PBA Northwest/West Regions Westy's Garden Lanes Open

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Competition Dates

Friday, May 06, 2011 - Sunday, May 08, 2011


Westy's Garden Lanes
5504 W Alworth St
Garden City, ID 83711
Phone: 208-376-6555
Host: Bob Garrison

Oil Pattern

PBA Tour Scorpion

USBC Sport Certified


Tournament Results


Friday, May 6
Practice Session: 4-6 p.m.
Saturday, May 7
Roll call is 30 minutes prior to all squads
A squad: 9 a.m.
Finals: 3 p.m. Round Robin Finals top 8
Pro-Ams: 7 p.m.
Sunday, May 8
9 a.m. Round Robin Finals top 8
Entry Fee
Members: $220
Non-Members: $285 (money order or cashiers check only)
Prize Fund
1st Place projected at $2200
Final cash spot is a minimum of $400.
Ratio: 1:3
Hotel Information


  # Name                       Squad
1 Altenburg, Eric M. A Squad
2 Aono, Jay A Squad
3 Archabal, Scot T A Squad
4 Barnes, Nick A Squad
5 Brannock, John A Squad
6 Buffington, Larry A Squad
7 Cline, Rob A Squad
8 Conradi, Jeff A Squad
9 Croucher, Kevin A Squad
10 Dayton, Dave A Squad
11 Empey, Josh A Squad
12 Fenner, Van A Squad
13 Flynn III, Jamie A Squad
14 Foley, Kevin A Squad
15 Forst, John A Squad
16 Frederick, Adams A Squad
17 Galli, Mike A Squad
18 Goishi, Rick A Squad
19 Grobmeier, Alan A Squad
20 Groenlund, Jordan A Squad
21 Harman, John A Squad
22 Heath, Sean D A Squad
23 Heinzman, Steve A Squad
24 Hewlett, Bill A Squad
25 Hudon, Eli A Squad
26 McElliott, Jeremy A Squad
27 Moore, C.K. A Squad
28 Myers, Marshall A Squad
29 Phillips, Jeremy A Squad
30 Plummer, Paul A Squad
31 Robinson, Don A Squad
32 Shada, David A Squad
33 Stutheit, Merle A Squad
34 Tate, Barry A Squad
35 Taylor, Michael A Squad
36 Terpone, Dane A Squad
37 Turnbull, Rich A Squad
38 Vazquez, Noel A Squad
39 Warren, Chris A Squad