All Regions SouthPoint Open

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Competition Dates

Friday, November 11, 2011 - Saturday, November 12, 2011


South Point Bowling Center
9777 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV, 89183
Phone: 702-797-8080
Host: Mike Monyak Manager

Oil Pattern

PBA Tour Carmen Salvino

USBC Sport Certified


Tournament Results


Thursday November 10
Practice Session 3-5 p.m.
Friday,November 11
Roll call is 30 minutes prior to squad
A squad bowls eight games at 8 a.m.
B Squad bowls eight games at 1:30 p.m.
1/3 cashes top 16 to finals
Saturday,November 12
Match play begins at 8 a.m.
Entry fee
Members: $220.00
Non-Members: $285.00 ( credit card money order or cashiers check)
The All Region South Point Open is a regional tournament, which is also serving as the TQR Round for the PBA Tour Carmen Salvino Classic. There are 15 spots available in the Carmen Salvino Classic for non-exempt bowlers. Bowlers who participate in the World Series of Bowling and the PBA Regional will receive a free TQR entry. Bowlers who are participating in the regional tournament, but not the WSOB, have the option to bowl for a spot in the Carmen Salvino Classic by paying an additional $150 TQR entry fee.
Carmen Salvino Classic:
To bowl in the Carmen Salvino Classic, you must also enter the All Region South Point Open ($220 for PBA members and $285 for non-members).
If you are not entered in the other WSOB tournaments listed above, you must also pay the $150 TQR entry fee.
(The fee for the All Region South Point Open will be added to your cart automatically.
Prize fund
1st place projected at $2,500
Ratio: 1 in 3

