PBA Tri-Regional Sands Regency Open Presented by Hammer

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Competition Dates

Friday, December 07, 2012 - Sunday, December 09, 2012


National Bowling Stadium
300 N Center St
Reno, NV 89501
Phone: 800-304-2695
Host: Bob Thomas


Tournament Results


RPI Points earned in this event lead to:
The PBA West/Northwest Region Player’s Invitational (RPI) in Reno, NV

2013 West/Northwest Region Player’s Invitational Highlights
$26,500 Prize Fund (based on 48 entries)
$6,000 1st place + Free WSOB Entry
Champions advance to ESPN finals (taped at WSOB)
(ESPN Telecast Winner Receives 2014 TOC Berth)
(PBA Tour Champion Holding PBA Touring Status Moves to Top of TOC Eligibility List)
Live Xtra Frame Webcast
Pay Ratio: 1:2

Friday, December 7
Pacatice Session 3-5 p.m.
Saturday, December 8
Roll call is 30 minutes prior to squad
All bowlers bowl two six game blocks
A Squad: 9 a.m.- 1st six game block
2 p.m.- 2nd six game block
Sunday, December 9
Match play begins at 9 a.m. with round of 16
Entry fee
Members: $220
Non-Members: $285.00 (money order or cashiers check only)
Prize fund
1st place projected at $2,000
Ratio: 1 in 3
Hotel Information
Sands Regency Hotel Room rates Thursday $19.00 Friday & Saturday $35.00 Tell them your with PBA


  # Name                       Squad
1 Allen III, Don A Squad
2 Arnold, Dave A Squad
3 Beckner, Bradley A Squad
4 Bell, Rick A Squad
5 Bell, William A Squad
6 Bollinger, Dean A Squad
7 Bourgon, Dave A Squad
8 Brown, Steven A Squad
9 Bufkin, Brad A Squad
10 Buschbacher, Matt A Squad
11 Carpenter, Scott A Squad
12 Chandler, Brandon A Squad
13 Danielson, Mike A Squad
14 Dayton, Dave A Squad
15 DiBenedetto, Leo A Squad
16 Eubanks, Andre A Squad
17 Fernandez, Rob A Squad
18 Ferreira, Cris A Squad
19 Foley Jr., Patrick A Squad
20 Forkel, Eric M. A Squad
21 Frankos, Jeff A Squad
22 Gallagher, Kevin A Squad
23 Garber, Wayne A Squad
24 Garber, Will A Squad
25 Graff, Andrew A Squad
26 Grant, Dustin A Squad
27 Gregory, Derek A Squad
28 Groom, Chris A Squad
29 Haggerty, PJ A Squad
30 Harlin, Kevin A Squad
31 Haynes, David A Squad
32 Heath, Sean D A Squad
33 Husted, Corey A Squad
34 Jackson, J.T. A Squad
35 Laing, Keith A Squad
36 Laughlin, Ben A Squad
37 Liu, Liwei A Squad
38 Mamlok, Sean P A Squad
39 McGill, Matt A Squad
40 McGinnis, John A Squad
41 Miller, Robert A Squad
42 Murth, John A Squad
43 Nakata, Caleb A Squad
44 Peters, Jason A Squad
45 Pullmann, Larry A Squad
46 Scarboro, Cecil A Squad
47 Schroeder, Tom A Squad
48 Sherman, Dustin A Squad
49 Teeters, Tracy A A Squad
50 Thompson Jr., Gregory A Squad
51 Tillson, Chuck A Squad
52 Uyehara, Chad A Squad
53 Walden, Edward A Squad
54 Warren, Chris A Squad
55 Weninger, Blaine A Squad
56 White III, Clarence A Squad
57 Williams, Bryan L. A Squad
58 Wodka, Dave A Squad
59 Yee, Ivan A Squad