PBA South Region Fayetteville, NC Open

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Competition Dates

Friday, July 22, 2011 - Sunday, July 24, 2011


LaFayette Lanes
3313 Raeford Rd.
Fayettevile, NC 28302
Hosts: The Hall Family

Oil Pattern

PBA Tour Cheetah

USBC Sport Certified


Tournament Results


Friday, July 22
Practice Session: 3-4:30 p.m.
Pro Ams: 5, 7, & 9 p.m.
Saturday, July 23
Roll call is 30 minutes prior to all squads
A Squad: 9 a.m.(NEW TIME)
B Squad: 2 p.m.
Sunday, July 24
Finals: 8 a.m.
Round Robin Match Play
Entry Fee
Members: $220
Non-Members: $285 (money order or credit card only)
Prize Fund
1st place projected: $2,500
Ratio: 1 in 3


# Name Squad
1 Allen, Dick B Squad
2 Arcaro, Chris B Squad
3 Arehart, Steven B Squad
4 Baker, Stoney B Squad
5 Baker, Tom B Squad
6 Beeson, Richard B Squad
7 Belau, Rob B Squad
8 Bleggi, David B Squad
9 Bobbitt, Mike B Squad
10 Bolin, Wayne B Squad
11 Bowlin, Johnathan Lee A Squad
12 Brown, Eric B Squad
13 Campbell, Donald B Squad
14 Carreon, Darryl A Squad
15 Chambliss, Josh B Squad
16 Childress, Freddie R. A Squad
17 Chmura, Richard B Squad
18 Clark, Shane M. A Squad
19 Collins, Chip B Squad
20 Croinex, Neil P B Squad
21 Cruz, Jonathan B Squad
22 Cutter, Ed B Squad
23 Dodd, Gary B Squad
24 Foucher, D.J. A Squad
25 Fuller, Jr., Robert A Squad
26 Gallo Jr., Frank B Squad
27 Glockner, Julius A Squad
28 Hall, Crystal A Squad
29 Hamilton, Daniel S. A Squad
30 Holloman, Jason B Squad
31 Holmes Jr., Richard B Squad
32 Horsley, Richard B Squad
33 Horton, Ronnie B A Squad
34 Hungate, David A Squad
35 Jeffreys Jr., Greg B Squad
36 Langford, Mark B Squad
37 Lickliter, Steve B Squad
38 Lord, James A Squad
39 Lowery, Jason B Squad
40 McCandless, Cathy B Squad
41 McDonnell, Mike A Squad
42 Miller, Adam A Squad
43 Miller, Courtney B Squad
44 Miller, Josh A Squad
45 Miller,Martrell A Squad
46 Monks, Adam B Squad
47 Moore III, B.J. A Squad
48 Moore, Mike A Squad
49 Morgan, Gary A Squad
50 Morris, Deric A Squad
51 Morrison, Gene A Squad
52 Ness, Jack B Squad
53 Newberry, Jonathan A Squad
54 Newberry, Kevin A Squad
55 Newell, Scott A Squad
56 Pittman, Joshua B Squad
57 Platt, Leon B Squad
58 Postell, Chris A Squad
59 Price, Jim A Squad
60 Quick, Corey A Squad
61 Roberts, Kip D. A Squad
62 Russell Jr., Frank A Squad
63 Shinn, David B Squad
64 Shumway, Mitchell A Squad
65 Sorce, Tom B Squad
66 Sprouse, Barry B Squad
67 Stanley II, Clifford B Squad
68 Tapia, Javier A Squad
69 Taylor, Matt A Squad
70 Thomas, Travis B Squad
71 Tornow, Tom B Squad
72 Toyne, Jeff A Squad
73 Troche, Justin B Squad
74 Troup, Guppy B Squad
75 Troup, Kyle B Squad
76 Vannoy, Bill A Squad
77 Wall III, Thomas A Squad
78 Wall, Michael A Squad
79 Weiss, Randy M. B Squad
80 Wiggins, Kelvin A Squad
81 Williams II, Mike B Squad
82 Wilson, Todd B Squad
83 Withers II, Charles A Squad