PBA Midwest/Central Region Shortstop Lanes Senior Open

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Competition Dates

Friday, February 25, 2011 - Sunday, February 27, 2011


Shortstop Lanes
820 North Webster
Taylorville, IL 62568
Hosts: Floyd Short

Oil Pattern

PBA Tour Cheetah

USBC Sport Certified


Tournament Results


Friday, February 25
Practice Session: 2-4 p.m.
Pro-Am: 5:30, 7:30 p.m.
Saturday, February 26
Roll call is 30 minutes prior to all squads
A squad: 9 a.m.
B squad: 3 p.m.
Sunday, February 27
Match play begins at 9 a.m. with the Top 12
Step Ladder to follow Top 4
Entry Fee
Members: $220
Non-Members: $285 (money order of cashiers check only)
1st place projected: $1,700
Ratio: 1 in 3


# Name                 A Squad 9 am B Squad 3 pm
1 Aemisegger, Curtis B Squad
2 Amoruso, Bob A Squad
3 Augustin, Fred A Squad
4 Axon, David A Squad
5 Bergan, Steve A Squad
6 Bierch, Brendan V. B Squad
7 Bremer, Dennis B Squad
8 Brenner, James A Squad
9 Buell, Kim G B Squad
10 Cariello, Anthony B Squad
11 Chrzanowski, Michael A Squad
12 Csuhta, Dale A Squad
13 Deloney, John R. A Squad
14 Diamond, Dale J. B Squad
15 Doane, David B Squad
16 Dudak, John B Squad
17 Eagle, Dale B Squad
18 Getzlow, Gregg A Squad
19 Gonzalez, Henry B Squad
20 Gran, Dick A Squad
21 Gurskis, Pete B Squad
22 Harrison, Hubert A Squad
23 Heintz, Jim B Squad
24 Hennricks, Keith A Squad
25 Holmes, Donald B Squad
26 Hoover, Sam A Squad
27 Hunt, Richard L. A Squad
28 Kelly, Bob A Squad
29 Koenen, Lynn B Squad
30 Lau, Jerry B Squad
31 Lineberry, Marc B Squad
32 Majcher, Tony A Squad
33 McDonald, Robert E. A Squad
34 Mefford, Barry A Squad
35 Meskan, Allen W. A Squad
36 Miceli, Frank B Squad
37 Michael, Rod B Squad
38 Miller, Brian B Squad
39 Mineman, Mike B Squad
40 Miner, Daniel G. A Squad
41 Nicklin, Daniel B Squad
42 Pallas, Harv A Squad
43 Parks, Kenny B Squad
44 Piper, Joe B Squad
45 Profitt, Ron B Squad
46 Randall, Ray A Squad
47 Rau, Randy A Squad
48 Rosen, Davey A Squad
49 Schuette, Chuck A Squad
50 Stewart, Lionel W. A Squad
51 Sullins, Harry B Squad
52 Thullen, John J. A Squad
53 Traber, Dale A Squad
54 Truitt, Michael B Squad
55 Weatherman, Dennis B Squad
56 Weese, Douglas B Squad
57 Witmer, Barry L. B Squad
58 Wood, Lennie A Squad
59 Zacharias, Larry B Squad
60 Zikes, Lyle A Squad