PBA Bowlerama Lanes Midwest Open

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Competition Dates

Friday, August 23, 2013 - Sunday, August 25, 2013


Bowlerama Lanes
1313 SE Diehl St
Des Moines, IA 50315
(515) 285-2811

Oil Pattern

PBA Tour Bear

USBC Sport Certified


Tournament Results


Three (3) PBA Experience Win-A-Spot Vouchers will be accepted for this event.
Win-A-Spot Vouchers must be received at least 14 days prior to the tournament.
The first three (3) entrants using Win-A-Spot Vouchers will receive confirmation from the appropriate PBA Regional Manager 14 days prior to the tournament.
All other “unconfirmed entrants” using Win-A-Spot Vouchers will be placed on standby.

Friday, August 23
Practice Session: 2-4 p.m.
Non-PBA Member Meeting: 4 p.m. (mandatory for all first-time participants)
Pro-Am Squads: 7 p.m.
Saturday, August 24
Roll call is 30 minutes prior to all squads
A squad: Noon (eight games)
Pro Am Squad: 7 p.m. (baker team)
Advance: Top 16 Based on 64 entries.
Saturday, August 25
Round Robin match play (12 games) 9 a.m.
Top 4 stepladder
Projected 1st Place: $2,500
Final cash spot is a minimum of $400.
Ratio: 1:3


# Name                   Squad starts at noon
1 Axon, David A Squad
2 Balta, Drew A Squad
3 Beres, David A Squad
4 Bohn, Parker A Squad
5 Breeden, Don J. A Squad
6 Calkins, Kenny A Squad
7 Dakin, Erik A Squad
8 Dant, James A Squad
9 Ellston, Dave A Squad
10 Ertz, Mike A Squad
11 Galbraith, Darin A Squad
12 George, Eric A Squad
13 Goebel, Bryan A Squad
14 Greene, Amanda A Squad
15 Gunn, Brian A Squad
16 Handrahan, Tony A Squad
17 Heninger, Marc A Squad
18 Hepp, Josh A Squad
19 Hess, Tom A Squad
20 Kiner, Derrick A Squad
21 Krol, David C A Squad
22 Laugerman, Jasmine A Squad
23 Mamer, Quentin A Squad
24 Marget, Dave A Squad
25 McMahon, Cord A Squad
26 Mesecher, Jason A Squad
27 Mesecher, Jon A Squad
28 Michalowski, Nathan D A Squad
29 Miller, Brad A Squad
30 Moore, Alan A Squad
31 Pajak, Chris A Squad
32 Parker, Chris A Squad
33 Peters, Jake A Squad
34 Poli, Jason A Squad
35 Renfrew, Ryan A Squad
36 Richardson, Larry D. A Squad
37 Riley, Shawn A Squad
38 Russell, Ronnie A Squad
39 Savoy, John A Squad
40 Schmidt, Tim A Squad
41 Smallwood, Tom A Squad
42 Snell, Michael A Squad
43 Taylor Jr., Roger A Squad
44 Taylor, Roger A Squad
45 Tomsu, Matthew J. A Squad
46 Weber, Pete A Squad
47 Yaw, Michael A Squad