PBA Steve Cook's Fireside Lanes Capital City West/NW Open Presented by DV8 (Reduced entry Fee)

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Competition Dates

Friday, November 22, 2013 - Sunday, November 24, 2013


Fireside Lanes
7901 Auburn Blvd.
Citrus Heights, CA 95610
Phone: 916-725-2101
Host: Steve Cook, Jack Thomas and Bryan Williams

Oil Pattern



Tournament Results


Friday, November 22
Practice Session from 3:30-5:30 p.m.
Saturday, November 23
Roll call is 30 minutes prior to each squad
A squad: 8 a.m.(8 games)
B squad: 2 p.m.(8 games)
Pro-Am at 7 p.m.
Sunday, November 24
Round Robin Finals Top 12 Starting at 8:30 a.m.
Entry fee
Members: $175
Non-Members: $225 (credit card money order or cashiers check)
Entry Deadline
Online entries close at midnight Monday, November 18
After the deadline entries must be made directly with the PBA Northwest/West Regional Manager
Prize fund
1st place projected at $2,500
Last cash spot $300.00
Ratio: 1 in 4
Crowne Plaza Sacramento Northeast
5321 Date Avenue ▪ Sacramento, CA 95841
(916) 338-5800 ▪ Fax – (916) 334-2868 (Sales)
Group: Professional Bowlers Association

La Quinta Inn
4604 Madison Avenue
Sacramento, CA
(916) 348-0900
Group: Professional Bowlers Association


  # Name                       Squad
1 Amatori, Shawn A Squad
2 Ames, Kent A Squad
3 Arnold, Dave B Squad
4 Baldwin, Frank A Squad
5 Blalock, Byron A Squad
6 Blansette, Allen B Squad
7 Blatchford, Don A Squad
8 Brunkhorst, Brock B Squad
9 Bufkin, Brad B Squad
10 Cantrell, Sam A Squad
11 Chandler, Brandon A Squad
12 Cristofani, Michael A Squad
13 Croucher, Kevin A Squad
14 Davis, Steve B Squad
15 Dawson, Ty B Squad
16 Dayton, Dave A Squad
17 DiBenedetto, Leo B Squad
18 Duncan, Billy A Squad
19 Duplan, Nicholas A Squad
20 Edenstrom, Derren A Squad
21 Ellison, Nicole A Squad
22 Fenner, Van A Squad
23 Ferreira, Cris A Squad
24 Flynn, David B Squad
25 Flynn, Jason A Squad
26 Foley, Kevin A Squad
27 Francisco, Diz B Squad
28 Galli, Mike B Squad
29 Garcia, Aaron A Squad
30 Goldstein Jr., Joe A Squad
31 Goldstein Sr., Joe A Squad
32 Graf, Joe A Squad
33 Graff, Andrew B Squad
34 Gulman, Tom B Squad
35 Haddad, Rumzy B Squad
36 Haggerty, PJ A Squad
37 Hair, Michael A Squad
38 Hansel, Scott A Squad
39 Harlin, Kevin B Squad
40 Harmon, James B Squad
41 Harrison, Bubba A Squad
42 Haugen Jr., Michael B Squad
43 Haynes, David B Squad
44 Helmuth, Mal B Squad
45 Howard, Ray B Squad
46 Jackson, J.T. A Squad
47 Jenkins, Dave B Squad
48 Jones, Dennis B Squad
49 Kegyes, Jeff A Squad
50 Kleinman, Rich B Squad
51 Knickerbocker, Rick A Squad
52 Korff, Brent B Squad
53 Kraft, Chris B Squad
54 Laing, Keith B Squad
55 Landis, Joshua B Squad
56 Lee, Jamar L. A Squad
57 Leonard, Curtis B Squad
58 Long, Dan A Squad
59 Mamlok, Sean P B Squad
60 McCreary, Mark A Squad
61 Miller, Craig B Squad
62 Miner, Brian A Squad
63 Mora, Geoff A Squad
64 Morgan, Nick B Squad
65 Nakata, Caleb A Squad
66 Nichols, Bill A Squad
67 Pappas, George A Squad
68 Pawloski, Aaron B Squad
69 Porter, Robby A Squad
70 Powers, Steven B Squad
71 Pratt, Jim A Squad
72 Pullmann, Larry B Squad
73 Ramsdell, Tony A Squad
74 Riggins III, Rodney B Squad
75 Robinson, Don B Squad
76 Sasaki, Dan B Squad
77 Schroeder, Tom A Squad
78 Shirlock, Tim A Squad
79 Silva, Edward B Squad
80 Simonsen, Bryce A Squad
81 Singleton, Andrew B Squad
82 Smith, Nick B Squad
83 Sutherland, Don A Squad
84 Taum Thomas B Squad
85 Thompson Jr., Gregory B Squad
86 Thum, Bill A Squad
87 VanDaniker Jr., Eddie B Squad
88 Vazquez, Noel A Squad
89 Wagner, Kent B Squad
90 Wallace Jr., Cody B Squad
91 Warren, Chris A Squad
92 Warzinski, Kristin A Squad
93 Weaver, Curtis B Squad
94 West-Marin, Mikhail B Squad
95 White III, Clarence B Squad
96 Williams, Bryan L. A Squad
97 Wong, Raymond A Squad
98 Woods Jr., Curtis B Squad
99 Yee, Ivan B Squad