PBA Regional Players Championship East

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Competition Dates

Friday, May 25, 2012 - Sunday, May 27, 2012


Columbus Western Bowl
500 Georgesville Road
Columbus, OH 43228
(614) 274-1169
Host: Mr. Mike Irwin, PBA Member Brian Kretzer & Alex Talos

Oil Pattern

PBA World Championship

USBC Sport Certified, Length 41’


Tournament Results


Regional Players Championship Announcement

Columbus Western Bowl
500 Georgesville Road
Columbus, OH 43228
(614) 274-1169
Host: Mr. Mike Irwin, PBA Member Brian Kretzer & Alex Talos

Maximum Field Size
The field is limited to 100 players.

The Regional Players Championship East is open to any PBA member who is not in the top 32 on the 2011-2012 PBA Tour Point List.

Cash Ratio
The RPC tournament cash ratio is 1:3, regardless of the field size. The last cash spot is guaranteed to pay a minimum of $600. Players advancing past the cashers round are guaranteed a minimum of $800 based on a minimum of 80 entries. First place will be set at $6,000 once entries reach 80.

Points will be awarded at 1 ½ times their standard value.

RPC Entry Fee
The entry fee is $295.

Send RPC East entries to PBA Central Region Manager Bobby Jakel: P.O. Box 88, Lockport, IL 60441. Please use the regular PBA entry form. For on-line entries, please visit the PBA “All Region” on-line registration section. Members may sign up on-line until midnight, May 21st. After deadline, entries must go through regional manager.

Prize Fund: (based on 200 entries)
1st Place: $6,000.
2nd Place: $3,500.
3rd Place: $2,500.
4th Place: $2,000 .
5th-8th Place: $1,500 (each).
9th-16th Place: $1,150 (each).
17th-32nd Place: $850 (each).
Remaining cashers: Upper Cashers: $650 (each)
Lower Cashers: $600 (each)
Special senior checks will not be offered at the RPC. There are two PBA senior events scheduled in Hoffman Estates.

Tournament Schedule:
Friday, May 25
A Squad Practice Session: 2:00-4:00 p.m.
Pro-Am squad: 7:00 p.m.
NOTE: PBA Champions must make themselves available for Pro-Am!

Saturday, May 26
A Squad bowls eight games of qualifying at 12 p.m.

Top 1/3 of field advances (all pins carry over)

Sunday, May 27
All cashers bowl four games beginning at 9:00 a.m.
The top 32 players advance based on a minimum of 170 entries. (all pins carry over)

The top 32 players bowl two games beginning at 11:00 a.m.
The top 16 players advance. (all pins carry over)

The top 16¬ players bowl two games beginning at Noon
The top eight players advance. (all pins carry over)

The top eight players bowl two games beginning at 1:00 p.m.
The top four players advance. (all pins carry over)

The top four players bowl one game beginning at 2:00 p.m.
This is the final game. (all pins carry over)
The champion will be crowned based on total pins knocked down for the entire tournament.

Format Notes
Based on 140-169 entries, the top 24 will advance from the cashers round. The field will continue to be cut in half in the subsequent rounds.

Based on 110-139 entries, the top 20 will advance from the cashers round. The field will continue to be cut in half in subsequent rounds.

Based on 80-109 entries, the top 16 will advance from the cashers round. The field will continue to be cut in half in subsequent rounds.

Pro Shop Information
Champions Pro Shop I
Inside Wayne Webb’s Columbus Bowl (10 minutes from Columbus Western Bowl)
3224 S. High Street
Columbus, OH 43207
(614) 340-1622

Hotel Information
Best Western (Columbus Location #3)
133 Evans Way Court
Columbus, OH 43228
(614) 870-2378
$65/night plus tax


Friday, May 25th
Practice Session (All Bowlers): 2:00-4:00 p.m.
Pro Am: 7:00p.m.
Saturday, May 26th
A Squad bowls 8 games at 12 p.m.
# Name Squad

1 Augustin, Fred A Squad
2 Baker, Dustin A Squad
3 Beasley, Mitch A Squad
4 Bellavia Jr., Frank A Squad
5 Benner, Jason A Squad
6 Berry, Joshua A Squad
7 Bigelow, Kyle A Squad
8 Blackmore, Christopher A Squad
9 Book, Todd A Squad
10 Bower, Johnathan A Squad
11 Brantley, Mason A Squad
12 Buss, Jesse A Squad
13 Campbell, Ed A Squad
14 Carter, Ed A Squad
15 Chambers, Carleton A Squad
16 Cimba, Michael L. A Squad
17 Daher, Abed A Squad
18 Davis, Ben A Squad
19 Dombrowski, Patrick A Squad
20 Eubanks, Andre A Squad
21 Florie Jr, Victor A Squad
22 Furey, John A Squad
23 Fusik III, Robert A Squad
24 Glandon, Mark A Squad
25 Gollick, Tommy A Squad
26 Goodman, James A Squad
27 Gossman, Mike A Squad
28 Graham, Eddie A Squad
29 Graham, Rick A Squad
30 Haas, Stephen J. A Squad
31 Hatcher, Brian J. A Squad
32 Heller Jr., Mark L. A Squad
33 Himmler, Brian A Squad
34 Hinderer, Brandon A Squad
35 Hostetler, Joseph A Squad
36 Johnson, Tony A Squad
37 Kalfas, Riga A Squad
38 Kokenos, Nick A Squad
39 LaCaze, Anthony A Squad
40 Laffey, Jack A Squad
41 LeClair, Brian A Squad
42 LeMond, Craig A Squad
43 LeMond, Paul A Squad
44 Lidke, Nathan A Squad
45 Llaneza, Michael A Squad
46 Lundquist, Jason A Squad
47 Mays, Chris A A Squad
48 Merritt-Foster, Gradie A Squad
49 Monks, Adam A Squad
50 Moore, Anthony A Squad
51 Morris, Deric A Squad
52 Mulneix, Fred A Squad
53 Novak, Brandon A Squad
54 O'Grady, Matthew A Squad
55 Ogden, Jimmy A Squad
56 Ostrander, Greg A Squad
57 Paluszek, Joe A Squad
58 Popham, Gregory A Squad
59 Pratt, Jim A Squad
60 Profitt, Ron A Squad
61 Rand, Thad A Squad
62 Robinson, Brian A Squad
63 Rogers, Steve A Squad
64 Satkowski, BJ A Squad
65 Schaden Jr., Dan A Squad
66 Shinn, David A Squad
67 Sims, Steven L. A Squad
68 Smith, Jeffrey A Squad
69 Sorce, Tom A Squad
70 Sova Jr., Walter H. A Squad
71 Spangler, Brett A Squad
72 Stadtler, Jason A Squad
73 Steil, Michael A Squad
74 Sterner, Jason A Squad
75 Szczerbinski, John A Squad
76 Taylor, Matt A Squad
77 Taylor, Steven A Squad
78 Thomas II, Marland A Squad
79 Thomsen, Rusty A Squad
80 Thornton, Matthew A Squad
81 Tomek Jr., Jim A Squad
82 Troup, Kyle A Squad
83 Vanderhoef, Lee A Squad
84 Vannoy, Bill A Squad
85 Verble, Larry A Squad
86 Voght, Jeffrey D A Squad
87 Wade, Jeremiah A Squad
88 Wade, Robert A Squad
89 Wall III, Thomas A Squad
90 Wiley, Terry A Squad
91 Williams II, Mike A Squad
92 Williams, Aaron A Squad
93 Zaffino, Jeff A Squad
94 Zakrajsek, Rick A Squad
95 Zwiezinski, Gary A Squad
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