Hotel Information


  # Name                       Squad
1 Abdullah, Fawaz A Squad
2 Agerbo, Jesper B Squad
3 Al Swawoosh, Mohammed A Squad
4 Andersin, Erik B Squad
5 Anderson, Adrian B Squad
6 Armstrong Jr., Mike B Squad
7 Arup, Mathias B Squad
8 Assad, Mahd A Squad
9 Auerbach, Craig A Squad
10 Barnes, Chris S. A Squad
11 Barrett, Dom B Squad
12 Beasley, Mitch A Squad
13 Berkel, Patrick B Squad
14 Blanchard, Josh A Squad
15 Bland Jr., Kenneth A Squad
16 Brandon, Jon A Squad
17 Burke, Andrew B Squad
18 Buss, Jesse A Squad
19 Cain, Andrew B Squad
20 Campagna Jr., Tony B Squad
21 Carter, David B Squad
22 Celmer, Travis B Squad
23 Cha, Ji-Hyun B Squad
24 Charleton, Dave A Squad
25 Ciardulli Jr., Michael A Squad
26 Cook, Steve A Squad
27 Croucher, Kevin A Squad
28 Cundiff, Chris B Squad
29 DeVaney, Mike A Squad
30 Dombrowski, Patrick B Squad
31 Dommer, Keith A Squad
32 Duran, Gary B Squad
33 Eddy III, Ray A Squad
34 Edwards, Mike B Squad
35 Eklund, Dennis B Squad
36 Eubanks, Andre A Squad
37 Falah, Yousif A Squad
38 Fenner, Van B Squad
39 Floria, Vayle A Squad
40 Foley, Kevin B Squad
41 Furey, John A Squad
42 Gallagher, Kevin B Squad
43 Garber, Wayne A Squad
44 Gilbert Jr., Darrell B Squad
45 Gilbert, Tony L. A Squad
46 Girard, Patrick B Squad
47 Godizano, CJ B Squad
48 Goldstein Sr., Joe B Squad
49 Gollick, Tommy A Squad
50 Gomez, Paola B Squad
51 Gonzalez, Jaime B Squad
52 Graham, Eddie A Squad
53 Grihm, Sam T. B Squad
54 Gu, Yong-Jin A Squad
55 Guccione, Frank B Squad
56 Guerrero, Clara A Squad
57 Guszczo, William B Squad
58 Haggerty, PJ B Squad
59 Hale, Marvin J. B Squad
60 Harrison, Lyndon Bubba B Squad
61 Hayden, Chris A Squad
62 Haynes, David A Squad
63 Hill Jr., Harold B Squad
64 Hofmann, Carey Lee B Squad
65 Hoodiman Jr., James B Squad
66 Horan Jr., Dennis B Squad
67 Horan, Jim B Squad
68 Horsley, Richard A Squad
69 Hostetler, Joseph A Squad
70 Ito, Glenn B Squad
71 Jackson, J.T. (Action) B Squad
72 James, Adam B Squad
73 Jimeno Jr., P. A Squad
74 Jones, Tommy A Squad
75 Kim, Hyun Bum A Squad
76 King, Kyle A Squad
77 Kretzer, Brian L B Squad
78 Krushas, Jay B Squad
79 Labayan, Carl A Squad
80 LaCaze, Anthony A Squad
81 Lach, Dean B Squad
82 Larsen, Martin A Squad
83 Larsen, Thomas A Squad
84 Lawrence, Robert A Squad
85 Ledesma, Raymond B Squad
86 Lomotan, Frank D A Squad
87 Lou, Brenden B Squad
88 Lusche, Chad A Squad
89 Machuga, Michael B Squad
90 Mathews, Brandon A Squad
91 McBride, Joshua A Squad
92 McBride, Robert A Squad
93 Medina, Antonio B Squad
94 Miller, Courtney B Squad
95 Miller, Jason A Squad
96 Miyamoto, Daniel T. B Squad
97 Mizo, Jarrett B Squad
98 Mojado, Alan B Squad
99 Monks, Adam A Squad
100 Monroy, Jaime B Squad
101 Moor, Paul B Squad
102 Mortensen, Andy B Squad
103 Mortensen, Jimmy Dan A Squad
104 Moser, Don B Squad
105 Nakagawa, Glen A Squad
106 Newell, Scott A Squad
107 Nolen, John A Squad
108 Normandin, Kasey A Squad
109 O'Grady, Matthew A Squad
110 O'Neill, Bill A Squad
111 Otalora, Manuel A Squad
112 Palermaa, Toni B Squad
113 Paluszek, Joe A Squad
114 Park, Jong Soo B Squad
115 Park, Kyung-Shin B Squad
116 Pasternack, Frank A Squad
117 Paulsson, Martin B Squad
118 Peters, Jake B Squad
119 Pickford, Connor B Squad
120 Pilon, Kurt A Squad
121 Piroozshad, Robert B Squad
122 Robinson, Brian A Squad
123 Rodriguez Jr., Tony A Squad
124 Rogers, Billy A Squad
125 Ruiz, Ildemaro A Squad
126 Saberi, Masoud A Squad
127 Santos, Anthony B Squad
128 Schissler, Ricky B. A Squad
129 Sherman, Mason A Squad
130 Smith, Bryon L. B Squad
131 Smith, Rickey A Squad
132 Smith, Steven J. B Squad
133 Soper, Jonden A Squad
134 Spangler, Brett A Squad
135 Stephens, Larry B Squad
136 Sterner, Jason B Squad
137 Szczerbinski, John B Squad
138 Tabor, Mathew K A Squad
139 Taqi, Hameed A Squad
140 Thomas, Travis A Squad
141 Thompson Jr., Gregory B Squad
142 Thornton, Matthew B Squad
143 Tillson, Chuck B Squad
144 Tonteri, Juhani A Squad
145 Toyne, Jeff A Squad
146 Ursillo, Tim B Squad
147 VanDaniker Jr., Eddie A Squad
148 Vanderhoef, Lee B Squad
149 Vazquez, Humberto B Squad
150 Villanueva, Steven B Squad
151 Warren, Chris A Squad
152 Wells, Will A Squad
153 Wheeler Jr., Larry B Squad
154 Williams, Bryan L. A Squad
155 Williams, Stuart B Squad
156 Wodka, Dave A Squad
157 Wolfe, Mike A Squad
158 Yee, Ivan B Squad