PBA New Liberty Lanes Pensacola South Open(Webcast Live on Xtra Frame)

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Competition Dates

Friday, March 01, 2013 - Sunday, March 03, 2013


New Liberty Lanes
3200 N. Palafox St.
(850) 434-6441
Host:Scott Oertel & Bubba

Oil Pattern

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USBC Sport Certified


Tournament Results


RPI Points earned in this event lead to:
The PBA South Region Player’s Invitational (RPI) in Tavares, Fl.

2013 South Region Player’s Invitational Highlights
$26,500 Prize Fund (based on 48 entries)
$6,000 1st place + Free WSOB Entry
Champions advance to ESPN finals (taped at WSOB)
(ESPN Telecast Winner Receives 2014 TOC Berth)
(PBA Tour Champion Holding PBA Touring Status Moves to Top of TOC Eligibility List)
Live Xtra Frame Webcast
Pay Ratio: 1:2

(NEW) Pensacola Entire Event To Be Webcasted Live On Xtra Frame(NEW)
Special Youth Sweeper Jan. 13th, 2013 @1:00 p.m.
Also Call New Liberty Lanes for P.B.A. sweeper dates and times

Friday, March 1
Practice Session: 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
Pro ams: 2:00-5 p.m.-7 p.m.-9 p.m.
Saturday, March 2
Roll call is 30 minutes prior to all squads
A squad: 9 a.m. – (eight games)
B squad: 2:30 p.m. – (eight games)
Sunday, March 3
Match play begins at 9:00 a.m. with the round of 16 – (12 games Head to head matchplay)
Top 4 Stepladder finals to follow.
Entry Fee
Members: $220
Non-Members: $285 (money order, cashiers check or credit card only)
Note: Deadline for online entry is midnight of the Monday of the tournament.
Entries after that must go through the regional manager.
Prize Fund
1st Place projected at $5000
Final cash spot is a minimum of $400.
Ratio: 1:3
Hotel Info
Days Inn
710 North Palafox St.
Pensacola, FL 32501
(850) 438-4922
Singles...$62/Dbls...$65.00 mention PBA Liberty Lanes for rate


Dont see your name on the list? Call Sam (321)508-0291
Field Limited To 128 Call for stand-bye..

# Name Squad

1 Albert, Mike A Squad
2 Anderson, Blane A Squad
3 Baker, Tom A Squad
4 Barnes, Kyle A Squad
5 Basting, John B Squad
6 Bates, Jeremy A Squad
7 Baugher Jr, Robert B Squad
8 Bivens, Brandon B Squad
9 Bollhalter, Matt A Squad
10 Bosquez Jr., Thomas B Squad
11 Bourgeois, Temple B Squad
12 Bowlin, Johnathan Lee A Squad
13 Brooks IV, Hunter B Squad
14 Brown, A.S. A Squad
15 Brown, Zack B Squad
16 Campagna Jr., Tony A Squad
17 Christenson, Michael W. A Squad
18 Clark, Jeffrey B Squad
19 Clifford Jr., Charles E. A Squad
20 Coleman, Dale A Squad
21 Colosimo, Anthony A Squad
22 Comardelle, Darren J B Squad
23 Cooper, David B Squad
24 Cooper, Wayne B Squad
25 Cornog, Eric B Squad
26 Daugherty, Tom A Squad
27 DeVore II, Michael B Squad
28 DuPree, Dylan B Squad
29 Dwyer, Zachary B Squad
30 Eiker, James B Squad
31 Estep, Jeremy B Squad
32 Evans, Jeffrey A Squad
33 Felts Jr., Larry L. A Squad
34 Fox, Jeffrey A Squad
35 Futral, Dale B Squad
36 Geary, Ryan B Squad
37 Goodman, James A Squad
38 Han, Dave A Squad
39 Hawthorne, James B Squad
40 Heck, Greg A Squad
41 Hersey, Kirk F. B Squad
42 Hess, Jay A Squad
43 Holmes, Robert B Squad
44 Horsley, Richard B Squad
45 Horton, Ronnie B B Squad
46 House, Stephen B Squad
47 Humphreys, Shawn B Squad
48 Johnson, Chris A Squad
49 Kelly, Donovon B Squad
50 Kunze, Dan A Squad
51 Langton, Richard N B Squad
52 LaRue, Ricky A Squad
53 Lee, Jacob B Squad
54 Madison, Greggory A Squad
55 Madison, Jeff A Squad
56 Mahr, Jason B Squad
57 Marcus, Jerry R. A Squad
58 Martin, Richard A Squad
59 Masden, Bill B Squad
60 McHaley, Michael B Squad
61 McMillion, Linsley B Squad
62 McNeal, Lamar B Squad
63 McSwain, Christopher A Squad
64 Mersch, Jeffrey A Squad
65 Michalek, David A Squad
66 Milam, Jason B Squad
67 Milo, Steve B Squad
68 Mohan, Gary B Squad
69 Monks, Adam A Squad
70 Mooney, Jeremy B Squad
71 Moore III, B.J. A Squad
72 Morgan, Gary B Squad
73 Morris, Deric B Squad
74 Mullis, Cody A Squad
75 Myers, Tony A Squad
76 Naumann, Shawn A Squad
77 Newell, Scott A Squad
78 Newman, Wesley B Squad
79 Nguyen, Gang A Squad
80 Nolan, Norman A Squad
81 O'Bryant, Doug A Squad
82 O'Sullivan, David A Squad
83 Owen, Michael W. B Squad
84 Peak Sr., Johnie E. A Squad
85 Pepe, Anthony B Squad
86 Peral, Ricky A Squad
87 Pickford, Connor B Squad
88 Pittman, Travis A Squad
89 Polizzi, Chris B Squad
90 Preston, Mike B Squad
91 Price, Jim A Squad
92 Rainey, Kelly B Squad
93 Ramos, Erik B Squad
94 Rathjen, R. Lee A Squad
95 Reck, Robert A Squad
96 Reich, Ed A Squad
97 Rose, Chris A Squad
98 Rosengarten, David B Squad
99 Russell, Jonathan B Squad
100 Schmidt, Chris B Squad
101 Schmidt, Trey B Squad
102 Schrum, Jeff A Squad
103 Sedman, Tim B Squad
104 Shequin, Michael B Squad
105 Shinn, David A Squad
106 Shumway, Mitchell A Squad
107 Sill, Dave B Squad
108 Sterner, Jason B Squad
109 Stouffer, David A Squad
110 Taylor, David A Squad
111 Tornow, Tom A Squad
112 Troup, Guppy A Squad
113 Troup, Kyle A Squad
114 Ulrich Sr., Tony B Squad
115 Ulrich, Tony B Squad
116 Vanderhoef, Lee A Squad
117 Vannoy, Bill B Squad
118 Walker, Eric B Squad
119 Weiss, Randy M. A Squad
120 Welch, Chris A Squad
121 Welch, Michael A Squad
122 West, Jon A Squad
123 Williams II, Mike A Squad
124 Williams Jr., Walter Ray B Squad
125 Withers II, Charles B Squad
126 Woods, Dylan B Squad
127 Woolard, Lindell A Squad
128 Young, Greg B Squad

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