Colosimo, Anthony B Squad
15 Comardelle, Darren J A Squad
16 Corona, Mike A Squad
17 Crank, Troy B Squad
18 Creasey, Michael B Squad
19 D'Angiolillo, Jay B Squad
20 Decman, Mark B Squad
21 Duncan, Rodney A Squad
22 Eiker, James A Squad
23 Evans, Jacob A Squad
24 Faulkner Jr., Gary B Squad
25 Fitzgerald, Jason A Squad
26 Foote, Kenneth B Squad
27 Garrett, John B Squad
28 Greve, Scott A Squad
29 Hamilton, Michael A Squad
30 Han, Dave B Squad
31 Hardee, Christina A Squad
32 Hartzell, Steven B Squad
33 Herman, Jeffrey A Squad
34 Hess, Jay B Squad
35 Hoff, Sean A Squad
36 Holley, Billy A Squad
37 Hope III, Gordon B Squad
38 Hott, Brandon B Squad
39 Howell, Russ A Squad
40 Huffman, Adonus A Squad
41 Humble, Kevin A Squad
42 Jean, Jimmy B Squad
43 Johnston, Nick A Squad
44 Keane, Christopher A Squad
45 Keenan Jr., William E. A Squad
46 Kirk, Jason B Squad
47 Larcher, Andrew B Squad
48 Manarite, Joseph B Squad
49 Mandell, Justin B Squad
50 Masden, Bill A Squad
51 McCleland, James A Squad
52 McCowin, Cody B Squad
53 McCurry, Joseph B. A Squad
54 McLean, Chad B Squad
55 McMahon, Brian B Squad
56 Merrill, Mark A Squad
57 Michaelsen Sr., Don A Squad
58 Miller, James B Squad
59 Mills Jr., Robert A Squad
60 Monks, Adam A Squad
61 Mooney, Jeremy A Squad
62 Moskowitz, Mike B Squad
63 Mullis, Cody B Squad
64 Newman, Wes B Squad
65 Nostrand, Glenn B Squad
66 Owen, Michael W. A Squad
67 Palmiotto, Dan A Squad
68 Paxson, Kyle B Squad
69 Phillips III, Glenn A Squad
70 Platt, Leon B Squad
71 Plecha, Dale B Squad
72 Polizzi, Chris B Squad
73 Preston, Mike B Squad
74 Principato, Mike A Squad
75 Quinoa, Enrique A Squad
76 Riley, Sean B Squad
77 Roberts, Trevor B Squad
78 Rose, Chris B Squad
79 Russell, Jonathan A Squad
80 Sapone Jr., Leonard A Squad
81 Sapone, Brian A Squad
82 Schmidt, Trey A Squad
83 Seals, Zachary A Squad
84 Sedman, Tim A Squad
85 Shannon, Robert C. A Squad
86 Shequin, Michael B Squad
87 Shinn, David B Squad
88 Shirley, Daniel A Squad
89 Shumway, Mitchell B Squad
90 Simmons, William A Squad
91 Spoo, Christopher A Squad
92 Stone, Robert B Squad
93 Stouffer, David B Squad
94 Tarkington, Mark W. B Squad
95 Taylor, David B Squad
96 Velasco, Israel A Squad
97 Walters Jr., Bobby A Squad
98 Warren, Tony A Squad
99 Welch, William B Squad
100 Williams, Ron B Squad
101 Williams, Steven B Squad
102 Woolard, Lindell B Squad
103 Young, Greg A Squad
104 Zibrin, Joey B Squad